Health Care Funk

Just for the record, we had a good Christmas.  I didn’t start my shopping until the day before yesterday, but somehow it all came together, and my wife presented her Christmas program, as in past years, and it all came out well.

Yesterday morning, I watched the party-line vote on the health-care bill.  The last time I stopped what I was doing to watch the wheels of government grinding was when President Clinton was impeached and tried before the Senate.  I returned to my work that day feeling that justice had been done: that whatever peccadilloes our President had been involved in, they represented nothing even close to grounds for removal from office.

This time I was observing a travesty.  Health-care reform is bad for the country.  For myself as an individual and as a business owner, I see nothing but higher costs, worse health care, and fewer options.

The only good thing is that the vote is not the end of the road.  While we were led to believe that Obama would be signing the health-care bill into law while enjoying his Christmas turkey, that isn’t happening.  The House and Senate versions must still be reconciled, which won’t happen until February or so.

Perhaps this mess will be derailed, after all….

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