Whom Do I Vote For?

For a while now, I’ve refused to vote in elections for the New York State Assembly or Senate.  I’ll go to the polls and vote for President or Governor or US Representative or Senator, and simply skip voting for Assemblyman or State Senator.  I’ve realized that whomever I vote for, the New York State Legislature will do whatever it pleases.  At best, they do nothing; at worst, they make my life miserable.

A few years ago, I made an exception and voted for an earnest young man who was running for state Senator.  He won the election, and is now in his second term.  He proposed a law requiring motor vehicle dealers in New York State to disclose mileage in terms of gallons per mile, as well as miles per gallon.  The measure died in committee in his first term, and I doubt it will go any further this time.

This year, I am seriously considering not voting for either of the candidates for President.

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and am now thoroughly disgusted with him.  He hasn’t done anything useful to help the economy, not even to admit that, perhaps, ‘fixing the economy’ is something beyond the power of our government, and We the People need to do something ourselves.  His signature achievement, health care reform, is an abomination that may be thrown out by the Supreme Court.  And for the last three years, the government has had to borrow one out of three dollars that it spends.

But the Republican presumptive candidate, Mitt Romney, isn’t any better.   He talks a great game, but except for health care reform, I can’t see any real policy differences between him and Obama.  OK, maybe Romney wants tax cuts.  But what good does it do for me to get a few dollars more a week if everything else is still going to hell?  And maybe a Romney administration will have a slightly less inept foreign policy.  But we’ll still continue with the charade of the War on Terror.  (How can you go to war against an emotion anyway?)

Maybe something will come out to push me one way or the other during the conventions and the debates.  But if I had to go to the polls next Tuesday, I wouldn’t bother voting for either of them.

2 thoughts on “Whom Do I Vote For?”

  1. I feel you and oddly I am engaging in a mudlslinging battle about this on a religious site. I was an Obama supporter he has let me down. I do not like how he wants to increase taxes, how he tried to put through a terrible excuse of healthcare (I support healthcare just not his one), his battle against the Catholic Church requiring them to offer birth control, though they oppose it (Btw I am Catholic but do not support them on this). Now the whole immigration battle, which I know will open the gates to legalizing most illegals (and I strongly oppose this). Not to mention he seems to be more into being a celebrity than a president and fixing the economy.

    However I can’t believe Romney either. He’s a flip flopper on so many issues, like healthcare and abortion. He’s also wealthy and has no idea how the middle class lives. While at Bain Capital he oversaw thousands of jobs go overseas and I have no doubt in my mind even more will go overseas while he gives tax breaks to the rich and cut services to the poor. I don’t believe he is a social conservative, but playing to the religious right to pretend he is. I have a membership on a Catholic site and am hearing so many Catholics voting for him because of the abortion issue and when I said I don’t believe him on that, of course I was called every name in the book. These morons think if he is elected he will overturn Roe V Wade but I doubt that will happen (I support Roe V Wade and I know the severe consequences if it is reversed). I also don’t believe he will uphold the Equal Pay Act and I suspect he’s a bit of a misogynist.

    I have voted both Dems and Reps depending on the person, for example last time I voted for the sane moderate woman Republican over the Chicago Democrat who wants to keep raising taxes. I held my nose and voted for the moronic Democrat who wants to raise taxes on everyone and cut services to the elderly and disabled while the welfare class keeps their money over the rightwing extremist Republican who stated women should stay at home, and wanted to gas puppies.

    I don’t feel either party speaks to me. The Democrats want to raise taxes and make me pay more for people who don’t deserve it but so does the Republicans only they both have different agendas. The Republicans are controlled by the religious wackjobs who hate everyone not like them and the Democrats, while controlled by less wacko groups still cater to people I don’t approve of.

    I am strongly considering third party because neither option appeals to me.

  2. I am in Illinois and here we are controlled by the extreme far left Democrats. I used to be a big supporter of them and as I got older I realized they were dangerous fiscally. Yes they are liberal socially, which I like, but also fiscally liberal which I don’t like. They love to charge more and more in taxes to pay for their pet projects. Those pet projects include free medical for all parents of kids on Medicaid (including illegals)while screwing over the single people, even poor single; Hiring more and more government workers who are almost always connected; and so much more. Meanwhile they are cutting services to the disabled and the elderly while allowing illegals to stay on the system. Let’s not forget how my district was changed so now I fall into the district of one of the most liberal politicians, who happens to be the son of a famous civil rights leader. He did this to get control of an airport they want to build by me (which NO ONE wants out here).

    The Republicans here, or as I call them the Democrats on a diet are a little better but are being overtaken by the extremists infesting the national level. The Illinois Republicans for the most part are sane moderate Republicans who want to cut spending and keep abortion legal. Most of the Republican candidates have all been moderate Republicans who didn’t bother me in office. That is except last time when the candidate was an extreme rightwinger who made comments stating women should stay at home and should not be paid what men are. He also opposed abortion in every respect, including health of the mother. He lost against the unpopular nutty governor. I predict if a popular sane moderate Republican runs they will win, like the current comptroller who ran in 2006. Speaking of which, everyone knows this state is in poor shape, so in 2010 both the comptroller and the treasurer were both won by Republicans. I voted for the comptroller and admire her for many things, including her commitment to animal issues (she is a supporter of animal shelters).Next election I am holding my nose and voting for the prolife congressman, probably too consevative for my tastes over the flaming leftwing Democrat who got in because of his name. Not that I am happy about it, and no way will the Republican win but he is far better than the Democrat. Then again he might be going to prison which is par for the course here.

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