A Pause That Refreshes

It’s been a long time since the last time I did this; too long.  It has been several years, probably even before I got married in 2001.

This morning, I’m pausing in the middle of my morning ride, pulling out my electronic thingie, and writing.  In 1999, the ‘thingie’ was a Psion Series 5; today, it’s an LG smartphone, which is far more capable, but the Psion had a much better keyboard.

I’m hot and sweaty, but the endorphins are flowing: I’m feeling good.

Back then, I would write about my latest strategy for finding a girlfriend.  The strategies never worked, but writing them down seemed to help at the time.  Now, I worry about the economy.  We’re in deep trouble, and nobody seems to want to address the real problem: that real productivity has moved out of the country, and what has come to replace it (finance, entertainment, education, health care) doesn’t generate the real value to provide jobs and support the government benefits that we set for ourselves in richer times.

But enough of that: I’m at the top of Prospect Park, the downgrade is calling, followed by a cool shower and lunch.

I’ll have to do this again sometime soon.

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