Another job fair with hundreds of attendees

 And most of them with advanced degrees.

Young people are now competing with people 45, 50 and 60 years old who will take a job just to survive, to paraphrase a line from the article.

One gent ran his own tax buisness but ended operation due to a severe slowdown. Now he’s looking to get back into the corporate world.

His comment about being out of work:

“I worked in the industry for 25 years. I’m not discouraged. I’m not complaining. At my age, it’s not that bad for the time being,” said Merritt.

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  1. You just keep telling yourself that, Mr. Merritt. It sure worked for Stuart Smalley ( the Al Franken character on SNL). ” …I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”
    It’s disgusting to see all this exploitation just lined up to happen. And you can bet all the greedy, cheapass employers are just lovin’ this situation!

  2. ST, I came to the conclusion these managers want the dumbest of the dumb.

    I cannot tell you how many rejection notices I received — the *few* I got, anyway — that were the wreck of the Hesperus. Bad grammar, syntax that belonged NOT in the King’s English, words spelled wrong — and little fifth grade level words, to boot — and sloppy as all get out…

    And all “signed” with the hiring manager’s name on them.

    Usually the person who gets the job is given the task of composing and generating the rejection letters.

    Very sad expletive state of affairs out there — and the good people and smart people are home, trying to keep their sanity and sit there thinking “Maybe tomorrow is the day…”


  3. Last fall I went to a “job fair” where I attended grad school. It was listed as a job fair were you could find your next job or INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY. Yes I am emphasizing that because that was most of the “jobs” there. What is sad was these internships weren’t even entry level jobs but jobs that should be paying: accountants, public relations specialists, marketing coordinators, administrative assistants and the like. The few actual paying jobs there were jobs like retail clerk at Target (I’m sure eventually even this will be an internship the way things are going). I was so “excited” to speak to someone actually hiring for a marketing job (though at $12 hour)but I think they wanted a recent grad. It got so frustrating seeing a pr job available, only to see it was unpaid. I asked one employer (most were businesses, a few were non profit)why they weren’t hiring for the position and they bluntly said “because they can”.

  4. Dude, I have seen some of the people who got the jobs instead of me and was horrified. One was a flamboyant lesbian. I have no issue with homosexuality at all but when I Googled her I found photos of her kissing her partner and her Facebook was all about how everyone not like her was evil and she was bluntly talking about having sex with other girls. This is the person who got the job over me? Another person had a bunch of photos where she was drinking. Still another was someone from another country who could barely speak English. These people are getting the job over me, why?

  5. And there are employers who will google you and see what you have been up to on line. Sheesh…don’t people know anything?

    I really have no idea why these people catch the fancy of the employer.

    We’ve seen it ourselves in our workplaces: somebody quits — and the person they hire just plain SUCKS.

    At a company my friend worked for, turns out that my friend’s replacement couldn’t even use a computer. The chick had no idea where the switch even was to turn it on.

    I’ve seen the boss bring in friends. That was a real mess.

    I saw this, also: somebody who saw that there was a skill set test in Word. she did not want to stay around to take it becuase she could not use Word. She gave them a lame excuse why she couldn’t stay to take the skill set test….

    AND they hired her anyway.

    6 weeks later, the job was back in the paper. So much for your flash in the pan.

    What’s going on here indeed?

    The least qualified are getting the jobs. Remember: you will get what you pay for.

    I’ve even gone as far as to get the idea that the bosses fancy these gilrs because there is something in it for them physically. Maybe I’m nuts, maybe I’m sour grapes, maybe I have watched too many seasons of “Mad Men.” Ha — but you tell me then, why these people are getting the jobs???

  6. People I know who have gotten jobs have told me that people hired into their departments were idiots. One could barely speak English, many others were illiterate. At my former empoyer this was common, but this was a government job.

    Online I make sure everything available online is either through names or if my real name I make sure what I post. In fact if I Google my name only things like pictures of drive-ins I have posted appear. When I have posted even political things I always use different names.

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