Merry Christmas

It’s a little late, I know, but Merry Christmas to all.  Or Happy Holidays.  Or whatever.  I hope all is well for whomever might be reading.

Christmas was pretty quiet in our house; we had a nice dinner for Christmas Eve, and on Thursday, my wife and I went to church, and we went with the choir to a home for the sick and sang some Christmas songs, to spread a little holiday cheer.

We performed the music first during the church service, and my wife introduced the songs in Korean.  Afterwards, she asked me to introduce the songs in English when we went to the home for the sick.  I live it when she drops things like that on me.  But the performance went well.

I had done a lot of running around on Wednesday (‘Why didn’t you do some of that beforehand?’ my wife asked), and Friday was a day of rest.  Today, we’ll probably go shopping, taking advantage of the after-Christmas sales. 

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