Was this interview even a genuine one??

Did I have a genuine and honest shot at this one?

You be the judge:

Company X ran an ad on May 23. I got a call last Wednesday requesting me to come in for an interiview. The interview was with the department manager.

I showed up at the interview. The woman who called me to set up the interview told me that the department manager was not in. She was called away. At 10:30?

This meant I would not be meeting with her that day at all.

(I am leery when I hear that a hiring manager is not available)

Turns out that the department had 4 other people doing the same work; I strongly suspect that this was a $15 an hour job. The person who interviewed me told me there were benefits but she did not mention what the salary was, nor did she ask me what range I was looking at.

Second interviews were to be this week with the hiring manager who was not there. “We will be in touch.”

I never heard from the hiring manager. It is now technically Thursday, imo.

Maybe I’m nuts or maybe paranoid or just wrong, but i get the feeling that it may indeed be the case that Hiring Manager has already got somebody in mind and I was just one of the people called in to make it look good — her boss probably told her “interview a few more people.”

This is gone with the wind and the sad part is this: how can I consider a job if I have no idea what the salary is? Maybe I cannot work for $15 an hour. Maybe I’m gainfully employed and looking for a bigger and better deal…you think I’m going to take a cut in pay at their company if the salary is indeed $15/hr??? You’ve just wasted my time! Tell me up front during the phone call how much the job pays and let me decide whether or not that range is worth my while.

Something tells me that this wasn’t the “real” interview I thought it was. Anyway, I have heard nothing…. and I guess that’s that.

7 thoughts on “Was this interview even a genuine one??”

  1. That “She got called away” bugged me.

    I have seen it too many times at too many interviews. I remember that at one particular interview, a different person showed up. “Steve isn’t here; he won’t be able to see you; he is busy…”

    This was after Steve saw me upon my arrival, introduced himself and said “In a bit…” and walked away.

    10 minutes elapsed and then a second person showed up and told me he was too busy to see me.

    The interview ended; I was leaving. Who do I pass coming the opposite way walking down the hall? Why…STEVE! and he did NOT acknowledge me, say hello, say he was sorry he was too busy to see me…nothin’.

    I did not get the job.

    See why i tend to think that something happened here?

    Either she hired somebody already, she changed her mind about meeting with me or something else happened where it was decided by her she would not be meeting with me, then or ever. And if this is how it was, she should have emailed me well in advance of me arriving at the interview and CANCELLED. Tell me you filled the job! Tell me ANYTHING — do not have me waste my time on what is NOT going to be a legitimate interview.

  2. I went on an interview like this about 5 years ago. I took off from work to interview and the interview was supposed to be at 2pm with “Karen”. So 2pm comes and goes and so does 2:30pm. I decided if Karen doesn’t come at 2:45 I am out the door. Finally as I am leaving the woman tells me Karen left for the day (how nice)but Judy will talk to me. So I go interview with Judy and meanwhile as I am walking down the hall I hear two people talking about a recent hire, and it sounded like the job I interviewed for. I’m not giving it much thought until I get to the interview and Judy didn’t seem interested in talking to me, saying Karen did the interviewing. She asked a bunch of stupid questions and I was out of there around 3pm or so. Lo and behold I got a rejection email by the time I reached home. I’m sure they made up their mind before I even walked in the door but wanted to make it look legit.

  3. So how did Karen leave?

    Did she Apparate through the wall of her office?

    Or did she perhaps use floo powder? or did she whisper “accio broom” and leave out the window, clear out of your view?

    How disgusting.

    They don’t care that people leave work (and lose money for part of a day’s work or you use up part of a personal day you could have put to better damn use in the future) for interviews and they do not realize that YOU are making the effort to meet with them.

    So what is this, then? none of these interviews are legit?

    Btw, this just in. One of my references was NOT called by the company that demanded the reference letter from my old company. And they were to have decided “in a few weeks” who got the job.


    A few weeks elapsing as of now + no phone call to my reference I spoke to this evening = NO JOB OFFER.

    Screw you all.

  4. I have no idea how she left, I’m asuming through the back way. I know, it was unprofessional and bothersome. I didn’t even meet her so I wonder all about that too. This was a real company (it’s a social service agency)but unprofessional big time. If Karen couldn’t interview me they could have rescheduled and that would have worked. Instead I took off a day from work (a job I hated)to interview for a fake job.

  5. Anything goes now.

    10 years ago and “beyond” you’d never ever have seen anything as puerile and as rude as this. Now it seems nobody cares.

    They don’t care because they got what they wanted and therefore they will treat you any ole way they wish.

    Social service agency? Holy crow — I wonder how they treat their clients!

    I am convinced this hiring manager changed her mind about me, hired somebody or was told to see a few more people even though she decided on a candidate. And this had to be a shitty $15 an hour job. Until this funky bunch can prove otherwise, it stands as true and factual that this interview was fake and the money sucked.

    At about 2 minutes of 5 tomorrow, I am leaving the hiring manager (the one who “was not there” a message and say that their job is not my cup of tea and I am not interested. Kind of like “you can’t fire me I quit.”

    And to demand that I complete a paper app and demand that I include my past salaries???? Uh, isn’t this now bordering on a confidentiality breech and out and out FRAUD because you people KNEW I was not in the running for the job at that point???

    There are companies that forbid former and present employees to disclose salaries. it is a contractual agreement. Suppose that was the case with my company? I’d probably be billed as a liar (and a heretic, an axe murderess and a terrorist, at that point. ha) and my goodness…we know what happens to liars.

    This is enough to make you sick. Know it?

    And as for that other company I interviewed with 2 1/2 weeks ago — the one who pressed me to get that reference from my former workplace….wow, if you people knew what kind of teeth pulling I had to go through to get that letter of reference — and you did NOT even have a need for ANY of the names I gave you; you probably knew it too when theinterview ended and you people decided I was not in the running — yet you had the unmiitigated gall to demand that reference letter.

    That interview reminds me too much of one I had eons ago; I was still looking for a job as a med tech. This one particular hospital demanded an eligibility letter from a med tech licensure board. It took me a week and a half start to finish to attain the letter — in those days, there was no fax machine; I had to mail it to the hospital so that took 2 days more. I did NOT get the job, after alllll that damn fuss.

  6. I got the idea that I had to more or less “prove” myself to the company that more or less pressed me for the 6th reference.

    Suppose I dialed the number and the place was closed? or I could not get ahold of anybody there? or the boss refused to let him, or the other gent that I worked with, write any type of reference letter? Or both those guys were gone and nobody knew where they could be reached?

    What? do they think I know where every single person I worked with is, 24 hours a day 7 days a week? or that I sleep with all these people??? $8&%&#!

    When is enough enough???

    There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for things. Want a 6th name? How about you ask for it IF I am going to be made an offer? And even then, you say “I don’t wish to come accross as a pain or demanding but is it possible for you to obtain a reference for us from XYZ Incorporated? We are going to make you an offer and we’d really like it if you could get us one from there.”

    Unless you are going to be making me an offer, why are you even asking for that 6th name at all????? Because you can? It’s an ego thing, a power thing or a “look what we can make these monkeys do” thing?? Yes, when is enough enough?

    Nobody on that list was called.

    Which means I ain’t the choice.

    Meanwhile, these gits have not only 6 of my reference names and addys and phone numbers and email addresses but a slew of other names from the other also-rans that were interviewed: what do you people NEED with all of those names? Maybe putting them on a mailing list? what? I’m dying to know!

  7. And to top this off, when I forwarded the reference letter to that company, it took the interviewer who requested the name a full day to manage to hollaback to acknowledge she received it.

    Such a laugh.

    This is how so very important the letter was and how important I am to you as a candidate.

    That was when I should have picked up my phone, called them and told them I was no longer interested in the job that was being offered. Thank you so much for showing me how important of a candidate I am.

    This really kills me. Slays me and does, in about a thousand different ways. You went and demanded another reference source and you pressed me for it and you gave me the idea that it was very very essential…and then you sorta just drifted along and let it go.

    This is also very poor email etiquette and poor business etiquette. This shows me that the person has problems communicating; imagine what she is like to work for — and I have long held the stance that if a person/company has problems handling a telephone call or an email, then the company itself has problems, too.

    It’s a simple thing to acknowledge receipt of the message as soon as it is received, is it not? The same way it is a simple thing to answer a phone and direct the call to the correct party. Yeah, well, for some companies, it’s not that simple. IT’s much too difficult and blame their retarded business skills and retarded social skills. Who wants to work for you, then, if you can’t handle an email or a phone call?

    This makes me wonder why you bothered me to come in for the interview. This was another bunch that didn’t know what they were doing — even that second interviewer who was sent in to see me — she asked about 4 or 5 silly, mindless questions and took up 10 minutes of MY time. Either this one has no clue what she is doing, she cannot interview — or this was a blatant stall of time.

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