Saturday night at about 10:00 pm, I was roused by the sound of explosions.  I wasn’t sure what it was, at first, whether we were under attack or it was just fireworks.  I hadn’t read anything in the newspapers about fireworks that night, and it seems in questionable taste to hold a fireworks event on the eve of our Day of National… whatever.

I flipped through the news channels on the tube.  There were no reports of anything untoward, although the Weather Channel showed a few seconds of live video of fireworks over the city.  OK, it’s fireworks, not terrorists, so I can relax.

Sunday morning, I was curious if there were any news reports of the fireworks the night before.  I searched around, and came up mostly empty.  I did find that the City had issued a permit for fireworks from a barge near Red Hook.  That explained the volume of the explosions (I live near Red Hook) and confirmed that the event was not my imagination.

The permit had been issued to ‘Kaynelive LLC,’ an event coordinator, but a visit to their Web site turned up nothing.  So the fireworks were a private event that had been contracted for.

Meanwhile, nothing appeared in Sunday’s papers, nor the newspaper Web sites this morning.

So who arranged for the show?

  • Party promoters, staging an event where people pay to go to a party and hear music;
  • The parents of a spoiled kid, throwing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah / quinceañera / sweet sixteen party;
  • A radical Islamic group, thumbing their nose at the rest of us.

At this point, your guess is good as mine.

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