A great deal of the unemployment problem: Hiring managers do NOT know what they are looking for

I’m convinced that’s what the problem is with many, if not most, hiring managers and interviewers.

This is why we are in the pickle that we are in.

How many times has this happened to you? You see a job ad; the job sounds perfect for you.

You fire off your resume; you get a call to come down and discuss the job.

And then you find out that what is in the ad does not reflect what the actual job duties are.

A very good example: the last interview I had.

The job that the company was filling: an admin assistant/customer service rep.

When I was at the interview, I asked what my job duties would be. “You will be doing the same thing as the other 2 people I have working in the office.”

This was a small company — maybe 8 or 10 guys in the warehouse, producing the product (wallpaper) and 2 individuals in the office. He had no other office staff; the owner did not have an assistant or admin.

What this was was an order taker/order processer job; that’s my guess. The “Admin assistant” part came in probably because there is paper work to be filed, the occasional email/letter to send a client, etc. That is not the same thing as being an admin assistant.

Meanwhile, this guy has been running the company for over 30 years. You think he would get it by now. NO?

A company that is 12 people tops, including the owner – and this would be the third admin. Nope.

He just wasted my time.

Here’s another example: During an interview, the hiring manager asked me “Was your admin assistant job sales or admin oriented?” I told her sales oriented.  “This job is heavily administrative…”

I have done BOTH. And besides, if it was heavily administrative, why was that fact not reflected in the job advertisement?

Any job ad you look at is automatically prefaced CONTAINS LIES AND OTHER MISLEADING INFORMATION.

What you are taking now when you reply to an ad is a chance.

When you get to the interview let your first question be “What are the duties of this job?” And then listen carefully. Also ask what you’d be doing on a daily basis and for the interviewer to give you an example of what a typical day on the job is.

8 thoughts on “A great deal of the unemployment problem: Hiring managers do NOT know what they are looking for”

  1. I have mentioned this before but a few years ago I went on an interview for a fulltime marketing specialist job. The duties listed in this job were things like write press releases, create promotions, update the website, etc, things that are included in the job. When I got there they told me they “changed the job that morning” (yeah right)and it was now a marketing assistant. It changed to doing things like cleaning the cabinet, stapling papers, pretty much entry level menial jobs. Oh and the job changed to $10hour and part time no benefits. I was livid. A completely different job and I felt like a fool. As it turns out I didn’t get the job but didn’t care. If they would lie right away they would if I got the job.

  2. I’d have told that guy where to go — suppose you took time off from work or took 2 buses to get to the interivew? And even so, this is the principle of the thing. I’d have told him where to go. Or even just a “I came here for another kind of job. Good day” and went out the door.

    They just don’t have a clue. And usually it’s the high end vice president that writes the ad and interviews. makes you wonder how they got the job they did and how they are keeping it, if they can’t even be concise about the kind of employee they need.

  3. I wish I had said something but was so stunned that I said nothing. It bothered me because what if I paid a lot to get there? I have gone on way too many wild goose chases and am tired of it.

  4. A lot of nerve.

    Maybe the job was never what he claimed it was — and it’s just plain stupid! He could have found a student or a housewife or a retiree who would do it for ten bucks — somebody who doesn’t need a real income per se.

  5. They probably did but still should have been honest. I know if I was working then I would have been livid to take off work. See this is the problem though because many of us don’t get interviews for jobs we seem to fit to a T yet get them for jobs we don’t.

  6. This has ceased to be a job search and ceased to be one months and months ago and is now nothing but one big hefty joke.

    Patent puerile nonsense — who with any sense and maturity says to a job candidate “The HR manager will be calling you…” and it never happened? Who tells a candidate “your offer letter is on the way” and no offer letter arrives???

    What’s going on here?

    You want to have a laugh at our expense? Why? What is this proving and to what end to what means is this for?

    If you want to get rid of a job canddiate, tell them the job is FILLED. That should do the trick.

  7. Alas, it’s not just HR.

    I’m convinced that the world, or at least the US, is being overwhelmed by creeping stupidity. I see the same ineptitude happening everywhere.

  8. And if not stupidity, it’s reversion to damn fifth grade!

    Do they think this is funny? Do they think it’s “cool” to openly lie to an applicant??? A CEO of the company told me my resume was being forwarded to HR and she’s call me blah blahy blah.

    When he relayed that info to me, it was ten of five our time. Their office overseas was already closed several hours by that time; no email from her asking me when i was available for a phone interview was imminent. You can see right there there is something wrong.

    Of course, maybe the person was off that day or had an emergency so no, I would not be high on the list of things to do. But I never heard from her and I tend to believe that guy blatantly lied to me.

    It usually is not HR that does this; these are all small rink dink companies and the owner conducts the entire applicant search: reading the resumes, contacting the person, conducting the interview. And these are the people who either don’t know what they want or they’re plain ole bullies and liars.

    If this keeps up, how do we get a job and get back to work??? That’s my question.

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