I shot a presentation into the air…

And where it landed, I know not where.

Here we go again… another tall order from an interviewer. This one wanted a powerpoint presentation, since that’s a great part of the job.

It took me a few hours to put it together and then I hit send…

And got no reply.

Did you get it?did you see it? did you even look at it at all?

I am waiting until about 3 pm and then I am giving this guy a call. (at the interview, he did not seem to be in any particular hurry to do the hiring) I want to see what the deal is and I’m flat out asking him when he plans on hiring.

7 thoughts on “I shot a presentation into the air…”

  1. I am very leery of doing work then sending them it. I have a funny feeling (hope I am wrong)that they will then use your presentation. One job wanted me to create a marketing plan then they stated they “might” use it. In other words I would work for free and they would take credit and I probably wouldn’t get hired. Another company wanted me to finish their presentation with the idea if I did the perfect one I would get an interview. Plus they gave me a strict timeline (less than a week)and it was a several hours assignment.

  2. I called there at 4:30. Excuse me but he hasn’t even seen it…he didn’t even know I sent it, he said.


    Apparently at this prince’s leisure. What good is this to me?

    he won’t be able to use the presentation. I used my own product: my artwork.

    The point is this: how urgent of a hire does he need? I got the idea at the interview that this guy was in no great big hurry at all to hire a candidate.

    I made one phone call. And I think that one call is more than enough. Like the Beatles used to say “you know my name; look up the number.” In other words, I’m not wasting any more time calling this guy. Let him sh!t or get off the bowl.

  3. This should, I hope, make ya all laugh heartily:

    When I was back in university, a bunch of us had this professor. He was fond of assigning very long term papers as part of his coursework.

    It was hotly rumored and theorized that Professor Writer’s Cramp never ever read the term papers that piled up on his desk. It was alleged that he simply put a grade on them and hauled the paper back to the writer whence it came.

    Somebody decided to put a recipe for apple pie in the middle of the term paper copy. (this is what we heard) and the term paper was duly returned, with a grade on it.

    Maybe that’s what I should have sent THIS windbag: not a presentation, but a recipe for apple pie.:) That would have been a fun little thing to do.

    Anyway, I am guessing that this guy never bothered to look at what I sent him — this is now hours since the phone call and I still have not received a hollaback from him at all whatsoever. Foir all I know, hey, he might have seen my name with “PRESENTATION ENCLOSED” as the email subject…

    And deleted it, minus reading it at all.

    The Pope and The Pres are not that busy. So who is this guy kidding?

    I have made 2 or 3 phone calls since the interiview — one last Friday about benefits (he didn’t have all the nuances? then he had no business interviewing, then) and 2 today, where I tried to find out Did he see my presentation. He claimed, as I said, that he hadn’t seen it….

    And that was late this afternoon.

    I haven’t got the time or the mettle or the patience for this kind of puerile bs game. I know what time it is here. Thanks, dude, for wasting my time and trouble. Sorry I bothered at all.

  4. An update on this very interesting and very classy happening….

    On Wednesday, I took a trip over there.

    The guy who interviewed me was not there — I know he was not because his car was not there; I know what car is his because at 7pm when the interview was over, his car and mine were the only 2 left in the lot.

    The office is a cluttered mess and there is no furniture, except for 2 desks. And a third desk, in a separate office is his.

    His office staff needs a good bath, collectively. Ugh. They are all much older women and you can see just from that alone that there is no money here. These ladies are probably making $16 or $17 an hour tops if they are lucky. There is no college education here from any of them and there’s no skill set.

    I asked for the guy. “He’s not here.”

    I briefly explained what was happening; sent him an email and he hadn’t gotten back to me yet, etc.

    “We are at our busy season here,” one replied and said “Well you know if you want a job you have to do certain things.”

    YES…. and I also do NOT expect to get taken for a damn bleeping ride in the bargain.

    That was the extent of it. I never heard from him again; dead air and that’s all on his end. He never emailed. Never said he saw the presentation, didn’t say he liked it or disliked it….nothin’ nothin’ and nothin’.

    Was he scamming people?

    I tend to think so. He claimed the job paid 35K – 65K. For a sales assistant? perhaps 35k up to maybe a few thou more than that but never never never up to 65 grand.

    Was he trying to get free work?

    Perhaps…. who can tell with a character like this? your guess is as good as mine is.

    At any rate, time is money — and to ask somebody to invest their free time in an endeavor like this and then not bother to acknowledge one’s work? Don’t ask me what I think of that.

  5. Yes that does sound like you got scammed. I have seen so many jobs requiring one to do work and I always tell them I will if I actually get an interview. Another idea is to send them a read only copy that is locked so they can’t use it.

  6. Even if the file is read only, they can still print it. It is also trivally easy to save the file under another name so that they can make whatever changes that they want to the document.

    One possibility is that a lot of the income is based on commission sales. You get your minimum wage draw against commission, but after that’s it’s up to you.

  7. One alternative, if you have Adobe Acrobat (you can get a 30-day trial version from their Web site), is to send a secured PDF. They can look, they can copy the entire file, they can print it (if you let them), but they can’t readily transfer content to their own documents. You can include a watermark with the word ‘Sample’ and your name/e-mail address. It’s not totally bombproof–there are third-party tools that unlock secured PDFs–but it shows that you’re on your game.

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