Another rejection and I am once again devastated

Ok in February I got an interview for a company named one of the best in Chicago. The benefits were amazing and the job sounded wonderful. I was surprised to get a second interview and it was a serious of interviews lasting all day.

Today I get a rejection letter after once again getting me severely depressed. I know better than to get excited but this time I was sure.

Honestly I think it’s because of my former employer and I will out the crooks they are: Metra. The Metra’s HR department is run by James Meeks and his cronies at Salem Baptist. Meeks is in cahoots with Jesse Jackson Jr.

13 thoughts on “Another rejection and I am once again devastated”

  1. What the eff do these people want???

    And moreover, this is what, 2 months after the fact?

    I am wondering: they kept you there for the entire day — did these creeps even offer you refreshments or lunch??? If not, by rights they should have — and if they did not, that tells me a great deal about the kind of individuals they are.

  2. I also wonder what took them so long — how much of an urgent need was there at all for the job that they needed filled? Makes you wonder.

    2 months after the fact and then they send you a rejection? They need not have bothered at all.

  3. No they didn’t offer lunch, at least my previous interview gave me lunch. I didn’t want this job per se but wanted to work for the company because they are one of the best. They even offer free gym memberships.

  4. That’s just plain rude. They should have offered you lunch, even if they said there was a ten dollar limit on the lunch — show them the receipt –and reimbursed you out of petty cash when you returned from lunch.

  5. Want to hear an ironic twist? the company I mentioned that gave me a generous lunch are actually hiring again for the position I interviewed for in September. That one came down to me and someone else and they told me they would keep me in mind.

  6. That the job is open again isn’t great news.

    The person probably didn’t like it there or they decided the person didn’t pan out.

    I dunno; if you want to call and mention you saw the ad and then say you’d still like to work there, up to you. I’ve never had any great success with that type of thing. I tried it in January; no dice.

  7. What I didn’t mention is this company plans to expand their training department. The HR guy I dealt with at this interview was extremely cool, told me the answers to the psych tests and everything. He told me he would keep my resume but if I saw a job I thought I could do to call him and gave me his extension.

  8. So he gave you the answers to the psych test — fat lot of good that will do the next company that administers the same exam; you already know what the answers are.

    Which again goes to show you no test is failsafe or a guarantee.

  9. Wasn’t really the psych test many of us have to take before an interview but rather the psych questions they give in an interview. You know the ones like “name a time you deal with conflict at work” or “where do you see yourself in 5 years”.

  10. And I just got told by somebody elsewhere that “all your posts reek of hostility and anger…” Oh, really…. easy for you to say; you have a job and there’s no chance you’ll lose it any time soon.

    I have since given up on what these people are thinking. There seems to be no more rules and no more sense to the entire thing.

    You used to be able to tell by the content of the interview if you were in the running or not. Not anymore; it is a one size fits all interview that is given to everyone.

  11. You don’t sound any angrier than any of us, but if you do you have the right to be angry. I know I have been called bitter on many boards. On one board we were talking about older men and I said I was tired of men my age passing me by on dating sites while men old enough to be my dad (or older than him)contacted me and I was told I was bitter. Of course I am bitter because of that and because I have been unemployed 4 1/2 years anyone would be bitter.

    Btw, did you ever post on the Monster board? Several people there would tell me I am still unemployed because of my anger.

  12. I gave up on the Monster board — what used to be a good board was the HotJobs board. The IT guys who posted on their board were excellent — they were very vehement and passionate about the H1B problem.

    This went all the way back to the last recession we had, in 2002.

    And I knew of the H1B problem way back in the late Seventies; I saw it first hand in the lab. Allied health majors were very big back then — hospitals were still importing nurses and lab people and other allied health workers from the Philippines in droves.

    It was a given taht they import as many visaed workers from there.

    In the meanwhile, this ruined it for us — most of these workers had 2 full time jobs. you can bet tht they didn’t care when it was raise time in our hospital and the raises sucked; they didn’t care; they had another full time job to help pay the bills.

    they also exploited the hell out of the Filipino workers. But who cared; the hospital got what they wanted: cheap labor.

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