One of the Web sites I follow regularly is the Barbara Ehrenreich forum from her book, Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream.  The book describes her unsuccessful efforts to secure a ‘middle-class’ job in corporate America, and the people she meets along the way.  The book came out before the financial crisis of 2008, and it was already clear that the corporate job that we once took as a mainstay of American life was going the way of the dodo.  When it came out, I had recently started my own business, and it was comforting to find out that I was not the only one who had been stomped on by my last employer.

There are about a half-dozen people on the forum who post regularly about the sorry state of employment in the US, and up until a month ago, that was OK.  But for the last few weeks, the forum has been taken over by ‘HicyacixGar,’ who generates useless posts about 50 times a day.  We’re down to one thread, as everything else is flooded by Hicaycix.

But I’m compelled to wonder: who or what is HicyacixGar?

OK, a spammer, but to what end?  The posts appear to be illicit ads for prescription drugs, but the Bait and Switch forum seems a thoroughly pointless target for a marketing effort.

Looking at the other fora on the Barbara Ehrenreich Web site, there is some spamming going on, but nowhere near as bad.  The Bait and Switch forum had been the most active, with the most interesting discussions.

So I wonder: is Hicyacix just a spammer, or does it represent a person or agency bent on suppressing discussion about the crappy state of the economy and employment?

5 thoughts on “HicyacixGar”

  1. You will admit, as I said on the BE board, it is fascinating in a sick way — who or what is going to spend hours on end hawking products nobody there is buying?

    Dangerous or bogus is what they are. Sure; somebody’s gonna take a shot at buying who only knows what and who knows what ninth circle of hell it hails from.

  2. I just registered an am now on board here. Hope the rest come over soon. As far as the BE forum, I may be more paranoid than most, but I’ve got to agree that it seems a bit fishy that the B & S folder is being singled out by the spammer to to post all their crap on even tho the forum’s legit users would never be a profitable group to market
    to. Soo…. it’s got to make you wonder if maybe Big Brother (ie, the NSA, or CIA is watching and wants to stifle dissent among the peasant workers..) if so, it would mean we were having even more of an important discussion there than any of us had dreamed of having..).

  3. Ha.

    And how about something more imaginative for a screen name — what the fudge is a “HicyacixGar”?

    That board defeated its own purpose. No webmaster or mod available and apparently somebody or something altered the integrity of the board itself. That thread got nothing but buried.

  4. In keeping this blog, I’ve gotten piles of phony registration requests from spammers. I’ve noticed that the names aren’t purely random characters: there’s some algorithm at work to make names that are pronounceable. But they’re clearly names that don’t belong to any real humans.

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