Unemployed Again

No, not me.

A few weeks ago, after months of trying, my son finally found a job in a media office of some sort.  He was working as an office assistant, doing scanning and other tasks, and hoping that they would take him as a permanent employee (not there is actually any such thing in our era of employment at will).

The other day, he learned that the company would not take him as a permanent employee, and he was back in the street again.

I’ve been contemplating buying a new tablet computer, but on learning this, I shelved those plans.  He’s my son, and I don’t feel right enjoying a shiny new toy right now.   Instead, I’ll buy him driving lessons: he’s 25 and does not have his license.

Things are very different for him than for me.  Both of us grew up in the city, without cars in the household.  But I took driving lessons when I was 20, with my own money.  When I was 25, he was already one year old.

I wish I knew what to tell him, beyond the obvious, as he embarks on another job hunt that seems almost pointless.

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