Nanny State (2 of 2)

Yesterday, I woke up cranky, and I had to show up early at a job site.  So I did what I usually do in such circumstances:  I left the house on an empty stomach, stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts near the job site, and purchased my favorite breakfast for such occasions: a large iced coffee with milk and sugar, and two coffee rolls (Dunkin’s name for cinnamon rolls).  It’s just the right combination of caffeine, sugar, and cold water for me to face a morning of icky technical problems and pompous troublemakers.

Our Fearless City Leader, Mayor Bloomberg, is proposing to outlaw sales of sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces.   So my large iced coffee would become illegal.  Delis and fast-food places would not even be able to sell bottled non-diet beverages larger than 16 ounces.  And while one could buy a 20-ounce bottle of diet soda, you couldn’t get it as a fountain drink, because drink cups larger than 16 ounces would be outlawed.

The rules apply to locations where food is prepared for consumption on the spot: restaurants, delis, fast-food places, movie theaters, stadiums, even pushcarts.  Supermarkets, drugstores, and other places where beverages are sold for consumption elsewhere are not subject to the law.

Since the rules would represent a change to existing regulations, no actual legislation is required: the Mayor can simply direct the Health Department to make it so.

C’mon, guys: I get THIRSTY!  And while I usually drink diet soda, sometimes, when I’ve had a long night, I need the energy.

OK, I know, I know: I’ll have to get two drinks.  Or maybe three.

4 thoughts on “Nanny State (2 of 2)”

  1. I saw this and remarked “what happened to personal responsibility?” Yes we have an obesity problem but it’s their problem and we shouldn’t all pay because some don’t know when to stop. When I was a kid I ate a lot of candy and we would walk to the White Hen and buy a lot of candy. We also had huge slushies. Yet very few of my friends and neighbors were fat, and it’s because we were active. The White Hen (I think they later merged with 7-11)was about 2 blocks way and we WALKED there. We also played games outside during nice weather like hide and seek, tag, etc. Not to mention I was an especially sporty kid and was always roller skating, riding my bike, dancing, and swimming in our pool every summer. I was never overweight as a child. Yet today there are more obese kids than ever before and it’s because kids can’t be kids. Parents are afraid of them getting hurt. Guess what? my brother broke his ankle playing tag and I’ve sprained my ankles many times.

    Quite frankly I am tired of this whole “we need to limit because of the obese”. I have a hardcore attitude about obesity and that is most people do it to themselves. I would never date an obese man and yes I find it disgusting. If people are obese in most cases I have no sympathy. I understand some have thyroid issues but those are small cases and I don’t remember many people claiming that years ago.

  2. For what it’s worth, research indicates that we are not very good at knowing when we are full. Gary Wanless wrote “Mindless Eating”, and in his lab he did an experiment where people were served tomato soup, but the bowls were refilled from the bottom, unknown to them, and people ate 2-3 times more soup than usual, but though that they ate a regular amount. It takes a while for our brain to catch up with our mouths.

    I expect a lot of pushback from the stores on this issue, because fountain soda is one of their bigger sources of profit. Many fast food restaurants are built around the need to sell you a soda. The 32-ounce fountain soda is probably closer to 20 ounce of soda and 12 ounces of ice, even when you do it yourself.

  3. The restaurants are bad about that where they give us more than we should be eating. I take home leftovers 90% of the time and I tell myself only to eat half. I also taught myself a trick with bowls. I’m one of these people who needs to full up a bowl otherwise it makes me mad. Why I do now is instead of filling up a large bowl, I use a baby bowl I’ve had my entire life so my mind is tricked into thinking it’s full. This is especially useful for things like ice cream.

  4. For a lot of people, a special meal is a large meal. Few things will aggravate a restaurant customer more than a skimpy portion. Nouvelle cuisine lasted about six months. I will note that the 100 calorie packs seem to have some staying power.

    I like to get take-out for much the same reason. The order of shrimp and broccoli that costs $10 take-out would run at least $14 with a drink and tip, and I get two meals out of it.

    It might surprise you to learn that it is cheaper to cater a sit-down meal than an all you can eat buffet. The reason is that you have portion control and less waste with the sit-down meal, and the savings frm avoiding waste more than offset the cost of the waiters. It is possible to have a hybrid of this, which I ran into at a cousin’s wedding: you lined up for food, but a server doled it out, much like in a cafeteria.

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