Aren’t We Supposed to Be Broke?

NYS Survey Request

About two weeks ago, I received a request from New York State to participate in a survey about ‘green jobs.’  (Aren’t all jobs ‘green,’ if you get paid in real money?)  I filled in the survey over the Internet.

Yesterday, the mailman brought me a Second Notice: evidently I hadn’t filled the survey out fast enough.  This time, the package included a paper survey form for me to fill out, perhaps believing that the reason I didn’t respond the first time was because I didn’t have Internet access.

New York State is quite thoroughly broke.  The Legislature is still on its own little planet, sucking its thumbs and ignoring the billions of dollars by which tax receipts (including a nifty new tax on employers) fail to cover the state’s expenditures.  And yet, somehow, the Department of Labor has the funds for this exercise.

But it’s not just pointless surveys.  A while back, the State and City spent $4 million to rename the Triborough Bridge as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.  And now they want to rename the Queensboro Bridge as the Ed Koch Bridge.

I recognize that many of the things that government spends money on are fixed in law and cannot be readily changed.  Still, can’t we at least lay off the stupid stuff?

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