I Hate Interviews!

I don’t think anyone likes them but I have gone on more than most people. I once heard that is usually takes an average of 5-6 interviews before a job but I bypassed that many years ago. I have probably been on easily 100 interviews or more just in the last few years.

I think what bothers me about interviews is how often my skills take a backseat to my “fit” in a company. I don’t get this idea because my last job went strictly on skills not fit. In hindsight if any job wasn’t a fit it was that one because I was completely different from most of my coworkers. Most of those who were there when I started were older, white, male, and high school graduates at best. Later on a few were around my age, but still white, male and high school graduates except the higher lever trainers who all had masters.

But anyway, enough about my former job, but my point is the whole thing about fit is another way of saying “you are too old, too fat, etc” for our department. I get the idea of for example only wanting people with masters degrees in communications, I don’t get the idea of only wanting thing, young white males in a department (or whatever the desired demographic is). I am 41, decent looking, not fat, young looking and very up with latest trends. Going by my skills I should have been hired by one of these jobs, but always get rejected. It doesn’t matter whether I am too good or underskilled both choices result in my rejection. I can only assume my “fit”. Maybe it’s because I am more of an introvert? I try to hide this by appearing outgoing.

I just hope and pray¬† get this job because I am so tired of this. I am tired of hearing “your skills are impressive but we will hire someone else” and want to hear “you are the chosen one”. Oddly I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than I do a decent job.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Interviews!”

  1. Fit depends.

    A very long time ago, I found another job and gave in my resignation.

    The office manager ran an ad and began to look for my replacement.

    After one candidate left, the office manager said to me, “She was real nice but my brother [the company manager in charge of everything] will eat her alive.”

    She did not get the job.

    It could be as something as simple as that — if there is a team where everyone’s laid back and the candidate who comes in is kind of sullen, you can bet the sullen candidate won’t get the job.

    But to eliminate a job candidate due to race, creed or color or because you’re looking for the person to win some sort of popularity contest — this is just plain wrong and you’re treading on hugely thin legal ice.

  2. Yes but the problem is with the economy many employers know they can get away with a lot. I know many months ago I had an interview where the guy (an Indian with a strong Indian accent)told me he refuses to hire fat people, smokers, or mothers.

    Many interviews I have gone on I knew upfront I had no chance. I could tell everyone there was different than me, whether it was age, or race or something else.

  3. I wouldn’t want to work for a company like that one. At that point, you should have said “this job isn’t my cup of tea; thank you for your time” and left.

    The pendulum swings both ways. Let him get his paper thin employees, his nonsmokers and his free and unemcombered women with no kids.

  4. I should have left but didn’t take the job. I should mention that in additional to all of that the pay was $8 hour, full time and no benefits. No thanks, plus I saw all of the managers and all of them were Indian. To me that tells me that I never would have been management.

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