Bicycle Paths

Recently, the city has had its contractors running around painting the streets green in my neighborhood to designate bicycle paths:

Ninth Street Bicycle Paths

But my neighborhood is just an instance of a larger pattern.  New bike paths are being set up all over the city.  In some streets in Manhattan, pavement markings call for cars to park in what seems to be the middle of the street, so that the curb lane can be given over to cyclists.

On the one hand, I’m a bicyclist, and I appreciate anything the city can do to make my trip easier and safer.  But given that the city supposedly has a budget crisis, there are other things that I’m sure would be a better use of scarce funds.

Maybe it’s stimulus money: our tax dollars at work.  At least it’s work and jobs for people.

Still, I’m suspicious of this flurry of activity.  Are there plans for gasoline to go up to $50/gallon next year so we’ll all have to ride bicycles?

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