Roche facility closing in Nutley NJ, 1000 more jobs lost

1000 people work there.

The facility is closing….BUT, at an “undisclosed location” somewhere in the same state, there will be another facility opening, employing 240 people. The employees at the plant that is closing are being offered those jobs.

What’s going on here?

They close ONE plant and boot all 1000 people and open another with 240 people? Is this another incentive, or what?

I can imagine the pissing match over who gets one of the240 jobs that are being made available

Very very sad that the Roche facility is closing. Over 5000 people once worked here; in 1985, over 1500 people were let go. They called it “Black Friday.”

This was a company that treated their employees like family. The company even employed its own employee theatre group! This is how large the company was and how active their people were.

“Black Friday” in 1985 was the beginning of the end. And there were so many great places to work in that area: Shulton, Givudan, ADP (2 facilities in Clifton, about a 1 minute drive from Roche) — all of them now are gone.

There were 3 hospitals in the immediate location, all of them doing relatively well. Only one is left. Got a money bailout from the state about 3 years ago; they were bankrupt and emerged 2 years ago.

And up the river, another pharmco biggie is closing a plant. A guy I know who works there is 55; he has no idea what he’s going to do once the place closes.

Will the last one employed in NJ please shut the lights out…thank you…

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  1. What did Roche make? I used to live near a Zenith plant in the early 90s and most of my neighbors worked there. They were many who moved from poor areas and able to support themselves Then NAFTA happened and the Zenith plant moved to Mexico. These formerly employed people who were able to work themselves into the middle class now had to go back to where they were. Meanwhile in the same area there used to be a railroad foundry that a good friend worked at. He lost his job, his home and had to move back home at 50. Imagine being him who is now working at Wal-Mart making $10hour and hating it.

  2. Valium, Librium and interferon.

    So many good places to work — they are all gone and finished.

    The former ADP land was sold to a developer in 1997 — there is a movie theatre there, a Sports Authority, a B&N and a Party Box, along with a supermarket.

    The former Shulton property was sold to a developer also — townhouses there.

    And I am pretty sure that the same thing happened with the land that ITT used to be on — townhouses there, too.

    Watch them sell that land to a townhouse developer, also.

    The town of Nutley is pretty upset — this was 14M of taxes per year that was paid by Roche.

  3. Nutley is a town of about 30K and it’s mostly upper middle class and middle class.

    Part of the company was in Clifton, also. More middle class people.

    Think of what this loss of taxes will do to those towns — and if the land is replaced by houses, you think the taxes generated will be anywhere near 14 M a year?

    I think you’d have to build at least 3,000 housing units to make up for the taxes that will be lost by Roche’s departure. The tax base for homes in Nutley must run about 8grand. I am not sure.

    It’s also not the time to buy and another shopping center? Forget it — there are several within a scant minute’s drive from there.

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