A New Chapter

Once upon a time, when I started keeping a Web journal (we didn’t yet call them ‘blogs’) back in 1999, I had time pretty much every day to write something interesting about the world around me.  It was a way to vent, and while I hoped that some pretty girl would read my stuff and become enchanted with me, I recognized that it would be a long shot.  (I ultimately did find the pretty girl, though; we’ve now been married for 11 years.)

Now, in 2012, I have too many things to do, and too little time and energy to do them all.   I’ve been lucky if I can write two posts a month.  From time to time, I’ve considered pulling the plug on this site.

I’ve written about the Bait and Switched forum at the Barbara Ehrenreich Web site, and how it was beset by spammers.  More recently, the forum software seems to have crapped out: when one tries to write a post there, one is greeted by an error message.  I’ve offered this site as an alternate venue, and several members of that group have signed up.  I hope we’ll have some interesting discussions about the economy, and the state of the world, and maybe, just maybe, find a way to make this not such a Harder World after all.

I don’t know how this will turn out, but I’m hopeful.

7 thoughts on “A New Chapter”

  1. Very sad state of affairs.

    Everybody seems to have abandoned ship.

    I liked that board when it still had its wits together — it was a good place to go for advice or for a good discussion.

    I went on an interview yesterday; this place is not for me. I asked the interviewer how much autonomy I’d get — she told me none at all — “all of your work will be checked and signed off by three people for more than a year.”

    This isn’t for me. Not by a long shot. (we had that kind of nonsense control at the last job I had; the owner of the company had a rule: anything you did in the way of work had to be reviewed and cosigned by her. This included even the most mundane of emails.)

  2. Hey, hey, looks like some of the gang’s all here… Glad to see you guys and maybe in the next few days I can post some thoughts of my own as our admin. invited me to.

  3. I am glad we can meet here. Thank you Brooklyn Guy. I will try to contact NWP at her website to invite her here. The woman I told you all about (who lost her job) has gotten a new job thanks to a woman she mentored. She has taken about a 6.5% pay cut. It took her about 3 months to get this job. It was the only offer she got. Shows just how bad the economy still is.

  4. Hi everyone! Yes I got the message and I am here. I enjoyed chatting with everyone there but the last month everytime I tried to post I got an error message.

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