I killed a spammer

Someone named “chemietoiletten” responded to my post with a post in German, but with an English lead-in.  The name means roughly “chemical toilets”.  Call me racist, but if you can’t post in English, your post goes down the memory hole.

4 thoughts on “I killed a spammer”

  1. Pretty fitting for that website, considering what a “chemical toilet” that entire site turned into.

    Somebody someplace somewhere has to be paying to keep the BE website online.The whole thing boggles the mind — nobody is there to delete the spam, or to check to see what’s what in the way of posters and other goings-on.

  2. Actually, the cost of the computer to run the Web site is relatively small. It costs me about $60/year to run harderworld.com, and another $25/year or so for the domain registration. I suspect that the BE Web site is one of many that runs on a server owned or hired by her publisher. Someone restarts it when it crashes, but there’s no real maintenance performed. The overall cost to the publisher–for all the sites running on the server–might be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. The incremental cost of the BE Web site is zilch… unless you want a human, exercising non-artificial intelligence, to moderate it.

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