“What are you in for?” In other words, how did you lose your job?

“What are you in for?”

I know of all of you but I don’t know how it came to be that you are jobless.

What happened to you and how did you wind up losing your job? What happened?

My story:

5 years ago, I was hired by a company that imports goods from overseas. 

About 3 months into the hire, there was an assignment that the boss needed to be done; she asked me to inquire and find outside contractors that could do the job that sne needed.

I looked on the interwebs and found about 15 companies that were willing; the 15 companies tricked down into 3.

One company decided the job was not his cup of tea, Company#2 wanted too much money to perform the task and Company #3 decided that he didn’t have the time.

In the meanwhile, throughout this endeavor, I kept a paper trail of everything: who I sent emails to, what happened when I called the contractors, what their response was, how much they’d charge her for the job, etc.

The boss knew this — she knew where she stood with each and every single one of these companies throughout the entire paper chase/phone call blitz/email contact that I made with them.

She told me she didn’t like the way I handled the assignment and she sniped at me for a good half hour. I told her over and over again I had a paper trail and she knew what was what…nope, she still insisted I did otherwise.

I showed her the paper trail. Still not proof for her.

The morning after the last contact that I made with Company #3, my intercom buzzed — it was Boss. She requested that I stop into her office and meet with her and Office Manager.

I got to her office; Boss asked me to have a seat. She started talking about the contracting job and who i contacted, etc — at first, I couldn’t figure out why in ‘ell she was bringing this up again, since it was more or less a closed case and now she was back at Square One: nobody to do the job she needed the outside contractor to do — but wow and God Almighty, she sure got to the point FAST.

She started in again on where we ah — left off — as far as that same assignment went.

I was told in no short terms that I had no responsibility, blah blah etcetera — and that I did NOT follow up with any of the companies I contacted for the job!!!

I had a plain as day paper trail — I stated this at the start of this post — but she insisted that I did NOTHING she asked me to do and that I blew the assignment!!!

I told her “I have a paper trail; you knew full well what was what each step of the way! I have names, telephone numbers and who i spoke to — you saw it” and she still insisted NO.

So you’re gonna tell me it was NO when you knew bleeping well it is YES?! Gee, welcome to the Third Reich Redux! 

I got screamed at; she melted down — she railed on and carried on and told me how disappointed she was in me — I in general got holy hell — and after that, Boss did anything she could to micromanage me and harass me and pick a fight with me.

I got the idea real quick after that conversation that I was a fifth wheel and taking up space there.

I got hell for a year — I would go up to her with proposals, information she needed — and 2 more times she turned it into a donnybrook.

We had a very small staff: her, her partner, Office Manager, me, a clerk, a part timer who came in one or 2 days a week and 3 sales gents.  Whenever she chewed me out, she did it in plain hearing of everybody else. Imagine how this hot mess made me look or feel —I was made to look like I could do NOTHING — in short, she turned me into the village idiot.

To this day, I can’t figure out what set her off with that first nonincident. As far as I am concerned, you made it clear, Boss, what you wanted — and I followed your directions to a T — and it was “wrong” in your estimation.

There were 2 more incidents after that that were bigger blowouts and hellfire than the first one I just cited.

And she’d also say horrible things about the guys and the clerk who worked there. (she eventually shitcanned the clerk; I don’t know what happened there; all I know is she railed away at him all day in their language, he was sticking around after 5; I said goodnight, he said goodnight to me and I left…. and when I came in the next day, OM told me that he was gone. “He was supposed to resign in a few months but the boss felt it better he leave now.” Excuse me??? No, he was shitcanned and who knows what happened that provoked the shitcanning?) Again, all of this within earshot of the scapegoat she was directing her retarded divisiveness at.

I got hell for a year and then I was let go. That’s a whole other story in itself. (I personally say she set me up just to have an excuse to get me out of there…)My work in general started to drop off in the late spring.  The work stagnated for sure about the start of July — I got the idea that Boss or OM would only talk to me if they wanted some kind of peon assignment performed.

And you know that when your gut tells you something is wrong, it usually is. Call me paranoid or somebody who needs a damn tin foil hat but I got the idea I was very closely being monitored by Boss and OM and every move I made was under a microscope.

The deal was that I was being laid off due to bad business — we had a canned clerk and a salesguy that eventually moved out of the area; he resigned — so you have 2 less bodies taking up seats here.  You never hired out for either person. Their positions remained unfilled.

SO why is it “necessary” to remove me, as  cost containing effort???

I was making the least amount of money out of the staff that was left. So what’s the deal here?

I got the usual “I didn’t want to do this” speech — the hell you didn’t — and I was sent out the door with the checks.

I got severance pay — big deal — and that lasted me about 3 months. After that, I filed for unemployment. That was start of November 2008.

And here I still sit, trying to find something. If I had known what kind of mess I’d be in now, I’d have fought her tooth and nail on this “layoff.”

5 thoughts on ““What are you in for?” In other words, how did you lose your job?”

  1. Note that I refused to stay after that first nonincident. I had 3 interviews and then my phone stopped ringing, somewhere at the end of September. I never had another interview after that.

    I did everything in my power to get my hide out of there. No success.

  2. I hope you were able to collect unemployment benefits from that job with no snags, because it’s clear from your account (and the paper trail that I assume you continued to keep up on your experiences with her following that first ordeal) that you were experiencing a hostile work environment and a constructive discharge at that job. Hence, the employer would not be able to prove a case that you were fired for just cause and committed misconduct that justified denying you unemployment benefits.

  3. I was able to collect.

    And I had to make sure that they undestood I’d be filing on or about November 1. That’s how the eligibility worked out with the severance pay.

    It really was a strange place to work. I like to say the employees were compartmentalized.

    And by rights, the clerk should have filed for unemployment because that is what he was: unemployed due to the fact she fired him. (I don’t think he bothered; he was a young guy who lived with his family so I don’t think he saw it as the principle of the thing)

  4. I know all too well about being set up to get fired. That happened to me with my last job. I know I have posted about it often but basically it was a government job and they lied about the job. When I got the job I found out I was hired at a lower pay and job than I was told. Also, the severe corruption, sexism and everything else was horrible.

  5. I have seen this in a thousand places and it’s been done to a thousand people.

    True fact of the matter: if a company wants to get rid of you, they can. At any time anywhere and anyplace; “at will employment” means nothing; if you’re in a union or you’ve worked there for many many years, they can still get rid of you at any time, for any ole reason they concoct.

    What makes me sick is that there’s no conscience invloved and they’ll lie about you and won’t care.

    To this day, I can’t figure out why they did this — all of this was right after I was formally hired; they skipped the last 3+ weeks of probation and hired me as a full time employee. They ranted and raved about what a great job I was doing, etc…..and 3 something weeks after that, I magically changed into a nogoodnick know nothing that is the village idiot.

    Does anyone know where the love of God goes is what comes to mind here. What happened to karma? What happened to not being able to get over on somebody? What happened to decency and what’s right?

    I could not seem to get rid of these people. I was never offered Cobra — I mentioned this on the other board — and 2 days after I was discharged from the hospital with a very critcal emergency admission, I had to go fight them out for what they should have done on my last day?!

    It was a mess. The mess with Cobra continued for weeks after I had to stop by there again. It’s like some kind of weird Stephen King novel — I just could NOT get rid of their sorry asses and what I needed from them I could not straighten out. I had to call the state dept of banking and insurance to rectify the whole fucking situation — and even then, these bastards wouldn’t believe me. ALL they needed to do was CALL THE SAME DAMN OFFICE THAT I CALLED and they’d have gotten the same answer that I GOT from them!!!! The whole thing could have been resolved on the spot – it dragged on for months..

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