And around it goes.:(

I feel nothing but lost.

The last interview I had was a month ago. This was no small company; it’s a world wide known skincare company.

I don’t think the interviewer knew what she was looking for — either that, or she simply decided I was not her cup of tea. I didn’t even get a second interview out of the bargain.

What exactly do you say now that will ensure you get at least called back for a second interview? She asked me where I wanted to be in 5 years — this always strikes me as a question you ask somebody fresh out of college or with mimimal experience. I’m somebody her age or a tad older. (this is why I don’t think she knew what she was looking for)

I told her I wanted to be working with the division with products that were geared to the baby boomers; that is one of the growing demographics. It’s also the demographic that has the most money.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe my answer just sucked. Or maybe I did.

Perhaps I should have told her “working in your company’s R&D division and getting my masters’ in bio or higher” — what DO you say to somebody when they ask you a question like this? And why are you asking a 54 year old a question like that, anyway???

And how do you guarantee your answer will be what they need to hear?

That interview was a month ago. I never even got a hollaback from her that said Thanks But No. Dead air as usual.

Then there was the “interview” for the bartending job; that was a no go also. The person who was in charge of the apps told me “I will show this app to my partners and they will decide by these apps who will get the job. That will be at the end of the week.” This “interview” took place at the end of February.

As far as I am concerned, she rejected ME — whether this was rejection of my appearance or what, I don’t know — the owners of the bar are older; the woman who spoke to me is no spring chicken herself. So what happened here?

I tend to think she rejected ME and how I looked. What else could it have been?

(My looks are hardly the kind that frightens horses, other animals and young children. So what’s her point here? She wasn’t much to look at herself so yes, what’s the deal?)

The bar and restaurant itself is a small establishment. I don’t know what they are shooting for; the patrons who eat there and drink there are town residents. If the new proprietors are looking to attract as patrons a mostly younger crowd or an or an upscale crowd, I don’t know — if that’s what they want and expect, they’re in for a surprise.

About 3 weeks after I went down to the bar, I popped in again. She was nowhere in sight but the 2 owners were. They told me nobody was hired since they hadn’t gotten full ownership of the bar yet and that the paperwork for ownership was still hung up.   At that point I concluded that this bunch didn’t know what THEY were doing and I decided that the bar wasn’t for me, after all. Disorganized? Perhaps.

And the bar is open now. And no, I never heard from them.

I am at the end of my rope. I’ve had close to 90 interviews and easily 600 or more resumes/cold calls that I submitted. And I spent many an afternoon going from one commerical office building to the next, armed with resumes, asking if the companies within are hiring on.

I also rang back quite a few companies I interviewed with, to see if they were hiring again. No dice.

2 weeks ago I took a week off from looking for a job. I purposely skipped looking at the job ads, both in hard copy and on line. 

I decided I needed a break from the madding crowd; it was all getting to be too much for me. 

At the end of the week, I had a look at the ads that I “missed.” Nothing much was available; there were 5 companies and all of them turned out to be very small mom and pop establishments. One of the women at one of those companies who got the phone — I applied for her job last week — told me that “all we want is just an admin; it sounds like you have a lot of corporate experience. We are only a small family owned company.” Yet their ad “read” like one that was a corporate company. You’ve just wasted our time. Maybe we don’t want to apply for a job that’s a small mom and pop company.

I am guessing they nicked the ad from some other Craigslist job ad and fine tuned it a bit so it met their requirements.  Nothing wrong with that per se but for love of the deities, how about being more concise??? “Office assistant needed for small family owned landscape company” and then describe the skill set you need — that would have been a more accurate job description to place in an ad.

The people who don’t “get it” don’t help. “Go to WalMart! Go to Kohl’s! Try the new bagel place downtown. There is a big sign in their window….” Jam MalMart, Kohl’s I never heard from and I spoke to the bagel place already.

As per the bagel place guy from a month ago, he told me they’d be opening at the end of April. Yeah, well, he still doesn’t get the phone — my guess is that they may be waiting on contractors or wow, who knows what else, and they aren’t ready to open at all.

What do you do when you need a job? when you direly need the money? (I have a plateful of woes that I won’t dare go into here — all I’ll say is that my situation is desparate) Where do you go? What do you do? How do you get money to come into your pocket so that you can pay bills the way you should, and do so without any trouble or delay? How?

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  1. I don’t get it either. I have gone on countless interviews where I had everything they wanted and more they preferred but not required. I’ve gotten interviews through people I know and still nothing. I have gone on countless fake interviews where I attended grad school along with having them tweak my resume and still nothing. I have learned new skills to appeal to these employers and still nothing. There’s nothing wrong with my looks, I am not fat and quite attractive. I mean I was a model in my 20’s so not exactly ugly.

    I am tired of the “take anything” people because they don’t get it. I have applied at stores including during the holidays and got exactly one interview in 2010 from retail: a minimum wage part time temp job lifting heavy items and no insurance so I’d be out of luck if I got hurt. Plus I have arthritis and am not going to risk it getting worse so I can make possibly $100 a week. In 2011 I applied at all the retail chains and got no calls. I actually called Wal-Mart and the HR manager told me they do not hire college graduates for any jobs.

  2. So what happened here?

    I keep asking the same thing over and over again.

    What’s the difference between my interviewing skills 5 years ago and now? I’ve come up on empty successively (with the exception of a $10 and hour and no benefits job…that’s a story for another post — these people expected 12 hour days in return for your endeavors. And to top that off, the job was conditional. “We want to try you out first.”

    I’ve dumbed down resumes; “Attended Local College” — which was true; back in the 80s I took a few computer science courses there and I also took a few classes at the local community college a few years ago. The dumbing down didn’t work, either. (I did NOT include my other 4 year degree on that resume)

    And that bar still has me wondering Just what happened here???

    You could have told MalMart you married, did not go to college and now you’re back in the job market since you’ve raised your kids and they are out of the house; see if that ploy worked.

  3. That’s just it:

    I keep telling them YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN OFFER.

    I’ll be effed if I know why that person who was interviewing for the bartender job turned me away like that.

    When I hear “I’ll show this to my boss and he will decide based on the applications” it’s ME that they didn’t want.

    She was no young bird herself and she was nothing much to look at — like I said, it is a small neighborhood bar and grill; if she’s shooting for a large crowd like you get at one of those larger chain bars, not going to happen. This is a townie crowd you’re talking about. You’re going to get older people, married couples, retirees and maybe some of the Asian Indians if they want to go somewhere for a hoot. (they generally are not bargoers; I don’t think they go in for that kind of thing) THe younger crowd goes elsewhere.

    There is a deli opening; I am hesitant to even try — and a large distribution center for Bed Bath and Beyond just opened.

    I stopped in there to see if they perhaps were looking for administrative people.

    Mostly now it’s warehouse….and they are paying $8.50 an hour for that. (20 years ago when I worked for another dept store DC, that was the starting rate for anybody warehouse) “I don’t know if we need admins but send us your resume…”

    I am guessing that maybe the pay might be $12 an hour for that, if the pay is so paltry for a warehouse consolidation worker.

    This is a brand new warehouse — huge — and easily it’s cost millions to build. There is room back there for 500 cars. So you know they’re expecting quite the crowd — and no doubt on 3 shifts, or 2 for sure.

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