A Peaceful Weekend

The news for the last few weeks has been a relentless saga of the economy and how we’re supposed to be in terrible trouble.  Congress passed, and the President signed, a plan to provide $700 billion to help ‘unfreeze’ credit markets.  Ever since that happened, the stock market has gone down every day.

For my part, things seem unchanged.  Some time ago, in an idle moment, I made a loan application at the bank: they denied it, saying that they could not lend to the company with its present management.  (I’m surprised they didn’t say something unsavory about my mother!)  Since then, I’ve financed my business out of the till.  Meanwhile, at least twice a week, I receive an application for a ‘pre-approved’ credit card.

Yesterday, my wife and I went to Governor’s Island, a place shrouded in mystery: it was once an Army base, and then a Coast Guard base, and was off-limits to the public.  Even now, the island is only accessible during spring and summer weekends.  We visited in 2006, and looked inside many of the historic buildings.  Our visit on Saturday was motivated by an art exhibition.

But first, we wanted to explore a little.  We started walking, but then discovered a plase that rented four-wheeled pedal vehicles.  It was fun: it hit my bicycle spot, but my wife (who never learned to ride) could share the experience with me.  We rode around the island, mostly staying close to the water, looking out at New York Harbor on a gloriously clear day.

“Tiring, wasn’t it?” the rental guy asked me when I returned it.

No, it  was invigorating.

The actual art exhibit was a disappointment: everything that gives modern art a bad name.  Still, it was nice to set aside all of the troubles of the world, and the economy, and the upcoming Presidential elections, to share a pleasant sunny Saturday with my wife.

Today was another Sunday workday, and I rode my bicycle to work in the office.  The weather was nice, if a little warm for mid-October, and the endorphins were flowing.

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