Not Fast Enough

Debt Clock

The Debt Clock near my office (and perhaps not coincidentally adjacent to the local IRS office) is supposedly counting up our ever-increasing national debt.  It was originally installed a little south of its present location.  It was mothballed briefly in the late 1990s when the Federal government was supposedly running a surplus, and then a shiny new office building was built at the original site.  The clock reappeared in its present location not long after the yo9unger Bush became President.

But I’m not sure the Debt Clock is running fast enough.  It ticks off $9,958 every second.  There are about 31.5 million seconds in a year, so that comes out to $314 billion per year.  That’s an awful lot, to be sure, but we’re told that the Federal government borrows about $1 trillion per year.  The clock should be running about three times as fast.

Or am I missing something?

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