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Hm….very very odd (a “personal” event, not job related)

Since I am just bears and aces for odd happenings today —- wow, that blizzard was brutal and it’s depressing enough that it hit us — try this on for size:

I have a friend I will call Jane. Jane and I have known each other over 2 decades.

She is prone to being a little bizzare but I think this one took the cake:

She seems to have vanished without a sound.

The last time I heard from Jane was maybe a week and a half ago. I do not see her very often; I do not get to hear from her by phone often (and this is annoying too becaue I will leave a message saying hi and she never rings back). I usually hear from her from her workplace; she will email a few times a week and vice versa.

I sent her an email last Monday — there was a little sale and I picked up a buy one the other half off ; I figured I’d give the other one to jane — I told her I had a little something for her and added some small talk and got no reply. I figured she was busy with work or what not. Who reads into that, right?

I didn’t think of this  no reply stuff until maybe Friday — I emailed asking “where are you” and I left a message on Friday asking her if she was okay being the storm kicked in….

No hollaback….

The storm came and went — and no Jane.

She will pull these little “leave of absences” every so often; it is odd and I am not crazy about any of it.

And now I am wondering given all of these oddities, maybe I should let well enough alone and lave well enough alone: do not contact her again.

End this bent — and now what looks to be one sided — friendship[ right here; there are people I know who have done the same: they housecleaned. They got sick of being the pariah, the straight woman, the second or third or fourth fiddle, or tired of being the complaint department, got tired of being the one who had to call them first, etc — they simply houseclean and that is the end of the “friendship.”

Something happened a few months back — I won’t go into detail but I feel like she hocked me into doing it — and I never got a thank you for my efforts.

I find this disappearance odd inasmuch as that we just had that horrifc snowstorm — she knows I more or less am alone back here — where I am living is very isolated and it was downright frigging spooky here when that storm kicked in — and that I do not run with many people — and I never once heard from her at all.

And when she cries over whatever it is and you are there when she cries? Shit, it’s like she expects YOU to fix whatever is wrong right on the spot.

THis is why I am saying this is a disappearance. Fuckall, everybody’s got a cellphone — even her — so there is no reason and no excuse for not calling.

And no. Nothing “happened” to her. Unless you are at death’s door and you positively and absolutely are unable to USE a phone? This is a disappearance.

I refuse to call her again. “You left one message on Friday saying you hope she is safe and secure” — that is what I said, right? And even still, no call back?

Don’t settle for the crumbs or fish where the fishing isn’t good. That is my take on it.

What happened to her and why I am evidently being frozen out, who knows. Did somebody else get into the mix? who knows. Did she start seeing that crazy guy again…and maybe she doesn’t want me to know, and she covered her footprints and footsteps simply by deciding not to speak to me anymore? Who knows. Who knows what it is and who cares.

No more calls and no more emails to Jane. End of story.

Who knows what happened here?  it’s irrational and it is crazy — to me, if you are a full grown adult and you are upset at something a friend said or did:

You have it out with the friend.

You don’t just take off and more or less emotionally blackmail the other person. It’s also juvenile and bullshit:: you vanish and not tells this person how mad you are?

What can I tell you?

Time for a couple new friends. Get a full grown adult who is a great deal more broadminded. You don’t need this kind of scene.

Hello from me

Haven’t been here for awhile; thought I’d check in to see what’s doing and to report what’s new.

Nothing really is new. The partition wrapped up and was over back in September.

How has everyone been?

(where I am living is a little unnerving today — we are in the midst of that hellacious blizzard and where I am living is more than a bit isolated. I am trying to “keep moving” so this doesn’t turn into a chapter of the Shining.)

I hope to be out of here soon and living in a real place, where there are neighbors and everything.

My poor dog went home to his reward around Christmastime. He got sick out of nowhere — he had kidney failure and I knew this back in July.

The vet thinks it might have been a lymphoma — he developed a cough that I did not like and at the end, he refused to eat.

He also developed a nasty swelling underneath his jaw; originally I thought it was abscess — he is nearly 14 and may have a bad tooth back there; a week later, after antibiotics, I felt the area and a lump was still there…and one on the other size also.  Swollen glands despite no fever is bad news.

The cough was some sort of lung involvement, either from the lymphoma or some other issue. That he coughed upon arising from a prone position suggested something that was blocking his lungs or windpipe.

Between July and the end of December, he’d lost 15 pounds — and about 7 of them during the last 2 weeks of his life.

I miss the dog but I cannot possibly get another dog until I move on to a real place to live.

Still applying for jobs — there have been a few ads but nothing promising — and you all remember that “job fair” I went to over a year ago — the company just moved to the town it was in and they were looking to add about 5 or 6 more people?

They said that only 28 people currently worked there. Perhaps 20 cars were in their lot that day.

I took a ride past their building yesterday….and the lot is full of cars. There had to be about 100 cars in the lot versus maybe 15 on the day I went to the job fair — so this is 75 more jobs added in 15 months? Strong.:(

The last time I was in that area was maybe summer — there is an outlet store across the street and I don’t recall noting that a trillion cars were in that parking lot.

I am wondering if the cars are those of just that company or if the building is being shared by another company.

If it’s not “another company” when the heck did this company add all of thjose jobs??? None of the jobs open were made public, either. THis sucks for us — again, we are shit out of luck.

Other than that, nothing new.

My home is gone; it was razed 2 weeks ago by the developer. I stopped past and took photos; I will also return to sprinkle some of my dog’s ashes there. He loved his “newspaper” that used to be out front of the house.”

Song of the Year 2015

The end of the year is closing in, and once again, it’s time to consider my Song of the Year for 2015.  But first…

I didn’t write a post on the subject last year, but if you must know, my Song of the Year for 2014 was:

Word Crimes, Weird Al Yankovic

After initially watching the videos on YouTube and being disappointed by the music, I later bought a copy of Mandatory Fun in a moment of desperation.  But listening to the music while doing something is not the same as watching a YouTube video.  The music started to grow on me.  ‘Word Crimes’ is energetic and rails against sloppy English, one of the persistent annoyances in my life.

And then a really strange thing happened: I started noticing the original songs on which the Weird Al parodies are based.  It seemed that the Weird Al version was correct, tight and clean, and the original was a sloppy imitation.  What does it mean when Weird Al and his group are better musicians than the original artists?

Anyway, on to this year:

Penalty Box: Almost There, but So Wrong

Writing’s on the Wall, Sam Smith (Theme from Spectre)

I’ve written about this song before.  The music is beautiful, but the lyrics are full of doubt rather than confidence, and are delivered in a whiny countertenor.  It isn’t what you want in a James Bond theme, unless your intent is to defrock Bond as a hero.

Runners Up, in No Particular Order

What Are the Chances, Duran Duran

Paper Gods, this year’s album, was a disappointment, but not a total wasteland.  ‘What Are the Chances’ is one of the best contemplative Duran Duran songs ever.  It’s beautiful, but for me, the Song of the Year has to be more energetic.

Danceophobia, Duran Duran

Also from Paper Gods, this song is more energetic.  While it has many of the flourishes that make Duran Duran songs so cool, it’s lacking in substance.  (And if you’re burning with curiosity, the real word for ‘fear of dancing’ is ‘chorophobia.’)

Confident, Demi Lovato

I was watching the American Music Awards with my wife a few weeks ago.  The music was listless, dreary, annoying.  And then this came on.  It’s energetic, exciting, and brassy (not much brass in popular music these days!).

And the Winner

Who Can You Trust, Ivy Levan (Theme from Spy)

My wife and I missed Spy when it came out in theaters earlier this year, but watched it as an in-flight movie.  The movie itself is silly and fun, in a way that too many current movies aren’t, without being inane.  The theme song is expressive and powerful and everything that a real James Bond theme song should be.

Political Correctness gone wild

Today at church the priest gave a fantastic sermon on political correctness. Basically he was talking about how people are so afraid of saying “Merry Christmas” or talking about the holiday and all of that. That many Christians are afraid to admit they are Christian  because they are afraid of being called names. This is odd because I was going to talk about South Park and how this season is one of their best and how they are taking on the PC crowd. If you haven’t seen it, it’s online and a show that gets it. Too many write too many PC things.

Think about this, in  the last few months we’ve dealt with a lot of political correctness to the point of overload. First off, there was Bruce/Caitlyn/Freak Jenner. I’m all for being transgender and some people believe they are another gender but this one isn’t that. Rather it’s a guy who is with a family who thrives on attention grabbing the latest pc thing for attention. I bet once the attention (hopefully) goes away he’ll decide to be a man again. Actually he is a man because he’s never had the surgery.

Then there is the cop shootings. Yes, there is police brutality and some of the victims were victims. Some were authentic but others were thugs. If you shoot a cop or do something like that you’re going to get shot. Many of these “victims” had robbed people and committed other crimes. Many came from families that were less than desirable. Related to these are the gang shootings that have been on the news. Yes it is a tragedy but so many came from families where this is common. One victim was the son of a gang member.

Then there is the whole refugee issue and Obama calling people names for not wanting them here. The fact is many of them might be terrorists or at the very least moochers.  What has been sickening me has been  people attacking those in the military saying they deserve less help than refugees. Yet if you say you’d rather help the vets some call names like racist. America first does mean vets over refugees. Speaking of immigration it’s become  a buzz word if you disapprove of illegal immigration. I do not oppose Hispanics, I just want immigrants to be here legally and be law abiding and not on welfare,   I don’t care what ethnicity they are.

I tell people Merry Christmas and if they are offended they have problems. I have had people tell me Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa and no I’m not offended. Why would I? they are being nice. People get offended easily. I don’t know if I mentioned this but I had a parent complain about what I was teaching last year. We were discussing the sacraments and I mentioned sacraments and marriage. One asked me about multiple marriages and I explained the Catholic view. A parent got mad because according to her I should explain the church has no problem with someone marrying several times. Huh? The church requires an annulment before remarriage in most cases. I didn’t make this rule. I’ve gotten banned from three message boards in the last few months. The first message board because I said these two women were ugly who were trying to model. They weren’t ugly because they were black, they were ugly no matter the race, A second time because I said about the Catholic views ON A CATHOLIC SITE. I had an atheist (why was one on there?)attacking the Catholic views. A third message board because I said the Kardashians should be the Kartrashians because they are trash. I also said people that watch were morons.

To quote Rizzo from Grease (Grease is probably banned in some areas because of PC) “some people are so touchy”. If something offends you IGNORE IT. If your kid doesn’t win, don’t complain, have them work harder. If you don’t agree with the Catholic view, maybe the church isn’t for you. I haven’t even chatted about my avoidance of single dads and how people get offended. Worry about your life instead of being offended.

So….we are expecting who knows how many refugees…..

2 words:

A nightmare.

And a nightmare in every way:logistically, financially and security wise.

There is a town in Germany, population 102, who was told to expect 800 brand new imported residents.

And this is like it or not.

Where does a tiny little town — that might be sandwiched between several other town, and tightly, put 800 people?

They probably have a school the size of 2 2 family homes put together — where do they put new students! Certainly these illegals are coming in with kids!

They also do not speak English. That’s now the official language of the EU, correct?? . How is it that they are pemitted to live there?  You can just walk in and that’s the end of it??? Aren’t there rules and other channels and interviews and such? I guess that was just eliminated

Picture the population of your town and multiply it by 8…and then use that number and apply it to the Syrian influx you are going to get.

Picture that number moving in to yoru town where there is hardly room for other people…and picture *8 times* your school populations coming into our schools. I guess now they will be getting bilingual Arabic teachers, too???? And we get to expand the schools and add more teachers, too? Who pays for that, us again?

it is all a trickle down effect.

They are contributing nothing to their new town, new country and new community: they keep to themselves and surely they must be uneducated and skillless — yet the US of A has a plan to put these people to work, more or less — giving them working status??

They do not speak English. Not trained and cannot read; at best, they will get menial jobs and probably those that pay them under the table…and that’s if anybody wants to hire them. There is enough animosity already; nobody wants this bunch.

In this morning’s Bergen Record, we have this — and get ready for this eyeful:

“Refugees cannot pick which country to settle in. If they’re taken to the United States, they get placement services from one of nine non-profit agencies. An agency moves them to an area with decent job or housing opportunity, or where they may have relatives, with input from refugee coordinators in state governments.

“The federal government provides $1,900 per refugee, but they’re required to pay back the government for air travel to the United States. The goal is for them to be self-sufficient in 90 days. Their refugee status entitles them to work. A year after they arrive, they can apply for a green card. Five years later, they are eligible to apply for citizenship.”

Preference is being given to female head of households, homosexuals and those in need of health care! Huh??? Ellis Island would turn you away and send you back if you came here with a communicable disease!

And there is no such thing as a female head of household in these Muslim countries — you are more or less thrown away if you are a widow — and to admit you are gay, in a Muslim country???? You’ll probably suffer dire consequences! Gays *do not exist* in Muslim countries!  They will say they are gay, are a victim of violence or a widow with a family! They’ll be allowed in no questions asked.

Are they planning on following up on these new residents of our country? Not likely.

I will bet the youths fall in with street gangs. Its going to be just like that bunch from Vietnam that we took in awhile ago.

All of this is a done deal:

Governors saying “we don’t want them” won’t mean SHIT. It’s take them and like it and too damn bad.

We do not know what we are getting.

They could be mentally ill, have drug and alcohol problems, be pregnant, have communicable diseases,  problematic in school, hooked into gangs and other organized crime groups (not just terrorists exists in these countries), are drug runners or have a police record a mile long.

We do not know what we are getting and for that reason, do not take them. Let the tired and the poor and those who yearn to be free stay HOME. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate you.

This bunch will go straight to GA — and who is there to translate for THEM??? Those offices are packed to the brim now and yes, nice middle class people are part of the scene….

Andnot to mention this bunch is given worker status????

No English and they do not read or write and they have no skills or education! What jobs do you expect to hire them for??

And if they DO have an education and skill, you mean to tell me they are given first preference for a job WE may be competing for????

NO to this bunch. It’s OVER. And so is the free lunch and free everything else!

That Could Have Been Me

Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed

Earlier this week, a 14-year-old high school student was arrested for bringing to school…

Ahmed's clock
Ahmed’s clock

…a homemade digital clock.

Like Ahmed Mohamed, I was into electronics when I was in high school.  I even built a digital clock from a kit when I was a little older than him.  It looked very similar to his clock, except that the display was smaller (it was the 1970s, after all) and I didn’t mount mine in a case.  I also didn’t think to bring it to school, not so much because I feared my teachers might consider it dangerous, but because I didn’t think it was that interesting.  It was, after all, just a clock, and it wouldn’t do anything unless plugged in.

But I did build my own baby computer, and I did bring that to school.  Computers weren’t quite ordinary consumer products in the late 1970s, and I couldn’t imagine asking my parents to buy me one.  So I set about building one for myself.

My little machine had a Z80 processor and 256 bytes of memory.  It had a panel with lights that flashed; I could hook up a speaker and make buzzing noises.  It fit comfortably in a shoe box, but it looked way creepier than Ahmed’s clock.  My physics teacher was interested, but didn’t say much.  None of the other teachers noticed.  Certainly, nobody thought it was anything nefarious.  (And my real reason for bringing to school was so that I could tinker with it at lunchtime and show my friends.)

Later, on graduation day, I won a $200 prize for experimental physics. It was a total surprise: my only clue was the day before, during the graduation rehearsal, when I was told to sit in the corner of the auditorium reserved for the prize winners.  I spent the money on more computer parts.

Ahmed, alas, wasn’t so lucky.  He was arrested on the suspicion that the clock was a ‘hoax bomb.’  OK, perhaps it is: if you were making a movie and looking for a bomb prop, Ahmed’s clock would be a plausible candidate.  And yes, it could probably configured to function as a timer for a real bomb.

But if it’s a timer you want, there are far cheaper and simpler alternatives out there.  And if the thought was that the clock was meant to perpetrate a disturbance, the simplest way to deal with that is to deny the disturbance: confiscate the clock until the end of the day, and return it with a stern warning.

And yes, Ahmed is a Moslem.  While I’m fully aware of the dangers of Islamic extremists, some judgement is still needed: sometimes a clock is just a clock.  I’ll take the school and police authorities at their word: if Ahmed had been some other color, the events would probably have unfolded the same way.  There are, after all, evil Tea Party types out there who believe in the (gasp!) Constitution.

Have we gotten so thoroughly stupid that we can’t recognize a smart kid who likes to build stuff?

Done and out….

And it was a  brutal  brutal experience.

I was still throwing garbage and other items out (and taking them to storage) up until the time I was supposed to be out.

It was a shame — there was furniture that I could not sell or give away — it wound up being carted away by theDPW (and did I get a dirty look from them when they showed up). I did manage to give away the sofa and loveseat; some guy and his wife came and took it away in a truck.

For now I am in a hotel because I could not find an apartment that will accept a dog!  This is 2015 and this kind of entality still exists.  There is the next dog friendly town about 3 miles from here but the rents are much too high for me.

I have to chase Bro in court for the damages; I am awaiting his address (the law firm that did the closing has his address) so I can get the proceedings underway.

The final tally for back property taxes was ab out $9200.

if I had to do it all over again: Sell this house outright — and hired another realtor. The one I had wasn’t all thqat great — she was the one who told me to “Sell everything you have and b e ready to move out after Labor Day” and suggested I give away my dog, to get rooms faster.

This was a suck azz and rotten experience and I felt like I got treated like a common criminal.  (Yeah, this from the person who sent me the wrong info in the email and did not proofread it before she hit send. Lots to b e desired.  Not quality help)

Bro was 90 minutes late for the closing — he called and told them he was delayed somewhere. 3pm is 3pm and you are to BE THERE.

My goal right now is to find a permanent place to live. What I have seen so far are dumps and the landlord wants a fortune for these crappy rooms. I may have to look into the shore area or something further out.

That damage money was supposed to be held in escrow. that did not happen in the end and I am still pretty pissed.  Then again , I am wondering if the escrow withhold would have worked in my  favor abnd accomplished what I wanted “faster.”

(and I think this atty is po’d that I did not hire him for my next endeavor. Another long story and I did not get what I paid for this go round)

What happened here???

The house is sold. We had 2 oil tanks to be removed before we could close on the house.

The buyer sent a tester for soil back in June. The soil came up positive for oil.

Removed the tanks (this was about 3weeks ago) and the close date was postponed pending Test #2 from soil 22 feet down — right near the bedrock.

The close date was projected to  be about August 22.

The soil test came up negative.

Here is the fun part:

Via an email from the realtor, sent to my atty (2 days ago) who forwarded it to me this past Monday, here is what I find out:

The soil report goes to the state and 2 weeks after that report is received by the state, we close.

The email then said that bro was all set to move out and “Dude has over 2 months to move.”

Today I called the realtor to ask her if she found any places for me to live — my dog is ill and has kidney failure; I need a place where dogs are accepted.

Realtor to me: Yes we have to get you moving right away.
Me, dopily: Moving right away? what do you mean? I have over 2 months left until I move out.
Realtor: No you don’t.
Me: Yes, I do — you said so yourself, via an email you sent Mr. G…
Realtor: I don’t remember an email like that…
ME: I will read it to you…(I get email and I read her the entire copy) and that’s what you said 2 days ago, via my atty. I have over 2 months to move.
Realtor: Oh. I sometimes write like that. You have 2 weeks to get out, not 2 months.


You “sometimes write like that” and this is your egregious error….and now I am in a jam, because of YOU???

She did not apologize for the error or say much at all. WOW — how could you make such an error!

I’m telling her that I am not ready to move yet and why did she even say it at all, that I’ve got over 2 months to move out…I went on and on like some kind of moron — she never apologized!!!! and holy crap, the suggestions I got:

1-Give away my dog.

2-Move in with somebody. “Maybe you can go to CA with your cousin you mentioned; sell all of your furniture in 2 weeks…It’s like a vacation when you go out there!”

“I can put you in an apartment for a year but you have to pay the entire 12 months up front. You haven’t got a full time job and they want paystubs and a credit report…”

Uh huh — that is 22 grand of my money and suppose the landlord isn’t the greatest or things go unfixed or something happens on his end? “Oh you will have to eat it…”


A landlord may not even approve of such an arrangement! That would be full of liability for me, if I was the landlord. I’d say no!

HOW could the both of you made such an egregious error??? She got it all wrong and ATTY didn’t even READ HER ERROR????

I called Atty. “Oh yeah I just saw that email just now…” HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE MUCH TO SAY! HE SHOULD BE STARK RAVING MAD…

And he didn’t even NOTICE the error she made when he got her email??? How is it you never noticed that, Atty?HOW???

what do I do with these 2? Fire their asses? String ’em up by their thumbs? Try her as a witch and then burn her at the stake and run him outta town on a rail?!

How could they both fark this up and fark this up so badly that it’s mind blowing???

As of right before I called realtor this afternoon at 2pm, is that I had over 2 months to move out — and suppose I did not call her today…or at any time from here and now until September 1???? I get a big surprise when the developer-buyer shows up here and has equipment with him or whatever he does for step one of razing a house???

I would like to revoke her commission and tell ATTY to shit in his hat and not pay him at all. What a fuck up and what a MAJOR MAJOR one!!!

My cousin from CA says “Stay there and let the buyer evict you” — holy crap, none of this advice is good! I had the realtor tell me “give away your dog…sell all of your furniture and move to CA and it’ll be like a vacation for you…” Woman, are you THIS dumb, really??? ARE YOU???

This is bad news, all around. HOW can anybody be this stupid?

Apartments yielded nothing on my own end. Nobody much within reasonable distance is advertising something I can afford. And I sure don’t believe nobody wants to take a tenant with a dog.

I also do not buy it that nobody will rent to somebody who can pay cash up front, employed, self employed per diem seasonal or OTHER.

Atty is telling me to try Jersey City and Hoboken! Jersey City is expensive and Hoboken is out of my reach!

This is a mess and a fark up and big time.

I don’t have any more solutions.

And suppose I tell the landlord I am a displaced divorcee (say my husband and I just split up and the last job I had was 14 years ago and I was a homemaker all along until we split up) or that I am retired??? Suppose I show the landlord what my bank account balance is, right after the sale closes and I get my share of the proceeds??? Going to have a problem believing me when I say I can pay? Very doubtful.

What a mess. And a big one.

I’m not the only jerk that did it…check this out…

I am guessing by “partner” the writer of the letter is romantically entwined with this deadbeat. How oh so familiar this scenario is:

Dear Amy: I’m struggling with how to address financial issues with my partner. When he first moved in with me, I was assured that it would be a partnership.

He made no efforts to contribute to the monthly maintenance costs and only after arguing about it did my partner take over paying for the cable/Wi-Fi.

While I endure stress to save and manage bills and real estate taxes, my partner clearly stated that this wasn’t his problem.

Yes, I own the apartment, but how did I suddenly get stuck with 99% of the responsibility for living in a home, and how is this considered a partnership”

If we were renting somewhere, would I get stuck with the majority of the bills? I feel taken advantage of while I spend every day working to make sure that at least one of us has the fiscal health to keep a roof over our heads. When I try to discuss this, he argues and complains about how I make more money than he does. Mind you, my “lifestyle” includes wearing the same two pairs of jeans and sneakers that are 10 years old, spending on bills first and saving for occasional dinners out.

I just feel like I’m enabling someone who can’t get his finances together, and then I get attacked for being a jerk when I bring it up. I can’t win this argument and my partner sees nothing wrong with it.

How should I bring this up? What can I do? — Frustrated Enabler

Dear Enabler: Before your guy moved in with you, you say you “were assured” it would be a partnership. Who, exactly, assured you? Was this an assumption on your part? And how do you each define a partnership?

You would gain clarity by seeing an accountant together. You should each bring your pay stubs, monthly bills, expenses, and a credit report. There should be transparency regarding income and debts and he should contribute in proportion to his income.

I assume he would refuse to participate in this process, because making you feel bad makes economic sense for him, enabling him to kick the problem down the road until this boils over again.

Your real issue is not financial but relational. If you are not able to work together to arrive at an equitable partnership, you should consider finding another roommate.

Cannot reach this one particular attorney…anybody have any suggestions???

I do not wish to give away much of a backstory or front story, since I’ve already been through the wringer and I don’t to disclose too many more private details.

Here is what is happening:

I need to reach this one particular attorney — who I will call Mr. Smith (so he doesn’t get confused with my atty, who is also part of this story), in regard to an issue that more or less has to do with my future.

This thing started on May 28 and it’s now July 11 and I still don’t have an answer from Mr. Smith.  All he needs to do is examine data and the data is readily available. It should not take long for a yes or a no. I should have had an answer by June 5. Splitting the atom is not involved.

I spoke to him on the 28 of May at his office . Mr. Smith assured me he’d have an answer relatively quickly. A second person is also involved and Smith said he’d speak to “Jim” and discuss  with Jim what I wished to do.

10 days went by. No word from Smith. He did not reply to my atty’s emails, either.

I called Smith on June 8 and told him I was awaiting his reply and decision.  He never called me.

2 more weeks went by; now it is June 22. I left another message and said I still needed to know whether it was yes or no.

Nothing. Not a call, not an email, not a word. My atty did not get a reply, either from Smith.

On June 30, I drove to Smith’s office (a good 70 miles from here); I arrived at 3:00 — since he met with me at 4:30 the last time I needed to see him, I stayed around until 5. The office was closed and nobody was on site. I figured I’d wait for him.

As I was all set to leave, my atty phoned me. He said he heard from Smith and he woud call me later on.

I heard from Smith the next morning. “Refesh my memory what’s going on…” Refesh your memory?!  I already got kind of pissed –I lost FOUR WEEKS of time!!! He should have had a decision for me!!! (if you ask me that “refresh my memory” is bunk — he tried to cover for not replying to me long before he finally called me back on June 30 — Smith knew the entire time what the story was. Man.)

And what happened to JIM??? I didn’t even get a phone call from Jim anywhere during the time span of May 28- June 30! Didn’t Smith even mention what I wanted to Jim at all???

I had to recant the whole story to Smith. He assured me he would let me know if it is yes or no in a few days and what I was asking sounded like a good idea and that all he had to do was call Jim and then Smith would let me know if it is yes or no…….

And here it is, nearly 2 weeks later.. and I still cannot reach Mr. Smith. I did not hear from Jim, either.

He has no admin on site in his office. The admin who works for him is either part time or telecommutes, I think.

Whenever I call the office, all I get is voicemail. Nobody “live” ever gets the phone.

He’s got another attorney who shares the office (and he said he was covering for that atty since he is on vacation — but still…wow,, who doesn’t return a call in a reasonable amount of time???)

I don’t know whether Smith is part time, semi retired or what, but how long CAN you go without returning somebody’s call within a reasonable length of time???

(and I still do not know if Jim knows or not what’s going on! I never heard from him — which means I am being disregarded by Jim…or maybe Jim has no clue I requested what I requested!)

I sent a certified mail letter to Jim, telling him what I just told you guys — I did not load it up with a lot of conjecture; just the facts — and I asked Jim to call me asap and for him to give me his decision; I told him that I am under a severe time constraint and I need a yes or a no immediately.

That’s a long story why I don’t have anther phone number for him or email addy (Smith says that the number I have — I think it is a cell phone and not a landline —  is the only number he has for Jim. Not possible— how does Smith reach Jim, then??? When I call the number I have for Jim, I get a recording that goes “the mailbox is full; please enter your password…” That is all I have ever gotten when I’ve dialed that number. Something is flim flammy with that telephone number. Not possible your phone is out of commission since I’ve had that telephone number you gave me.

What’s going on here? Why hasn’t either person called me to let me know if it is YES or NO???? No reply from either party!

I cannot see how you can conduct business like this or leave somebody hanging regarding a vital issue.

Does anybody have any suggestions?? I can’t seem to get the ball moving on this and I need an answer now.

Post sale of house…here comes the fallout…from a friend, yet…

Sometimes I feel like I am listening to a 9 year old girl.


Here is the problem…and the problem is the way my friend E. is acting.

She knows the whole kit and caboodle of what happened here.

Mind you, she has always been touchy about money — commenting on who at her workplace has what house, who is driving around in what car and how much her coworkers earn (this is public service and she knows what their salaries are). Who cares and why is this so irritating to her?

She’s been like this for as long as I’ve known her. Maybe I should have realized the squeeze was not worth the juice and ditched her back then.

Yesterday I mentioned that I might take a trip to see a cousin of mine — he lives out in California.

“You must have an awful lot of money if you are talking about taking all these trips.”

I blew sky high — I didn’t care who on that boardwalk bloody heard me — ha, they probably heard me clear across the water to Coney Island somewhere — and I said, “This again from you??? Suppose I tell you HE is paying for the TICKET???” (Cuz offered pay for my expenses to and from; “door is open and let me know if you’re coming to see me; I’ll pay for the ticket to and from”)

My goodness — didn’t we get quiet. I flat out told her if she made a comment like that again, the friendship will be over.

I said “I went through a lot this past decade; I lost a job and I gave up a lot of blood sweat and tears to get Bro out of the picture…” She has to “match” me and go “Oh so did I…I go through a lot at work and I lost a job, too…”

Ever feel like just turning around and leaving somebody right there?

I said “how much money do you think I am getting from the sale of this home? You think it’s a mansion???” To this, she looks down at the floor.

%&*%&#$ if I have to justify this to her or anybody.

This isn’t the first time she’s said something like this — she’s done it in the past more than one time. But yet she gets all touchy if somebody comments about what she is driving ,etc. it’s like she is taking this out on me.

I am seriously rethinking the friendship. I already have enough on my hands and the next thing I am grappling with is where to live — suppose I find a for-cheap house I can rent or maybe even buy? (it would have to be a tiny little house with maybe 6 rooms in it on a tiny piece of property; we still have quite a few of fhem left that fit into that category and that’s the only house I’d consider buying; I might even luck out and be able to get some kind of a loan to buy it) It’s account to her for what I am renting/paying for it?? What good is this to me?

I feel like I am living in a glass box.

The house has sold: 99% of the way through with BRO!

It’s 99% official…

I am done with Bro.

I say 99% done because the house has sold (the close is not until mid-September) but I am still going to go after Bro for damages.

The amount of “back taxes” he rang up, plus the cost of the oil he did not put in the tank for 8 years plus my legal fees plus my closing fee. Those are the damages

It is a pretty hefty amount of money.

I have to sue him separately for that.

That amount is going to be held in escrow upon closing. Boy is he in for a big surprise.

Considering he paid home owners insurance from late 2013 up until march of this year ,  taxes for this house for 2 and one half quarters (more on that in this post later) and the water, I prob ably owe him about 4 grand tops. Big deal.

We had 18 groups of people come to look at the house. 6 groups were families, a single woman, or a couple with an elderly mother — the other 12 were developers.

And that is who bought this house: a developer.

Bro signed at the start of last month after the written offer came in; I held out because I was trying to get this house reassessed. There is turn of the century woodwork here and a cove ceiling and you do not find that in any homes anywhere today. Plus this house is on a double lot and double lots no longer exist in this town at all.

I also considered buying him out.

I held off signing until I had all of this investigated — if I b ought him out, I’d have to be on the hook for a jawshattering amount of money. I’d have to fix a bum roof, tear down a garage, fix and tear down a back porch, get the furnaces replaced and many more: NOT worth it.

I signed a week and a half ago. And between the time he signed and I signed, hoo boy—what a pity. I got cursed out by Bro, screamed at by his damn live-in (this, in front of people who were interested in buying!! Holy crap, it never ends) and more or less pressured to sign.

He’s been giving me the cold shoulder and ignoring me for about 3 weeks now. I am wonderin g if they were considering a home but missed out because there was no signed contract and his money for the down payment was contingent upon a signed contract and close date. Well, tough. I was trying to perhaps get us a better deal. I did NOT give him any of this info.

I have been “Free” of Bro for about a week now.

And guess who is stuck cleaning out the basement by herself. What a lousy little rat xyz.

There is a gripload of items that his live-in has downstairs and that shit has been in the basement for 11 years — it has been here since she moved in that first time. When she moved out, she didn’t take anything with her. I told him a zillion times MY basement is not her storage bin and all I would get is yeah yeah yeah…just like I got yeah yeah yeah to the oil that he never put into that tank.

Regarding the damages:

I will give him hell in court.

N O way can a judge tell me “oh families throw around money” – that little piker never contributed ONE CENT between August of 2005 and August of 2013 – I pulled the plug on him on Labor Day weekend of 2013 after we had that showdown —I made sure that was the LAST showdown ever —  and that was when I started to get the ball rolling to legally get him out of here.

I have 5 pounds of paperwork – every single check I have written from March of 2005 up until October of 2013 that plainly states that I PAID EVERY SINGLE QUARTER OF TAXES. Bullshit; he cannot say he gave me cash and I gave NO RECEIPT. I will swear under every oath that what I am saying is the truth.

And the fact that this house is in tax arrears to the tune of $6200 shores up my argument.

Here is what he paid, between September 2013 and May of 2014:

Bro paid house taxes — half a quarter in October of 2013 (after that town punk moved in with him) and 2 quarters’ worth after that — February and May of 2014. That is the 6200 in arrears for taxes — August of 2014 up to May of 2015.

That was the end of any taxes paid for this property. I could not afford to contribute and he simply did not want to.

I think he paid that 2 and a 1/2 quarters for appearances to maybe show the little lady he was living with how responsible he could be. Werk.

So who is he kiddin g that he has consistently been diligent and ON TIME with payments for taxes??? He just blew his argument to hell!!! He refused to pay any more after May of 2014 probably because I was suing him and he figured wtf and why should he bo ther…”when this house sells, the town will collect the arrears from the sale.”

These are the only 3 checks he has to back up what he paid fo, during those 21/2 quarters of taxes. After that, as I said, he paid nothing.

He was supposed to go to his bank and produce the same kind of evidence — v ia copies of checks he has written —to prove he paid his share of taxes, homeowners insurance and for his half of the water bill — (there’s only one water meter)  but funny how he never came up with that documentation.

That alone cost me a good $1200 — to attain copies of those checks, for all those years. To prove he did not pay a dime.

99% over. And it has been hell. I paid for all of this in more than legal fees: it was in blood and sweat and tears also. I paid many times over for what happened here. And my only regret is that I didn’t get rid of him when this house came into the picture. Own NOTHING with anybody…not even a spouse.

Remember the Reagan Years?

I’m going to start out by disclaiming I was young then so my experience comes by what I saw personally. My parents were no Reagan fans but many of their friends were. Most if their friends owned businesses and claim he helped keep taxes low and business sales up. However I saw other things that correspond to what we see today. For example, this is the era of the superwoman who worked a lot and came home to do housework. This was partly because that generation of men were brought up with housewife moms. There were also lots of career women. You saw a lot of this on television shows, even sitcoms with families. This was common, and I don’t remember a lot of sitcoms with stay at home moms. This is actually contrary to what I saw a lot because while it was common for mom to work, most moms in my neighborhood seemed to have part time jobs unless they were single. Also important to bring up this seemed to be the decade of workaholics. It seemed to me that it was more and more expected to work over 40 hours. I had friends with parents who were never around due to working. Of course it seemed there were lots of office jobs. Automation and outsourcing eliminated many jobs.

Then there was the threat of war. It was often talked about at school that we may have a nuclear attack. There were movies about this and many were creepy. There was also the space race and how it seemed things got more advanced. We finally got our first female astronaut and of course dealt with tragedy when Challenger exploded. There was definitely a cold war both in fear and trying to beat the Russians in everything.

Pop culture was another thing and it was spurred by materialism. This was the decade where it seemed it was all spend. There was new technology to buy like computers and VCR and who can forget the  Cabbage Patch Kid craze? I wanted one that Christmas and my mom said I’d have to wait until it died down. Eventually I would get two and inherit a third from my Grandma and they sit on my bed. Malls were the hangout and we’d shop and browse. I’d buy the latest album by a New Wave band and play it nonstop.

The 80’s doesn’t have the nostalgic look like earlier decades and I think it’s because it was the beggining of the end. This is when many jobs were leaving or not a sure thing. Interesting to note that unlike earlier decades there haven’t been as many popular shows set in the 80’s. About ten years ago several 80’s based shows aired and immediately cancelled. Only recently have there been successful shows set in the 80’s. I am a fan of one of these and go to a message board to talk about the show and it makes people question why people don’t want to remember the 80’s. Was it because our problems stem from this decade?

Synthetic Economics: Money is Crap Anyway

The raison d’être of the Synthetic Economy is to enable both the government and the banks to manage the condition under which the banks had lent trillions of dollars, not only to the Federal government, but states, localities, and even foreign countries, which, as a practical matter, cannot be repaid.

The traditional approach, for a national government, is to ‘monetize the debt’ by printing money to pay it.  Of course, new money, with nothing to back it, will simply lead to price inflation.  Many times in our history, governments and banking systems have collapsed as a result, as the money was quickly recognized as worthless by the public.  In the United States, and modern states with central banks, the process is a little more complicated: the government issues debt, which is bought by the central bank.  The bank creates money on the spot to buy the debt, which the government can then spend.  But the result is the same: money is effectively created out of nothing, with nothing to back it.

The Synthetic Economy addresses this concern by managing what most of us experience as ‘the economy’ (i.e. the Synthetic Economy) so that what most of us experience as ‘money’ maintains a relatively stable value.  This is done by balancing whatever new money is introduced into the Synthetic Economy by money taken out, either through taxes, repayment of ordinary people’s debts, or purchases of imported goods.  (Once a dollar goes to China, the Synthetic Economy will likely never see it again!)  As a consequence, very little of the new money migrates into the Synthetic Economy, so prices remain stable.  In fact, to combat price inflation, the Synthetic Economy is run in a slightly deflationary mode.  This further stabilizes prices, but also depresses wages.

For national governments, big banks, and multinational corporations (the players in the ‘Big People’ non-synthetic economy) this means that money is no longer a scarce good.  Spend all you want: we’ll make more!  But don’t spend it on higher wages for your employees, or new infrastructure or benefits for your citizens.  If too much of this money gets into the Synthetic Economy, it will wreck the balance.

For years, politicians have told us that they can ‘fix the economy’ through government spending.  Alas, it doesn’t work.  One of President Obama’s first efforts was ‘the stimulus:’ a package of some $787 billion in spending meant to get the economy restarted.  It accomplished almost precisely nothing.

Actually, that’s not quite true.  The dislocations of 2008 primarily hit the Big People economy, but did have an effect on the Synthetic Economy as well.  Many ordinary people lost their savings and pensions, or became unemployed.  It was a case where too much money had been bled out of the Synthetic Economy, and we had to put some back to maintain the balance.  However:

  • Much of the stimulus was aid to states and local governments to fund their ongoing operations. This did nothing but spare state and local politicians the necessity of making difficult choices.
  • Some of the stimulus went for infrastructure, but then again, the government is constantly spending on infrastructure (although perhaps not enough to overcome the ongoing decay). So at least some of the infrastructure spending in the stimulus was brought over from programs that would have been enacted in its stead.
  • The stimulus did nothing to help individuals who had lost out in the 2008 dislocations. The banks and other too-big-to-fail firms had previously received bailouts, but individuals were left out.  In fairness, that wasn’t its purpose, and it’s a fair question whether the government should be responsible for making good on individuals’ bad financial decisions.

So the stimulus served to reinforce the status quo, as well as the notion that it’s dangerous for Little People to play in the Big People’s economy.  It didn’t change the economy overall, and did not result in the fount of new jobs that its proponents claimed for it.

In fact, because of the need to maintain balance, we haven’t seen, and are unlikely to see:

  • Meaningful public or private investment in infrastructure. At best, there will be continuing public spending to keep things from falling down, but little more.  On the private-sector side, companies that earn their living through their infrastructure will spend to maintain it, but in the absence of new markets for their products and services, there’s little incentive to build more.
  • Private-sector mobilization to create jobs and do more. For a long time, I have believed that the private sector, rather than the government, has the keys to a real recovery.  The government can’t force businesses to expand or hire people, but if businesses did it for themselves, they could drive a new, real, recovery.  But they won’t, not only because consumers are pretty much spent out, but because introducing new spending into the Synthetic Economy will upset the balance.
  • Significant efforts to redistribute income through taxation. Paul Krugman is a big believer in deficit spending to increase demand, but doing so would be inflationary, and the Synthetic Economy is being run in a deflationary mode for price stability.
  • Meaningful tax cuts… or tax increases. The rates might be tweaked up or down because of political pressure, but the overall regime, and the role of taxation in keeping the Synthetic Economy in balance, will not change.

Years ago, one of my engineering-school professors remarked that ‘money is shit anyway.’  And now it has come true.  It’s certainly true in the Big People economy, where money can be synthesized at will, out of literally nothing.

For now, with the Synthetic Economy, the rest of us have been slow to catch on.

Still here

The house is about to go up for sale. it was like pulling teeth to get him to agree to it. There was another whole big scene and I had to fight to get him to agree to sell.  That was 2 days ago.

The contracts from the realtor are ready. Having my atty take a look at it first.

I am still going to chase Bro for damages. I am tacking on all my legal fees in addition to the amount he owes me. Tough if he doesn’t like it.

The job market still stinks by us. There is literally nothing and has not been for months, unless you speak Korean, Japanese or French. the admin jobs are fewer and further in between. I am still looking for a job, believe it or not.

I am hanging in there otherwise. Nothing else much is new. I am hoping to try welding school when the home sells and I get the money from the sale.

Bro and the gf fight often. It was so loud and so out of hand during the last fight that I told Bro that gf was out of control. (This was the next day) He told me to mind my business. I said “If it involves a child in my home, albeit one living on the other floor, it IS my business.” Don’t ask what she called the kiddo. You do not solve a confrontation or argument using screaming or cursing.

it’s come down to this.

So I get a call today for a job. Sounds great until I say it’s for a restaurant. I applied for the waitress and hosting jobs (because they are new several positions are open). I have done these jobs but it’s been close to 15 years or longer. It’s by my house and across the street from Fred but have mixed feelings. I thought my waitress days were long over but I need money. I thought I would have a 9-5 corporate job (public relations or other media job) and a white collar job but my choices anymore seem to be jobs I am way overqualified for, and men I am too good for. Meanwhile I know people who are stupid and jerks yet have it all. The only good thing is if I get this job maybe I can go back to school and find something better. To be fair I have made great money at waitressing and this owner knows people I do. I’m just bitter because I saw the Facebook page of someone who barely graduated college and is a manager at a advertising firm and is married to someone who also worked in advertising. Life has never been fair to me.

“It’s Deductible”

People will chase tax deductions or preferences, even when it isn’t in their best interest. The value of deducibility of expenses or donations declines as the marginal tax rate declines.

I might make a tax preparer’s head explode when they see how I do my taxes, becuase I choose not to take advantage of tax deductions that I am allowed. Because I am a thousand dollars or so over the limit for being able to itemize, but Colorado requires me to add back what I deducted for state income tax on my federal return to my “Colorado income” for the purpose of calculating my state income tax due if I itemize deductions, it turns out to be a wash not to itemize. The $300 or so that I would pay in “extra” state tax if I itemized would be exactly offset by my federal tax savings for itemizing, so why fill out an extra form? A further benefit of not itemizing is that any state tax refund that I receive does not have to be declared as income the following tax year.

Lots of people confuse tax deductions with tax credits. Donating to charity “saves” me 32.62% of the amount of the donation if I itemize, and I should be more diligent about tracking charitable donations, considering the seemingly endless food drives that are held at work. Even there, I run into the $500 limit on non-cash deductions. I’d prefer to buy a case of tuna (or some other high-demand item) for the local food bank, but I can usually buy it a lot cheaper than the price that they want to charge me for the convenience, and often sufficiently cheaply that the tax benefit of direct donation is wiped out. The food bank should prefer getting 25 cans of tuna at $0.65 each to $25 in cash from me when they are charging $1.50 per can for tuna donations.

Many people ignore the standard deduction. I call it the “house minimum”, because that and your personal exemption gives you the amount of money that is protected from federal income tax regardless of whatever decisions that you make. I’ve had a bunch of people whose returns that I’ve prepared be frustrated that charitable donations that they made saved them NOTHING on their tax bill because they could not accumulate enough deductions to overcome the standard deduction.

The jobs that go unfilled

I work in an office that is beginning to be hit with a wave of retirements. Over the last couple of weeks, we have lost four employees: one to transfer and three to retirement. At full strength, my office is about 40 people. We have an additional three vacancies due to people transferring to other jobs over the last six months, for a total of at least 15% of the office.

Two of the jobs to be filled involve shift work, which is hard to get people in their forties and fifties to do. Because the job is supposed to be half shift work and half office work, one makes only about 10% in shift differential and holiday pay, which results in a lot of disruption for not that much extra pay. Still, the remaining people who work shift have seen their percentage of shift work increase from 50% to about 67%. What makes this job difficult, which I hold, is having to manage projects while working on shift because I am not allowed to work overtime, and when I have to cover an extra shift for someone, that time is taken out of my office time. One thing that management is resisting is formally documenting requests for compensatory time, which is probably an FSLA violation. I do not trust what I call “trust me” comp time, where we work extra time and take time off the next pay period, because sometimes that can’t be done, and the fact taht we worked the hours is undocumented. Having to work nights and weekends makes it difficult to meet with my counterparts. At 50% shift work, I had estimated that I am only 60% as available to people working a normal schedule.

I have to be curious about the percentage of jobs that Dude and New Wave Princess failed to get that simply were not filled. I’ve written before about how in federal government, jobs now are graded at least one grade lower, which has a $10-15K impact on the salary. Another impact is the slowness of filling even existing job openings. we had one of our crew leave in September. The recruitment closed in November, and there has been no decision made concering whether to hire someone or cancel the recruitment as of today. They are paying for people to relocate, as they must, because southeastern Colorado is not a popular place to live.

One can argue that working for the federal government is different, and it is. We are staffed to have 11 engineers on shift, and have only nine of those positions filled in any way. If we don’t hire people, the money gets turned back to the Treasury. It is not as if this money is available to be distributed among the staff as bonuses. We are going to a new compensation system where the bonus pool has to be “at least 2% of salary”, and given the three-year pay freeze that recently ended, and the 1% pay increases that we have gotten in 2013 and 2014, I don’t expect it to be any higher. To put it into context, a federal employee gets an average pay increase of 1.5% annually due to longevity increases. These go away under the new compensation system, though we would still get whatever general pay increase that Congress approves.

Greece Crisis Is All About German Greed.

The Greek Crisis is all about greed. Space may be the ‘final frontier’, but the Greek Crisis proves that the real ‘final frontier’ is changing people from being greedy, money-grubbing jerks to being loving, empathic individuals! The Germans continue to be German which explains why we even have this ‘crisis’ in the first place! They are the most money-grubbing, and selfish group of people on the European continent! They set up the euro because it benefited them, and they were then able to steal money from the weaker countries. This is how the world seems to be running now, but it does not bode well for the future. ‘Greed may be good’ in the short run for the crooked people, but it inevitably leads to war. World War I, and World War II were caused by greed. And, now we are facing World War III. The hard human heart is the final frontier that must be conquered, or there will be no future.

Why can’t we have more companies like this one???

This would be a godsend to people like me and NWP:

There, nearly all the workers are hard-to-employ adults—people who were previously incarcerated, addicted to drugs or alcohol, homeless, or faced other issues that made them seemingly unemployable. In other words, Greyston Bakery hires the people that no one else will. But not only that—it also offers subsidized housing and childcare to its employees, maintains community gardens and nutrition education classes, and offers free job training programs to the community’s needy.

The house, again…

I called a cousin of mine last night — I was on the phone with him until past 3 am this morning.

I let him in on the mess I’ve been in with bro and what’s happened over the last 9 years…and legally, over the last year and some change.

He strongly suggests that we sell the house for whatever we can get for it and get out of Dodge as quickly as possible. Even if it is a tear down payment from some developer, take it and go.

All of this is a bad dream. Oh sure, I know what a problem Bro is and he’s crackers but never ever did I ever imagine that it would come down to something like this.

Sell it and go is one thing — but who knows when that will happen? There are now 2 houses for sale on this block and a third upcoming (it’s very new construction and who knows when the house will be completed being built) — and one that was a one family and a fixer upper never sold; the house wound up being a rental unit — who knows?

I was supposed to be getting ready for retirement and planning out where I am going to live. Instead I am still trying to find a full time job and I have a big mess on top of that, quest too.

Stuck at 57 Degrees In Here…”the curious case of the oil provider that was…”

And that temperature hasn’t moved since Sunday night.

What to do — I ‘gave it” a day to return back to 63 degrees but that didn’t happen.

And I am hoping that that temp doesn’t drop any further than where it is right now: at 57 degrees.

WOW.  And %*%)#&# to the bunch of them.

I was more or less told “go soak your head” by the oil provider — they would not come out 2 weeks ago and they would not even bother to tell me what part it is that failed.

I don’t know whether this is because they didn’t feel like telling me what the part and cost would be…. or because they didn’t want me to comparison shop or what — or maybe they just wanted me to go away, being they can now get no more money from me — but all I know is they did not bother to tell me what part it is that needs to be replaced or what the price is (as I mentioned, it had to be the same part that failed 11 years ago and that was  $800+ and change and not covered under the service contract) Last I heard, it was only business to tell the customer what broke and how much it will cost to fix it.

None of this makes sense.

My mechanic didn’t mind that I comparison shopped for a starter, or for a transmission replacement (Jimmy wanted 3 grand to fix the transmission and he was having a friend of his come in to do the work — by sheer luck, the gent who towed my car when it busted down gave me the name of a guy who fixed transmissions. That’s where I went; $900 and what a sweetheart Oscar was. The Nicest Mechanic In the World) What happened here? They’re pissed off I am no longer a paying customer, or what?

(I was told “go soak your head” also by town social services. Isn’t that a mother of a laugh.)

If you are in an apartment and your landlord is at fault, you can report him and the authorities will do something about it. Nobody goes to bat for a home owner who is in financial dire straits. I guess they figure since you own a home, you can afford to take care of what busted.

I was thinking of calling the police department in the town where the oil company does business — say it is a non-emergency — and explain what is happening.

Could they tell the oil provider to get their asses out here and fix what needs to be fixed?

Whatever it is, it is not keeping the temp in here at the minimum for where the temp should be, with the thermostat cranked down to the minimum. I don’t have enough hot air making it through the ducts.

Try to keep the story brief. Haha. This story took more twists and turns than a road in the Alps.

And if I get nobody out here to do something about this…

Jesus. I am so so tired of fighting with all of this.

What about the rest of the stuff?:(

Today I found out the hard way that my benefits do not include a cash benefit. Why it does not, I do not know.

it’s good for food only.

I never knew there were 2 kinds of snap benefits until I got home and read the information and instructions that went with it.

Now what do I do for pet food, sundries, soap and other necessities? Where do they expect you to get them? Food banks do not usually carry those items. I guess they figure people have an income/source of cash also or they are receiving GA. I have neither one.

Today I figured Let me try the mayor and let him know how pissed I am at the head of SS and the admin who works there —- when i got to his office and spoke to his admin, first it was “he is due back in 20 minutes; let me text him” and five minutes later it was “He isn’t coming back.”

Is he *really* not coming back?

Or is it “Tell this pain in the ass I won’t be back”?

Having a hard time figuring out which one it is.

I am also trying to find a way to dig up the cash to get money to pay for a copy of my birth certificate. I also don’t have bus fare to get back to the county building. Yes, that’s how bad this is.

I was supposed to go back today but I had to do research, also:

Give them a list of where I have applied to/submitted a resume to over the last 2 and a half years and how many interviews I got….and what results came from them.

Give them a list of outstanding expenses and how much is in each expense.

And lastly let them know nobody could help me as far as the heat goes.

I should have had this attended to in September — gone to apply for benefits —- after that joke of a job fair I went to.  I don’t know why I let this go for so long — was it denial? Stupidity? What was it? I don’t know.

The clerk at the county (who was an Asian Indian; a pretty good contingency of them work in the county office; how the heck did they get those jobs???) wanted to know how I got by as long as I did on my own.

I am in a real big heap of trouble. I am going to have to call the county and find somebody to talk to to explain what’s going on here with me.

I don’t believe that any of this has happened to me. Is this what life turned out to be for me? Why? I am desparate at this point. I have about half a tank of gas left and wow, what a mess.

My conclusion: Every Woman For Herself


As you all know, I got no calls back from either town social services, the oil provider or from a social services group who I called that might have been able to help me out with my bum burner motor problem.

My conclusion is ” It’s Every Woman For Herself.”

Nobody’s going to go all out for you when the chips are down. Very sad commentary of the times.

As I said, suppose there was an incident here after I hung up from them 2 nights ago? This is the dead of winter! Do they want to take chances? Evidently they don’t give a hang if they do!

I was tempted to go see the mayor and tell him he needs to keep tabs on those people in SS — but I decided not to. They all tend to cover each other’s asses and I’d wind up looking like the shit and bad guy, if I did.

I will not call them or go there for anything ever again. I *think* today was food day but I didn’t call and ask (I had something else to do and I was gone for most of the day.).

The temp in here is now holding steady at about 64 degrees. I actually got it to rise to 68; I cranked it up and left it there for half a day and the temp rose as a result.

I had an aunt who, if she was still alive, would be 89 years old this year. I will bet you that if she was still around, she could have found a way to replace that motor herself. She could do just about anything and up until the end, she was still pretty with it and sharper than a tack.

,….or if I had a handy boyfriend, he and I could have replaced the thing ourselves.

There are quite a few electrical companies in this area. The motor in it is probably less than 1 hp; there is probably one for the buying somewhere in those stores.

Every woman for herself. I plan on not calling social services anymore about anything — I got the idea that I am a nuisance.

I got that idea about 10 seconds into the first phone call I made to SS. The director of SS lives across the yard from me; she knows where I live and I guess she thinks I must be full of shit about money problems if I live in a house like that,

The oil company doesn’t even call me and ask “what temp have you got right now” just to cover themselves? This is winter and this is also decency. Nobody cares anymore.

Even businesses are suffering

I’ve spoken about Fred (not his real name)many times here and have mentioned he owns a store with his mom. However, not long ago I got some news that has really made me think. They are struggling to keep the business afloat which is increasingly getting harder. Fred has a criminal record that would make it impossible for him to get hired, not to mention his age (53)and that he’s worked for himself for years. His criminal record is mostly minor (mostly speeding but two DUI’s and one possession of a controlled substance from 20 years ago) but as we know even speeding tickets can prevent jobs. His mother is 81 and they live on her social security. Anyway, long story short my dad works at a food pantry in a nearby town and Fred’s sister has been coming into get food because she lives there. She told my dad that she’s been helping out Fred and their mother and the food pantry helps them. We actually have a food pantry in town but he’s been known to give them food in better times so he likely feels weird going there. Plus, people will talk.

This shouldn’t be happening in this country. It used to be the smart people either started companies or worked themselves up. The people at the lower end managed to stay afloat and worked hard to do so. Now what we are seeing is jobs going overseas or being taken by visa workers. I am tired of getting or calling companies only to hear foreign workers while Americans are suffering. Not to mention lamebrain Obama wants to legalize illegals. This will mean more jobs taken by them and more welfare. Fred can’t really get welfare since he is a 53 year old childless man. His mom might due to her age but she owns the business and would lose far more to sell it.

Curioser and curiouser: life stinks.

This mess will never end.

Today my furnace busted, after a week of making excessive noise. I knew something was going to happen — and today it happened full tilt at about 5pm.

The furnace was making more noisethan it made since last MOnday, starting this morning, starting about 7:30 — at about 8:30 I called the fuel oil company. I was told “We cannot do that for free. We have to pay our guy too, you know? Call the town department of social services and see what they can do…”

And when I went to social services today — I had to be there for another purpose: I was told by the director “We cannot have that repair exceed a certain amount. We gave you a lot of oil last week. Sorry.” (234 gallons that I have no idea how long will even last — this is January 12)

So the most I could get in the way of a repair was “hot air by rising” The blower fan went – before I cut the power to the furnace, I was smelling burning rubber and something else burning – and I think that was a $800 repair 10 years ago when that part went.

I will bet the cost is a good thousand. Great. (and as I recall, the service contract back in 2004 did not cover the cost of the repair)

This is going to heat this whole place, rising hot air that just drifts through the ducts and then comes out of the register? Ordinarily the blower fan would propel the hot air up and through the register but since the town department of social services won’t pay for it, that’s the “best” they can do in the way of a repair. Jesus.

We were not exactly poor when we were kids — there was not much money coming in but for the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, wow — we NEVER had a situation like this, not once, not EVER!

Tomorrow I have an intake interview for food stamps. They want everything: bank account balance, utility bills for phone, gas and electric and homeowners insurance, etc.

Yeah…and then that’s at least another week’s delay before I hear back.

What a mess.

And hot air by rising??? I don’t know how great for heating this place that that is going to be in the long run for me — how efficient is hot air that merely drifts up a duct? Is this “method” of heating good for the long run? This is only mid-January —- spring is a bit of a way away.

I am not happy overall with the way this heating oil company has handled anything over this past year — I am going to look into another provider (I also don’t like the repair guy they sent; he gave me the creeps plus my dog gave him the OO and once over and my dog was hanging back; the dog did NOT like this guy…. And I trust my dog’s opinion when it comes to people) Not calling them anymore. I am finding another provider for oil.

This is a bone I can pick with the county tomorrow.

So none of this is going to be resolved – getting that blower motor fixed, etc — unless I luck into a good fulltime job….or I get a huge wad of money thrown at me. Ha ha. What the hell happened here — to us, to me, to you and to everything? This is like some kind of never never land.

I am also giving the county a list of my other outstanding expenses. Give them that as well. Let them see what kind of a boat I am really in.

The beat goes on…and on…more of my “Most Embarrasing Moments”

I came back from social services with a bag of food and some chicken and other freezables.

I went there with the purpose of getting a Walmart card — I still have my blood pressure med prescription there since it’s $4 or a month’s supply of them — but the woman who ran the department was on vacation.

Whether I wanted to or not, I wound up speaking to a woman — I’ll call her Jane — who I know rather personally from a joint venture we both are volunteers with.  I was not comfortable speaking with her because of that reason. Nobody else was available. So lucky lucky me.

I said to Jane, “I am here for a Walmart card.” — this was after I asked for the head of SS and she told me that person was on vacation.

She said “Well what do you need that for?”

I said “for food” — and I guess I sounded like I was in a hurry or upset or something — she actually gave me a dirty look.

She then said — and my friend thought this was way out of line — “Sit down, take a deep breath and tell me what’s going on.”

Do you think I liked telling this person what is happening with me? You don’t shit where you eat! This is way close for comfort.

Make a long story short: I guess now I have to apply for food stamps — I still need bread and milk and fruit and cash is nearly nonexistent. See why I was so upset about that UPS job — and that gig at Bloomingdales — not happening? I’d have had money to carry me through to at least next week.

I don’t even have the money from a holiday season job.

I got “Oh jobs are hard to come by” from jane — Jane is over 65 and NEEDS TO RETIRE. I can only imagine what she is being paid at that job; this is a great gig, working with this town! You work 6 hours a day, you get fantastic benefits and you are paid more than you are worth. Why should a social services manager for an 18,,000 person town make 75K???

Another year gone.

And I am still here.

I have spent the last 3 days cold calling it and visiting social services.

It was a good move for the town to hire a job “counselor” of sorts but it’s still not enough.

I asked her if she knew of any jobs where one can be a very quick hire — even something warehouse – she suggested that I try the outlets “they are always hiring and so is Wal-Mart.”

I am not eligible for disability, according to my doc — so that’s out.

I don’t know what I am going to do.

Getting back to that nonsense at UPS:

Where I come from, no employee at any company I worked for was ever permitted to “officially” complain about another one where the complaint would go on official record.

If there was a problem (performance or other) a manager or boss or supervisor was given the task of rectifying it or as a very last resort, “wrote up” the employee in question with an incident report or a first warning.

Or you call the person into your office and say to him,  “hey, Jim — something’s come to light here and we need to talk about this….” And you have a discussion! THAT IS WHAT YOU DO!

So some *%&%# goes “blahdeblahdeblah” and presto chango, you’re the village idiot? Great!

When I was working for the lab, we had this night tech who was constantly late. She was to start at 11pm but at least 2 days a week she was late by at least a half hour. (I suspected she had a 3-11 job elsewhere and this is why she was always not on time but that’s another story — the bosses never fired her because nobody wanted the night shift)

I did not dream of saying something to her! Leave this to the lab supervisor to take care of – he SEES her time card, right? He knows you are staying past your 3-11 shift, waiting for her!

Nor did I dream of running to personnel and complaining!

The wrong way to do things: how do you know these 2 employees perhaps had a problem plain ole getting along or how do you know the one who complained just did not like the person he is complaining about? Jane’s performance is fine but Jill simply cannot stand Jane.

Simply because you don’t like your coworker is  NOT a legitimate basis for something to show up on somebody’s record. A shit way to run things.

There was a manager/supervisor who had a “Territory” of that entire building, with several departments! I only saw him once a day: when I was leaving so he could sign me out for the day. He nearly never visited that customer desk: I saw him do that twice, in the whole time I was there.

All of this is straight out of Dilbert.

I don’t know how all of this came to be. I really don’t.

What do you do? You’re waiting for a miracle to happen, or a job offer to happen or another job ad to appear where you can go “maybe this will be the one.”

And I am postponing the inevitable. Next week I have to see brokers and get a realtor in here. Maybe with some great luck this house will sell quickly, I can have half the proceeds and I can go live somewhere cheaply…and maybe even where there is a J-0-B for me!

Plus my dog gave me another hard time last night — I am worried about him and I am strapped for money for a vet — he has night anxiety and the anxiety is worsening. it is now carrying into the full daylight hours — he is difficult to handle and I don’t know where to keep him where he won’t pace or get hurt or run into trouble during the night time hours.. He usually paces all night long. I can’t stop him from doing it (I should have crate trained him when I got him but that’s past now)

He is 75 pounds and part of his night anxiety problem is that he will jump up onto my bed and sit on me. He will not budge; I don’t need a broken rib or a clawed face or some other injury.

He paces  the bed — he sits in one spot for maybe 2 seconds and hen he tries another part of the bed — and he paws at the sheets, the pillows, etc.

With night anxiety, the circadian rhythm is off: the dog thinks it’s day when it’s night and vice versa: they will pace all night and sleep most of the day.

He’s been having the night anxiety episodes for about a year and over the last couple of weeks they have gotten more frequent and more intense. I am trying to treat his problem without having to run up some sort of expense in the process.

As you can see I am also having other personal problems. (I also have a little bird that went home to his reward about 2 and a half weeks ago) Another crummy year. Nothing else much is new here.

Last night I took the babygate and stretched it from the bathroom door to my bedroom door — he had only access  access to half the kitchen and this room; he can’t get to me in the bedroom. Poor thing — he was so glad to see me when I got up and went to go find him this morning.

So sad, all of it.

I am not one of these animal weirdoes or a “dog lady” or anything like that — but especially in a time like this, my dog is important to me.

I don’t know what’s ahead for me.

And at this time last year, I was sure that the 2 of them would be out of here and gone by end of May — I must have rocks in my head. This is now an official year that all of this has been going on — happy Anniversary, bro; enjoy it: you deserve nothing at all in life and deserve “a lot more where that summons came from” a year and 3 days ago —- and all of this is way too much to take.

I spoke to a realtor this afternoon and I really did not like them — I am wondering if I should have them here as a “for instance” and that’s all.

It’s all too much to take, every last bit of it. I watched another year crash and burn. How much of this are you supposed to take?



The Miracle Jobs I Have Gotten

The Miracle Jobs…Yes, these are true and bona fide stories.:)

I thought I’d bring something new to this board, and perhaps a lot of us, if not all of us, would like to read about something uplifting.

“I swear that I am up to no good…”:) Yes, these stories of how these jobs came to be are entirely true…

Miracle Job #1…May 1980

I did not accept this job! I was too chicken to try! Stupid youth…I was only 22!:)

Here is how I acquired the job offer: I was a student at the med tech school and our lab sent our class to the neighboring hospital (had 600 beds) to see what their chemistry lab was like and how things were done there, since our smaller hospital didn’t perform those types of procedures. Four of us spent a week there, 2 of us sent one week and then the next, the other 2.

Our  time was divvied up between the general chem lab (the big thing then was the automated SMA1260 with the 12” floppy disk!) and then in the electrophoresis lab for the other half of the week. The woman who ran the electrophoresis lab – ran serum specimens to see if a heart attack did occur – told us (me and my lab partner) that she did not like the way the other 2 lab students sent there did things.

During our session, my lab partner broke the little pipette. The pipette delivered a very small amount of sample, perhaps half a very small drop and it took a little derring do to apply it to the trough in the gelatin media.

The lady who ran the lab liked the way I worked. She literally jumped on me to work for her – she offered me the job 3 times…I said no.:( In latter years, I was sorry I did not take the job.

This was a big teaching hospital and not some tiny little chicken coop like the lab we were in.:(

Miracle Job #2:  October 1996

I’d gone on many job interviews with no success.

This one morning the phone rang; my mother got the phone. Handed it to me and told me it who  was on the line.

My mother fubared the name of the company which is why I didn’t know who this could have been…when I got on the line, I found out. It was Jane, a woman I interviewed with in very early August.

She had a receptionist job open but I did not get the job. When she called me that morning, she explained to me that the reason why she didn’t give me the job is that she thought I‘d get bored and quit on her.

Here is why she was calling 2 and one half months later:

She first asked me if I remembered her. I said I did; she explained what she wanted — she knew of a job opportunity that was available immediately — assistant to a CEO – and would I be interested.

She said she thought she’d ask me first to see it it was okay with me before she called the gent who needed the admin. I told her it would be fine. She said she’d call him and have him call me.

The admin unexpectedly quit that morning, about an hour before Jane called me; no notice given; the admin just took off — and that is why the job was open.

He needed a replacement for Lisa and immediately, as he was due to go away for about a month on business duties for the company — and he needed somebody in her place to pick up the ball asap. The company was entering their busy season in about a month.

Maybe 2 hours passed; the gent called me. Gave me the directions to the company and told me if I could be there at about 3, it would be great. ‘

I was more or less hired sight unseen. I went to the company; I met with him and several others of his team and by 6 pm I had the job.:)

The job lasted for 7 months — I got laid off (I knew the company was financially ailing and the CEO was honest about that when I was hired —- and to tell you the truth, I didn’t care; this was an opportunity to learn something real new so what did I have to lose.) and unfortunately for the rest of the company, they got laid off,  too – cut to half time the day after I got laid off.  ( I swear that this man did me a favor; I lost my mother in late February and I am pretty certain he waited until I was eligible to collect unemployment before he laid me off) I got the better of the deal — less than a week later, I had another job offer; when I got to that job, the owner asked me if I knew anybody who needed a job and to have them come on down.

I immediately passed the word on to my ole company; some of the ladies showed up (and told me things were not good over there) – he never did hire anybody; I don’t know why… but I at least thought of them. I learned plenty over there and it was still one of the most interesting jobs I held.

Miracle Job #3….December 1992

in the midst of everybody and their uncle Stanislaw losing their jobs… This was a receptionist job — I answered the ad on the day of the nor’easter.

I was out of work 10 months at the time. Our company was Chapter 11 and our distribution center was phased out and closed.

The company I called was still open at about noon — I think the office manager told me they were about to close and send everyone home — the interview was set up for Monday, the 14th.

I had the interview and spoke to about 4 people over there — 2 were casual “hellos” and there was an interview with the office manager; the other person I spoke to was a casual VP who talked to me for about 5 minutes, just to be friendly.

I think I was there for an hour, all told. Told me they would decide by the end of the week.

Zoom ahead to Wednesday the 16th, about quarter of 7 in the evening.

I was up on a stepladder, hanging a Christmas wreath and was on the last “BANG” of the hammer when the phone rang. At the end was Casual VP…with the job offer.

His first question after he made the offer  was “are you sure you will not be bored?”   I told him no…and when I got there, no, I was never bored.

I remember how nice that first day was; there was a phone rep there who made 4 wooden reindeer for her department mates; she had one reindeer for herself and handed it to me when she saw I was new staff.:)  The bunch of us ladies also got a bouquet of roses on Christmas eve; there was another gift – I think it was candy, but I am not sure.

These were some of the nicest people I ever met. I can think of other jobs that were “miracle jobs” – there are perhaps 3 more – but these 3 are the most outstanding.

Maybe we need some uplifting stories on this board.:) How times have changed.

May a Miracle Job come to each and every one of you, unbidden and fabulous and spectacular.:)

The Cause Of Our Problem by Barbsright

I recently read an interesting article from the NY Times titled (I think): As Robots Get Smarter, Workers Struggle To Keep Up. The title says to me that our employment problem is really caused by the obsolescence of the average, and above average human being. I encourage you all to read the article. If the article is correct, and I think it is, we will all be on SSDI because machines do better work in comparison to people.

Where Have All The Jobs Gone? By Barbsright

I saw an interesting graph, on Dr. Krugman’s blog, showing that in 1993 the top 20% of incomes stated to increase at a much higher rate than in past USA history. I would blame both NAFTA, and changes in the USA tax code for stock and bond investments for this change. The USA’s government is responsible for selling out the middle class. There is no doubt in my mind that the problems we are facing are due to these two economic policies with their ‘designed in defects’. 40% of the USA’s workforce is unemployed, and it is not the people’s fault but rather the federal government’s.

This sure figures…

Out of ideas and out of suggestions.

I never did hear back from Bloomingdales, not even after I left my telephone number there last Wednesday.

I went back to UPS on Sunday. There were maybe 6 or 7 of us there – I figured maybe see if I can get my assignment at the customer desk back (there were 2 of us there last year).

I spoke to somebody in HR and she made copies of my IDs. I told her I’d be interested in going back to the customer desk. “It’s late in the season and there is already somebody there,” she said.

As I was leaving she said “I will call you tomorrow.”

No call ever came. Not even today.

There is no landline number available where I can call and find out what’s the story — I would have to go there in person and find out – but wow, should I be going through this kind of effort?? She should have called me indeed.

I have heard nothing. Do I go to orientation again or what — she didn’t say. (She did say “when I run your background checks, if you want to stay around for a half hour, I’ll set you up with orientation tomorrow”)  What about my ID? Do I go back and have my photo take and get the actual ID? Do I or do I not get my spot back at that customer desk or do I go elsewhere with a driver? Is this a no go or what’s the story?

What’s going on here???

I am going through this time and trouble and tearing my hair out for exactly $880 dollars…and that’s if I get 2 weeks of work from tomorrow up until Christmas Eve — my hours were over on Christmas Eve last year.

I am out of suggestions and out of ideas. Other than UPS and retail stores in need of holiday help (yeah, if you can get the retail hours) I cannot name anybody who is hiring for year end people — ADP used to have year end temp jobs but ADP in my area is looooong gone. Both parcels of land that they stood on in Clifton were sold off to other concerns a good 20 years ago and the buildings were demolished.

Nobody seems to be busting a move to call me — I should have been called and told yes or no, no? Holy shit…trouble from this dumb bunch of klutzes, too…haha. That sure figures.

ETA: it is Wednesday and I have the update; this one’s a real lulu.

And holy cow.:(

I went to UPS and said to the guy in the guard shack “Is there any way I can sp eak to somebody in HR? I am trying to find out the status of a helper’s job.”

He dials HR and somebody switched me to the extension of the person who interviewed me.  Candy did not answer.

I called HR again and said “I just spoke to somebody in HR and I cannot reach Candy; is there any way you can find out what the status of my application is?”

She said “Let me check on that” and  put me hold.

One minute goes by, then 2, then 3, then 4 — and you KNOW this cannot be good — and then she got back on the line.

“Candy decided you were not suitable for that position. I don’t know what transpired in the time you spoke to her…”

I said “I talked to her for about a minute and then she said she’d call me on Monday. Why didn’t anybody call me to tell me?” I must have asked her 3  times “Why didn’t anybody call me?”

Then she says “Well we have other positions…there is preload…”

That’s  4 am until 9am and it’s all lifting.

I said  “I can’t lift anything heavy” and said thanks and I hung up.

Holy cow — why did this person decide NO on ME???  “I remember you from last year…” Really? What the hell happened here???

I tend to think when somebody rejects you immediately they do not like you. For love of all holy, this is a 2 week assignment and I will have no contact with you: what happened here?

She decided no?. I can’t even blame this on perhaps the 2 jerky phone calls to the cops that my brother made where maybe somehow those 2 calls worked their way into the background check. I cannot blame this on him. I blame this on Candy?

No — I am pretty sure that at the end of our time there, each driver or whoever it was who the helper worked with was asked to review their performance. And the question of “would you rehire this driver’s helper” was asked.

Don’t be so sure that we were NOT reviewed. We most likely were.

I blame Ralph, one of 2 guys who worked at the customer desk. On my first day there he yelled at me and did this in front of about 10 people who were lined up to pick up items.  He did so periodically all though my stay — he also ordered me NOT to get the landline that was at the customer desk (I made the mistake of getting the phone and some guy was asking about picking up an item — he kept talking and talking and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Finally I said “I don’t know; I  will  find out” and gave the phone to  Ralph. When Ralph hung up, he said “Do not get that phone anymore; I will answer it or you get Tom.”

Maybe Ralph was the one who gave me a lousy review. What does he care? He retired! he has been gone since March!

Something told me not to bother applying this year but I did anyway. Maybe I should have listened to my gut. But if I never called, I’d have been kicking myself wondering if I lost out by not applying — damned you do and damned you don’t. Man.

I am tired of not having a job — any job — of some kind. Maybe I would have been right to not apply there at all this year. I don’t know. I try to do the right thing and I am trying every route that is available —  looks like I was wrong again.

And you people never told us there are reviews, if indeed there were any — this in itself is bad. Maybe one of the full timers has a vendetta against the helper or maybe “Mary Smith” got “Jim Jones'” review and it got keyed into Mary’s file. Maybe the information in the review is wrong. Who knows?

They are acting like the helper’s job is some kind of a great big time gig. Lots of big companies are vanquishing the “employee yearly review.” Outmoded and not needed, is what’s been decided.

There is some kind of connection between this year and why I cannot come back as  a helper, yet you are telling me “Wait.. .we have other jobs…there is preload  from 4am until 9am…” Something is very weird here indeed and this is why I tend to think there was a review of me by one of the full timers in that department.

Done in by corporate cuture (aka When in doubt, don’t pledge the Delta House)

This happened over 20 years ago.

I was hired as a receptionist at a very well known commercial construction company. Their company headquarters was 2 blocks from my home.

Donna the office manager interviewed me. As I recall she spoke to me for about a half hour and then I was hired.

Donna requested that I come in on Black Friday, “just to get used to the phones.” I couldn’t see how very many clients and such would be calling, being most people were off on that day so I said okay.

About 10 people were in the office that day. They dismissed us at noon and told me I’d be paid for the whole day.

As I had a look at the company directory (it was posted there in front of me) 3 names caught my eye: these were real a-holes that I knew in high school — the real JD types. I started to worry and I didn’t know why.

I came in on Monday and Cheryl (she was now at an admin slot upstairs with some engineer or other — that’s why the receptionist job was avalable) was helping to train me. I did some paperwork got the phone and that was it. Tuesday was more of the same. (I knew Cheryl slightly in high school — she was a year or 2 behind me — and I graduated with her sister — I was never crazy about either one of them; they were always part of “That” kind of crowd — see where this is going?)

At no time did  Donna come up to me to ask me how I was doing, did I need anything, etc. I thought that was kind of odd.

I came in the next day and sitting at my receptionist desk was Cheryl; she was on the phone with somebody.   “I don’t know now when I will be going upstairs….” she said into the phone.

The office manager came up to me at about 10 or so and said “Mr. Nixon wants to talk to you.” Mr. Nixon was an estimator; I didn’t even know him — never met him prior to Wednesday —nor did I know why he wished to speak to me.

I went into his office and he said “It’s not working out. It’s just not working out what can I tell you. What can I say? Not working out; if we needed a secretary youd be great but what can I say….”

He handed me my check and said “You can go now.”

I went outside and opened my check.

I was paid for Friday, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday (the current date). They were also paying me $2 less an hour than what we agreed on and the check was dated December 5. Today was December 3. These bastards knew in advance that I was being shown the door and they knew on Friday, possibly after the try out time was over. Generally, that is when payroll paydates end and that’s  when their paydate ended.

We all know that it takes at least 2 days in advance of payday to run paychecks — the checks have to be examined,  signed and they have to be put into envelopes and then distributed to each department. No paychecks are generated at a random time in a sole run for ONE SOLE PERSON — not if they were coming from an outside payroll company, which is where this bunch got their paychecks. They were not done in house.

So yeah, these people knew I was going to be gone and they decided this as of my performance on Friday…yeah, my four hour performance where the phone rang perhaps 15 times the whole time I was there.

They should have paid me out of petty cash, to make it look good. What a rotten bunch.

The thing here is this: I swear that I “didn’t fit” in with the crowd — this was a very rough-edged crew; four letter words and ugh the word “unladylike” comes to mind.  They dressed like they were going to some club or other; I was also thinking that that a-hole I mentioned said something about me and maybe that’s why I got the axe (I did not see her on any of the dates I was there, though…who knows???) I can only guess.

To this day, I still say it is dirty pool.

Roughnecks? Try this one on for size:

The desk I sat at –and this is the same one that the former receptionist sat at — had a sticker on it that said “Caution: working with assholes can give you AIDS.”

Not only is this something you do NOT put in a work cubicle — it can also be seen by somebody who is a visitor — Cheryl also has a brother who was out of the closet at age 12 — my brother graduated high school with him. Don was always openly flamboyant and girlish, even in kindergarten (I’ve seen this for myself, over the years) . Considering you have a gay brother, this is cool to post???

And awfully odd that nobody in management told her to take it down. Maybe somebody in management wants to make a quick phone call and rather than head back to his desk, he grabs the receptionist’s phone real quick. So, he’s not going to see that profane sticker???

Any manager coming in after hours or on a Saturday can see that sticker. This is a disgrace and nobody said “Cheryl, take that sticker down” or better yet, removed it himself???

They don’t want anybody conservative?  You didn’t ask the right questions when you spoke to me: you can find out exactly where it is at with a person if you say “So what do you like to do in your free time?” If I mention things like reading or art or gardening or cooking chances are I am kind of conservative.

I still swear to this day that somebody said something about me, plus I really didn’t fit in with this crowd. The real roughneck types that still think they’re in high school and they’re on their way to another drinking party in somebody’s basement or “the woods.” Ugh.

And even if I am extremely conservative and not like “one of the rest” what damn difference does it make? Can I do the job? Am I good at the job? Am I prompt? Do I get along well with others? That’s all you need to know, not whether I am “one of them” or not. And what’s it to you if I am not “one of them”?? This isn’t  right and this isn’t fair.

What the fudge happened here?

I thought I had an actual interview with an actual store tomorrow morning — I open this morning’s email — and they have cancelled.

No explanation given, just an email saying the interview is off and to pull it from my schedule.

I am tempted to get dressed and go tomorrow morning anyway.

What do you do when you need money and wow, not even a retail job is going to pan out? it’s like you can’t make any plans at all. Every single thing you plan heads right out the window.

I do not know what could have happened there. I do no know why it’s “the interview is cancelled.” I am guessing they made some sort of an error in the first place and somehow I got a notification to come to their group interview. Seemed odd I never heard from any of the stores…but that one said for me to come to their interview.

When you are people like us and it’s critical to have even that job and now the job isn’t going to happen, it’s a crime: rotten and miserable and frigging CRIME is what it is. WE are the people who are educated and intelligent and worked at jobs far more interesting and mind-challenging than retail, yet we can’t even seem to get an IN over there for that job!

Be &$^%**!@% glad we are interested in working for minimum wage and wow, probably only until the day after Christmas — so that is what, a scant 2 week RUN???

Also poor form to notify somebody a scant day in advance. I have never liked it when I’ve gotten a last minute cancellation. I don’t care if it is a hole in the wall 2 person outfit or a big major store: BAD form to cancel this late in the game.

Between mid-September and now, I visited and cold called — on foot — 35 companies/retail establishments.

This is retail, a hotel or 2 and various companies. 35 places and not one opening — nothing. ALL of these companies that I visited in this one particular building had every employee follow them to the new locale; there were no people who decided “the commute is too long for me so I will not be going with them”??? Very hard to believe.

And that there is no plan to add an employee or 2 for the new year.

Even harder to believe.

This whole year has been a %*$#&*$ mess. I will be glad when it is OVER. To the DEVIL with this entire YEAR.

I went over to that store and I left my name and number in one of the business offices. I don’t think I will be getting a call back; I was there earlier today.

I just can’t understand it. When I sit down at that interview, it’s like I become invisible. These people do not want to talk to me or have any interest in me. Do they just not believe what I have to say? Am I making the whole thing up, to them? Did I give them some reason to disbelieve me, or my resume, or anything else I have prcsented to them?

It is not age or appearance. Plenty of these offices have much older people working there — and lots of them are much older than I am. What’s going on here? And it sure isn’t race or color. If I was of color or another race, I’d suspect that the first thing off the bat.

I have worked for some real lulus, fruitcakes, the not so bright, the corrupt, the foul mouthed, the inept, the wishy washy, the spineless  and somebody who was in charge simply because the company was family-run and he was the heir apparent.    None of the people I have interviewed with are any worse than people I have worked for — so what is going on here? Why am I not a match with any of these hiring managers?

I cannot spend my days waiting for ads and waiting for interviews. That has resulted in a big fat nothing for me and will result in more of the same. Where in God’s name do you go when you need money and a job immediately?

Somebody suggested the following:

1-Move to another state. I cannot do that; you guys know what kind of big trouble there is here on the homefront

2-Try daycare centers; they are always looking for people to change diapers and to quell screaming kids. Apparently there is high turnover in those places.  I have never diapered a baby or even so much as baby sat. Plus won’t they fingerprint you up the wazoo and back again and background check you until the next century comes and goes?

I have a nightmare on my hands, on all fronts. I don’t know hot to make it stop and I sure don’t know how to get somebody to hire me.

What do I do now?

Retail stores, the oh so crucial holiday season…and those pesky employee pre employment “profiles”

We have seen them at nearly every major retail store.

Sears requires it, Bloomingdales does and so does Burlington Coat Factory and many other larger retail stores. Many do not — TJ Maxx, Big Lots! and probably quite a few more.

I’m talking about the GATE profile or whatever it is that the individual store calls it. This is about an hour’s worth of statements that you will rank from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

“There are no right or wrong answers” the candidate is assured….so if that is the case, why does your store waste time and money adding this “profile” to the on line application for employment?

The statements to rank are “I often lose my temper” to “I rarely lose my temper”, “I believe in following the rules, “”I like to be the leader,” “I believe in working quickly”  “one day I will become important in the company,” “I believe that working fast is the best way to work” and “People would describe me as outgoing.” There are about 300 statements in all and many are asked again and again, but worded a bit differently each time.

Each store must have a “mimimal” score — I got a call from Burlington Coat Factory to come in for an interview but all I got from Kohl’s, Bloomingdales and Sears was “Thank you. We will see if there is an appropriate match.” And I never heard from the store again.

I do not place much confidence in any pre employment “test.” The best of test takers are sometimes the worst of employees — and such a test will not ensure the exclusion of time wasters, those who are frequently absent or late nor will it exclude and pinpoint those who steal or the discourteous. No test is failsafe or perfect.

Years ago the test of choice for a job candidate in retail was The Stanton Survey. This was another one of those things that was supposed to “flag” a drug user or thief. There were questions that took about 45 minutes to answer and a section where the candidate would submit a handwriting sample.

(Handwriting samples are interesting — but again, not a failsafe way to choose or exclude a job candidate. Handwriting analysis is not an exact science)

So that is where I stand on that. I cannot see why these stores can’t  do it the way UPS does it when it comes to hiring seasonal employees: Conduct a short interview and HIRE all of the candidates, depending upon the outcome of the background check.

I also visited the last 3 remaining outlet stores, a few companies at random and canvassed one entire office building — that was about 8 or 9 companies (each company now comprises one floor of the building) and nobody had a job available. Not one blessed thing.:(

The only businesses left are the hotels and restaurants. Very doubtful if any visit to those establishments will yield a job for me.

PS: I did not hear from AC Moore, either. They had a plain ole on line application. Perhaps some of those jobs “advertised” on their website are bogus or there for some other reason. Shit.

Trying to figure out where else I can go…

Yesterday I spent 31/2 hours visiting outlet stores and other companies in that vicinity, in hopes that the stores were in need of holiday help and to see if the companies I visited need fulltime office help.

I visited 4 outlet stores. I completed apps for all 4 of them and dropped them off yesterday.

I followed up today in person.

2 of the 4 stores are a no go. They are not hiring.

They weren’t even officially hiring, but it is just about holiday season and usually, don’t they need temporary help?

I  visited 2 stores; the third was busy with customers (I left) and as for the 4th one, nobody called me.

At the 4th store yesterday, I was told they needed somebody for one day a week. He couldn’t say “I’ll interview you” talk to me for 10 mintues, hire me and then say to me “here’s the app; when you report to work bring it with you”?

I also knocked on the door of that company that had the open house in September– this is the company where I stood in line for 3 hours to talk to one person for 5 minutes.

I saw somebody walking around in the lobby. According to her, most of the jobs are filled.

No phone call no call back from that company — and I have done creative work. Nobody contacted me for a “real” interview.

They were open to day for business; they are open on Saturdays. More cars are in their lot and already it was a give away to me that more people have been hired.

What are you supposed to do when you need a salary fast???

I guess next I can try working in a fast food joint. Who is going to hire me?

I have many many bills to pay. My problem is like everybody else’s on this forum: Too many bills and not enough money to pay them. I still need an eye exam and I still need to go to the dentist.

This is sick and this is crazy. A retail job used to be for anybody who wanted one. They spent about 20 minutes talking to you and you’d get the job on the spot. Not anymore.

I also did not hear back from Sears. (I finally got “through” to their real website and applied for seasonal hours; that was on Thursday night). There is an application that takes a half hour to complete and then there is an assessment, both ‘written” and “verbal.” Both sections took 35 minutes.

I am guessing none of my answers were what they wanted. I couldn’t figure out which one “was” the best. Lots of the “replies” were things I would never say to a client — or say to a stranger — so I don’t see how they decide who is suitable enough to be called back for an interview.

You will hear from one of those stores immediately if you pass their test. “Your Next Step” is what the email will say. I didn’t hear shit; crossing them off the list.

It may also be possible that nobody has “seen” the results. Who the F knows anymore??

I am still shaking my head over what was behind the register at Tommy Hilfiger — both girls were wearing jeans and as they rang up the items, nobody unfolded the shirts and shook them out! Maybe the customer tucked something into it  and will be making off with a stolen item!

If I was the manager, I’d tell these girls “no blue jeans; neat ‘casual friday’ slacks, preferably in black or navy blue or dark grey and you are to inspect all items before you ring them up.”  And you don’t need no “assessment” test to figure that one out.

The offices back there are now filled with little “no name” outfits:

One of these buildings held the front office operation of Pierre Deux at one time; PD is no longer there. (I believe they have gone out of business)   A furniture company is now using the whole warehouse to hold couches.

Nobody is there to man the front. I hear forklifts going. I hollered twice “hello? Any body home?” I waited for 2 minutes; nobody came to see who or what I was; I left.

That building also holds another separate warehouse with attached front office space; you have to drive all the way to the back of the parking lot to access that part of the building.

On the door were the names of several types of apparel; I am guessing some type of apparel company is back there.

I walked in. Nobody is up front; all the offices are empty. I found a guy in there; I told him what I wanted…wow, that town fire department needs to inspect that warehouse; there are boxes and boxes and boxes — hundreds of them — on tables, on the floor, on shelves; the boxes were everywhere you looked — and several tired Hispanics and Asian Indians were working there.

What we have here: the dregs of the “corporate world.” My God — this is a wasteland. Silly little nothing outfits that are wannabe companies. And you KNOW that whoever is working there is earning minimum wage at best.

What floors me is that at both these places, I simply walked in. Isn’t anybody concerned about security? you don’t have a lock to keep outsiders out and you don’t have a buzzer for a visitor to buzz. Nope; not these 2 buildings. Not equipped with it. At the very least you need somebody to sit by the front door or sit in the lobby to make sure no undesirables get in there.

Where do you go when you have literally tried everything and every place? What do I do now? run my self ragged going to the last 3 outlet stores left and try the hotels around here — see if they have a clerk’s job or something?

Where do you go when every other possibility is exhausted or shot to hell?

I did go and ask the guy from last month — the one with the chemical company — why I did not get the second interview. He said “I hired somebody more qualified.” I said “I asked you why I didn’t get the second, not why was I not hired…” and he took me out into the hall and gave me  the rough end of his tongue! “I do not appreciate you coming here and questioning me at my office”? Tough TIT.

I kindly reminded him he never asked me about my direct experience so how could he say “the other person was more qualified”?  Who the hell dot hey think they are fooling? Do they think we’re some kind of little kids they can con and lie to?

Where do you go when all possibilities are shot and no longer in the mix for you?  This is an emergency and I don’t know what else to do. Disability? File for it…and you will wait wow, who knows how long. I do not think there is any such thing as an emergency application and how much would I be entitled to? Not enough to live on. Suppose I really did need it and badly? How do they expect you to survive and pay for every day things????

Today I also found out there is another problem with Bro —- holy crap; what a big big shockeroo that is, eh — and I can’t even begin to cope with that one: I am important and I come in first here and always.

Another dead shopping mall

Today I was watching the news and saw a mall I used to shop at is yet again another mall about to be closed. Granted, I haven’t shopped there in years because the area got really creepy but still I did shop there. Someone posted an article someone wrote about photos they took in 1989 of various malls. Made me think back to my teen years and how I shopped there and other malls often. Back in 1989 I was 18 and the malls were where I bought my clothes, my electronics and music. I used to go to bookstores and music stores and buy. Now I buy online. This mall for the last few years has only had a few stores open.

I have spoken before of the mall I shopped at as a small child. This mall is interesting because it speaks to societal issues from white flight to the changing economy and more. This mall when it was standing was the most famous dead mall in the world and people traveled to see it. They didn’t come to see it because of that  but because of its place in movie history and how that instance is so famous many other shows imitate it. It was torn down not long ago after standing many years dead.

There is a mall not far from me now I go to sometimes and it’s often dead. Me and Fred were going to go see the decorations last Christmas but they didn’t even put any up. We decided not to go because of it. I wonder how long before malls are all gone. The teen life of shopping at malls for the day are sadly long gone.

What hapenned to applying via your store website…

And being ablet to do only that, minus being assailled by offers for shitty proprietary schools I have never heard of??

I tried to apply for a Sears holiday job.

After providing my name, address, email and phone number — and AGE!!! is this even LEGAL??? They asked what year you graduated from high school/attained a GED! — I got about 6 screens from various proprietary schools asking me if I was interested. I hit NO on all of them…and I still never got access to the official Sears dot com/apply website.

Searsdotcom/apply does not take you to their website –after all these proprietary school screens, you are taken to a generic page that gives you a list of places to search for the Sears jobs: it’s stuff like findmeajob dot com and other websites I’ve never heard from. So help me, the names sound made up.

You cannot access the jobs minus giving your okay for these crap schools to contact you, either. “By checking YES you give permission for Rufus T Firefly University, The Follicle. Cutcle and Shaft Hair  Institute of Technology, Just Say Ohm Electronics School and College, White Eagle University, Akbar and Jeff’s Dog Catching University, The Kramden Norton Institute, Eraserhead College of Hair Design and Pedicures, Medical Assistants R Us Techological College and The Dagwood Bumstead Institute of Sandwich Creation Artistry to contact you….”

WOW…it’s sickening.

When do I get to apply to SEARS????

And if I check off yes, I get the possibility of getting an avalanche of emails, snail mail solicitation and probably phone calls, too??? BULLSHIT.

There is NO option to check NO!

So what good is applying for a job there, even for the holiday??? For the sake of a holiday job, I am supposed to let every single proprietary school have my personal info???

And in the midst of this, who knows if anybody from Sears will even see my application???

Speaking of which, I just went back to TJ Maxx and Big Lots! to see what became of an application I left at both those places 3 weeks ago.

When I was at TJ Maxx a week and a half ago, a hiring manager told me “I will review all the applications at the end of the week.” I went back today to find out what was what.

This time I got (from a very young girl maybe 21 tops), “She only calls who she wants to call.”

Screw ’em.

At Big Lots, I got this (from another kid manager): “We have so many applications we are still going through them all. We want people with the most experience.”

How much experience can YOU have, buddy?

Your store is also staffed by mostly young people. Very young people. So you want a miracle? Keep waiting for it; you won’t GET it.

The store is in an enterprise zone. The area is also on the impoverished side. So you won’t be getting the best selection when it comes to the pool of applicants.

Most probably could not read the application itself: the entire population of that town is now comprised of Central and South American natives. And I couldn’t get SHIT from you?

I must have looked pissed when he said what he said — uh, what do you expect; I’m not gonna be PISSED??? — because he blurted out something like “Good luck I hope you get a call.” Great.

This does not hold a good portent for me.

I already got nothing from these 2 stores. What about the rest of them?

Tomorrow I am going to try the company stores and outlets that still remain open in this town — and I’m also going to try the hotels that are here to see if they even need maybe a nighttime desk clerk’s job.

What the fudge happened here?

Retail jobs used to go to pretty much anybody who wanted them — you’d speak to the store manager for maybe 20 minutes and the job would be yours pretty much.

Now it’s demanding experience in an area where the demographic isn’t going to give you anybody intelligent or anybody with a work ethic — and it’s being picky and fussy and deciding who is worth your while??? I wonder what criteria that chick in that TJ Maxx is going to use to determine whether or not to call Mary Smith in or to give John Doe a call???

Every department store had a PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT — and that is what they need to RETURN TO. None of this bullshit with applying on line anymore. You never even find out if your application was seen — and it is just as bad with stores like TJ Maxx where you can drop the application off at a store. You have no idea if and when it was seen.

How do you do it?

I don’t even know what to say anymore. Yesterday I told Bro we needed to collaborate on the house sale.

I will not repeat what he said to me. He is a pig and nothing more — and until this house is sold, I am stuck with him.

I don’t even know when the house will sell. We have many houses here for sale — it is like this in the entire area: there is no rapid turn around rate for the sale of houses.

Houses far better than this one — and none of them are selling.

Some of them are even up for grabs 2 or 3 years after the first sale.

Nothing is selling — and the prices they want for some of these dwellings is outrageous. There is a condo development about 8 blocks from here, right on the river. No amenities with the condo; it’s just 2 bedrooms and a living room and dining room and kitchen and probably 1 1/2 baths, no garage, just a driveway. Somebody wants 243K for it.

That condo is worth maybe 60K, not four times as much.

Other than that, everything is the same. I am guessing everything is the same with all of you: shitty.

The beat goes on…

Bro is being resuied. It’s the same thing as last time, but the only difference: I am asking for the house to be sold.

His atty knows already.  I may tell Bro myself tomorrow to rub it in.

This will take another 6 months until a judge declares the partition and that the house needs to be sold.

In the meanwhile, I am worried sick about the garage, the roof on this house and the front porch.

I am still angry at myself for not taking care of this house years ago: the second it came into possestion, tell Bro I wanted it sold. I wasted too much time and somehow I buried my head in the sand. I knew what he was but somehow I thought owning a house with him was going to work.

It’s all such a mess. My life consists of living in a battle zone, thanks to this mess with him and living in another battle zone: that of trying to find a way to bring an income into my possession.

I get nothing but dead ends. THis state sucks: it is full of horrible little holes in the wall that are owned by nobodies who have other nobodies working for the owner nobody.

I can’t name the last time I was actually excited about sending my resume to a company and I can’t name the last time I actually had an interview with a good company I was excited to get an interview with.

Somebody here suggested applying for disability: what good is that? it will not be enough to live on, unless I want to go to Timbuktu to live.

I don’t know what other choice I have: it’s either keep applying to (horrible) places or choosing to do nothing at all.

And starting a company? It takes luck and clients. I don’t know how to publicize my company for free. I would probably have a better chance if it was a brick and mortar company but for an endeavor like the one I want to pursue, no brick and mortar company visible to the public is necessary. It makes no sense.

The bottom like is that you have no idea how everything is the way it is or how it got to be that way. Who ever heard of no job for an intelligent and experienced person? It’s an impossibility, right? If you’re smart and able bodied and you can do the job, you HAVE a job. Right? So what happened here? I don’t know and neither do any of you.

It was like some kind of negative seduction: One said no, this one said no, that one said no and the NOs never seemed to end. Before you knew it, weeks were gone and there was no change of plan in sight.

And the worst part of it is you don’t know how to stop it. Where can you go where you will be interviewed and actually get an offer?

It makes me wish I had an uncle or an aunt or a friend or cousin or somebody — somebody who could get me a job at their company. That seems to be the only way I’d actually get a job I can keep.

Christmas season is coming; what am I supposed to be? Excited that I can go to the same place I was at last year for year end? I got a scant 2 weeks out of the deal. They hired everyone too quickly and they couldn’t seem to figure out what they were doing once we all were hired.

I didn’t get any hours until the second week in December.

And as for the personnel you work with???

That was sickening. The evening person was demanding that I change my lunch hour — this was on my second day there — “There is no sense in you standing around while I take my dinner hour” (what’s it to you, chick? is my salary coming out of YOUR pocket???) and the guy who was on the day shift cut himself on my first day on their shift — he got blood all over the package and he had the damn frigging nerve to put that box on the conveyor and into the shipping flow.

Guy, ever heard of the term “potentially infectious”??? Or the phrase “blood to blood contact” or “bodily fluid exchange”??

Shit, if I was a supervisor, I’d have made him open that box, repackage the contents using a fresh box from the back — and run another label — and make sure HE pays for the box and the new shipping label — and then I’d have suspended him for at least a day.

And if you are the customer, do you want to receive a bloody package? There were 4 or 5 nice sized blood stains on the package — and it also gives a very sloppy image to the company who SENT it.

I did NOT ask to have my dinner hour rescheduled — the next day I was assigned to the day shift at the customer desk. The evening person who made that demand got another helper assigned to her shift, so I was rid of that nasty little %*#$*#$…but I still encountered her when she started her shift at 4 pm; my hours were from 9-5.

There was never a lead person or a supervisor assigned to the customer desk department and that is the whole problem. Somebody needs to be in charge to oversee people like that nasty little dame and the guy who bloodied up that package. There was never anybody there for that; a supervisor “sort of” came around on his travels — he was in charge of 2 or 3 other areas, too — and that in itself makes no sense.

For the fact there can be an incident in that room, or an unsafe condition or something unforeseen, like a customer getting very out of hand — there needs to be somebody in there all the time watching that shift and that department.

The pig who bloodied the package retired. He was a driver and was there for years; this is a customer desk where the “real” value of the job is $15 an hour — I will bet he was good for at least 65K a year. Imagine working a customer desk and just answering questions and retrieving packages from that back room for that kind of money. Life of Reilly.

That another whole year has gone by since that temporary assignment ended makes me sick to my stomach indeed. I feel like I am in a nightmare and I can’t wake up and get out of it.

How do you get a salary and get one that is full time and permanent?

Out of 18 companies whose ads I responded to since the start of the year, I got 6 responses.

Out of the 6, there was one cancellation of the interview they set up.

OUt of the 5 left, I got this:

Company 1: Paid $15 an hour and was part time.

Company 2: $600/week, which works out to $17 an hour. She more or less told me “We are old fashioned here” — this was after I told her I could develop an electronic version of any document she desired.

Companies 3 , 4 and 5: Company 3 and Company 4 asked me how much money I was interested in. I told the both of them low to mid 30s.(About 15K a year less than what I need to get by on but I figured I’d ask for that amount for “safety’s sake.” ) Both companies assured me I was qualified…and I never heard from either one again.  (Company 3 was having a second interview; I never got called in for one. I strongly suspect I asked for too much money.

The both of the interviewers also assured me that I was indeed “in the right ballpark” for money but hey….that could have been a line of shit I was handed. 10 years ago it was believable; not in 2014. Believe nothing they say.

Company 5 you know about; that was last week’s interview. I never heard back from the guy.

It is interesting to note that Company 4 and Company 5 had an employee that retired, after working there over 14 years. I suspect strongly they hired a much older candidate who had no college education and therefore worked for a cheap shit salary.

These 2 companies are not likely to resort to another play, being that that play worked like a charm all along. So why should I be hired??? I’m already too young and too overeducated!

18 ads in wow, how long? I remember a time not long ago when  there would be anywhere from 4 to 8 ads on line or in the paper per week that I could apply to! Not any more.

At this point, I want a retail job and/or a restaurant job and to hell with them all.  I can’t see any other way out;  what is in the paper sucks. And smart people like us are not qualified. This is all pretty effed up and shot to hades. I am still trying to figure out what happened here — to me, to NWP, to the job market, to everything.  THis ain’t the world we knew and this ain’t the job market we knew.

I don’t think this is the place for me

I had an interview on Monday with a company that imports raw goods.

I was kind of leery when I saw the ad — “on the job training” was part of the copy — and to me, when you include that in a job advertisement, you are going to get the great unwashed sending a resume; generally they will have no experience or completely unrelated experience and will say “this is great; let me apply here because they will show me what to do.”

The company is comprised of 3 people, including the boss. Boss interviewed me.

This office is part of a main mother company that employs 15K people world wide and they also do major building projects overseas. This company has more money than you and I will be able to count in 50 lifetimes, yet this office I visited is in a no name burb and still has only 3 people employed there after 26 years?

I would think that there’d be at least 50 people there by now and they would be in a more prominent office park with at least one floor to themselves in the building. No?

The guy kept me for an hour. He says there is no central person who monitors the work and this place is, according to him, extremely busy. There has to be some sort of project manager; you mean the work is up for grabs??? Somebody central needs to know what is arriving in the way of product and what is being shipped and what is on the water and so forth, yet there is nobody who is in charge of that function there.

I do not like that at all. People are not perfect and somebody has to be there to be the “voice of reason” so to speak.

If one person drops the ball, that’s the end of the game, if you ask me.

There was a great deal more that happened at the interview (he doesn’t want bad attitudes or somebody coming in and discussing who won what reality show and desks have to be neat and that he doesn’t tolerate lateness or time wasting) — the job is open because somebody there for 16 years retired.

That also means that there are no promotions.

It also sounds like too much work for one person.

20 holidays and fully paid health insurance, but what the heck does the job pay, is what I’d like to know. I have always despised companies that have been so damn closed mouthed about the salary — this guy described a 55K a year job. You are to do all the shipping, all the documentation with imports and exports and all the bookkeeping, generate all the invoices and also be his assistant. Yes, this is a 55K a year job, at the minimum and “tops” it should pay close to 70K a year, if you have a pretty good chunk of experience.

I also don’t think Boss is the smartest dude going.

He is in no hurry to hire. There are second interviews next week and “we will put you in a situation and you will give us the answer.”  Cool beans for you, guy.

I am sick of sitting here and sick of being everybody’s nobody and I am driven to tears because I am here all day every day — but I do not think I should even take this job IF he somehow decides to offer it to me.

I am unhappy enough now and I don’t need any more rotten treatment nor do I need to find out that a job I just accepted is a lost damn cause. I feel like I’d be taking a chance.

And tiny teeny offices can be POISON. Suppose you simply do not get along with one of the employees? it happens. Suppose one or the both of them are time wasters or out a lot or are not all that great at what they do?

Even the payroll — he says nobody takes care of that and it is automatic.

Not really — what happens if somebody quits or is on maternity leave or is out on disability? Somebody’s gotta be in communication with the payroll company to give them what changes took place before the checks are generated. Maybe you are giving out commission and you need to let them know what amount needs to be given. So what is he talking about???

It all seems like there is “data missing” from this interview. He’s either left a lot out of this interview or he simply wasn’t forthcoming with the info.

I don’t think this job is for me.

Who knows what he will do? You know what?


And let’s face it: if you were a hiring manager and it turns out that a candidate is exactly what you need, wouldn’t you hire that person on the spot? And for sure you’d schedule the interview and hold off on scheduling other candidates, until you see what that person is like.

None of this makes any damn sense. They all want a miracle or some kind of living doll.

Illinois is a cesspool, I want to get out

I have been looking at the questions on the ballot in November and am horrified. The questions are about increasing money for bilingual education, outlawing certain types of guns and ammunition (not restricting them, outlawing them), medical marijuana, requiring employers to pay for birth control regardless of religious views, increasing minimum wage to $10 hour and a database that requires neighbors to know if a criminal moved in, just to name a few. I do not oppose all of these, in fact I support legalizing marijuana and requiring murderers to be in a registry like sex offenders (many of whom are offenders only because their boyfriend or girlfriend was a few years younger and the offender was just an adult like 18 or 19). In theory I support increasing the minimum wage but what will happen is many more companies will go to other states. Plus this is only for adult workers so many places instead will hire teens. The birth control I would support if there were religious exemptions but there aren’t. I don’t like guns but outlawing a few will lead to outlawing all and there are politicians where who want to outlaw all. I’m not a gun supporter but it is a right in the 2nd Amendment.

My parents in general are getting sick of this town. My dad got unfairly fired from the park district and the people here aren’t doing anything about the corruption. Not to mention all the backstabbing. Recently there was a couple who got married and were Legion members. My parents had been to parties at their house and assumed because they weren’t invited it was a small wedding. However, they found out it was a large wedding (about 700 people) and many people they knew (in fact most)were invited.  “Fred” was invited, which sent me into a tailspin because I figured he didn’t want to take me. However, maybe he assumed we were all invited.  Fred invites us to events and we invite him and his mother.  Honestly I wouldn’t have gone anyway but seeing all these women who backstab me posting all about the wedding on Facebook at the same time annoys me. The irony is I didn’t think they were close friends of the couple so who knows why they were invited. I wouldn’t even pay attention if it wasn’t on Facebook. It wasn’t the fact I wasn’t (and neither were my parents)invited but rather the fact that the backstabbers were and posting it. I’ve thought of unfriending them but instead I ignore their snide comments.

This reeks, and badly…

And my answer to this one is NO.

I got a communique yesterday from my atty.

Bro’s atty says that Bro is asking for an 18 month delay for the house sale because there is no way “he or I” would be able to buy anything with those kind of proceeds.

He says that Bro is also requesting that he and I figure out who owes what per month and that we each pay half of what we are supposed to contribute.

All of this is in the upcoming 18 months.

This delay will also give both of us a chance to save some money.


Two months ago, Bro’s atty suggested that Bro and I each pay what we are supposed to pay per month. Uh, this is what Bro was SUPPOSED TO BE DOING ALL ALONG and he refused to comply, starting 8 and a half years ago.

And this “Bro says it will give the both of you time to save money” — wow, since when is he so hell bent and caring about ME?

This is going to be met with a NO from me.


1-Bro works part time only.

Where is he going to be getting enough money to save, with that crappy salary???

Exactly how much is he proposing to save within the next 18 months???

2-I do not trust Bro. I would not trust him with a dollar to buy the local daily. Any credibility or honesty he had was shot to hell decades ago, not just 81/2 years ago when he started this nonsense with the house.

3-Who would monitor what Bro is paying per month? Me? A court? Who?

4-What happens if Bro refuses to hold up his end of the bargain regarding what he is to pay?

5-What kind of legal water does this agreement hold? Again, who monitors it?

6-What happens when 18 months is up? he could say “I never agreed to anything like this” or “No, I refuse to sell this house”. I can’t take a chance.

7- He’s got a ton of debt. Not likely he will save any money, so what’s he talking about?

Wow, just what does he think this house will sell for?

With the proceeds he can buy a cheapie little no frills condo — and isn’t he living with somebody who makes more than a good salary?? Uh, I thought for sure you and GF would be buying something together.

He can also move out of state and buy something there. he’s got nothing holding him here; he can get a transfer to a store in that state. That chain of stores has presence in every state of the union.

Nope; I refuse to say yes to this nonsense. I cannot take chances, and yes, it reeks. Just like Bro.

How did it get so expensive to live here???

If you are a single person, you need at least 70K a year to own and maintain a home in this state, which is New Jersey.

Even 60K will not cut the ice.

I was not making all that much money 17 and 18 years ago, yet I lived comfortably on what I was earning.

How did it get to be so expensive to live in this state???

Let’s use 60K as an example…where that 60K goes is right down the tubes:

Taxes and other “must pays” deducted from your yearly salary: 15K (at the least; rough estimate and a guess, since I never made 60 gtrand)
Property taxes: 6 grand (for a modest one family home — not a megamansion and not a luxury accommodation)
Oil to heat the home: 2K for one season, if you are lucky enough to stretch  200 gallons from late October until start of April)
Car insurance: 1500 per year
Your yearly gift to your uncle: Out of this amount, it might be about 2 Grand. You “take home” crap money and you pay horrific expenses in this state but according to Uncle Sam, you’re well off. Fooey.
Health Insurance contribution to your employer: 1200 per year
Paying for your own dental, meds and other doctor’s visits:Let’s make it about 2 grand
Groceries per week —at least $100 so that is $4800 for you and you alone

(Leasing or financing a car or paying off a student loan or have a mortgage or you are paying off a bit of unforeseen expense: not included).

What  is the total of the above list of expenses?

If my math is right, the total leaves you with 26K a year, to pay your other bills and expenses.

You cannot make it on 60 grand.

And add another 10 grand if you make 70K and you do not have much to go on at all. 36 grand in these parts won’t get you much.

How the heck did it get to be so expensive to live here?

I would say the cost of living skyrocketed during the last 7 or 8 years.

I was making 38,000 at my last job. After taxes, I brought home about 30 grand a year. I think I am in the right ball park to say there is at least 15 grand’s worth of federal and state and other deductions that will be made from 60K a year.

You cannot make it. A small one family home will still be about $5800 in property taxes in this town.

You are shit out of damn luck if you are single — if you had a spouse making 60K then it is another story if you even have the “Free and clear” 70 grand a year both your salaries will generate. And wow, if you have kids….another story.

70K a year won’t get a childless couple much at all. There are always repairs that are needed and other expenses, in addition to your usual ones.

The cost of living here isn’t just all on the public servants and teachers generating these hefty salaries — that pig in Sayreville coaching that bunch of molestors is making nearly 85 grand, as per the Star Ledger in today’s latest news about the perps — something else got in the mix.

I personally think we are being handed the bill for the incentives that failed (that mall that won’t open,  other projects that failed and for the chunk of money we gave Revel to build that monstrosity to name a few) ; we are also picking up the tab for the many hospitals that are on the state’s tab for money they borrowed to keep their failing institution open —- and we are supporting all the illegals that are her eon our dime. We pay for it in one way or another.

What is the rate of inflation? I do not think it is astronomical.

If you have a 2 family home, you are no longer guaranteed a long term tenant. Nobody stays very long in one place anymore. There are always people coming and going; I see it all the time on this block — nobody stays here long anymore — and even if a house is bought: no gurantee an owner will the there indefinitely. A house down the block that was sold in 2009 is on the selling block again, for the third time since 2009.

What if your tenant moves out and you cannot get a tenant for a good long while? No guarantee you will always have a tenant. That’s just the way it is.

Our roads are crap, our bridges are crud and it takes forever for the state to complete a road project. Our hospitals stink — that is, the ones that are still open stink — healthcare is awful, we have no quality of life — there are still plenty of communities that are still trying to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy — and speaking of the shore, VERY expensive. A week down the shore will cost you almost 2 grand to stay in a hotel. Expect to spend another grand on food and entertainment and a beach pass daily. Yep, they charge for the beaches here save one or 2 shore communities.  Atlantic City is free and so is Wildwood but these are towns not within reasonable driving distance for most of us. There are 2 or 3 tiny towns like Highlands that do not charge for the beach.

They are taking every little bit of land and putting “luxury” condos or rental communities there. This is ruining any “small town” image we have plus it will contribute to flooding and many other problems. (and the Asian Indians looooooove condo/rental communities — you can bet your hat that when the most recent development is done — 500 units — most of those will be occupied by Asian Indians. That has ALWAYS been the trend!)

And I would not doubt our public money is being spent for Dwali and other “Indian”centric celebrations on public land in our town. Is this the right thing to do with public money???? I don’t think so. If the Indians want a celebration for this or for that, let THEM rent the park or the land and pay for it themselves!!!! Hold it on a neutral piece of land, not public land owned by the town. This reeks of political-ness to me.

The schools are not what they used to be. We used to be the vanguard for things like team teaching and other innovative programs; we used to have reading buddies, an excellent music program in each grammar school and read a thons. The priority now in the schools here are Where to Accommodate The Growing Population Of STudents and adding media teachers. We do not need grammar school kids learning how to use software; concentrate on your penmanship. Leave keyboarding out of it; call it TYPING and return it to the junior year in high school… reinstitute business courses in the high school.

(psst….maybe the growing student population is being caused by building condos and rental units on every vacant piece of land they can find! We have no more room: END the building of condos! The buildings are usually eyesoes and we need to retain our open space)

The growing Hispanic population is put first…and the Asian Indians are also given priority.  The white population is going to be moving out. Give it 10 more years and they will be gone completely. I’ve seen it happen in towns like Union City and Passaic.

The additions they’ve added to the schools are ugly and an eyesore and it’s going to be the same for the additional space they are making to accommodate the sixth graders at that middle school.

We have no more new programs in the schools. Nothing innovative. There are no plans to come up with something new.

The jobs are moving OUT. None are moving in, unless you want a service job.

Roche in Clifton is closed and gone nearly a year; they started to phase out operations 21/2 years ago. The 23 acre campus is slated for mixed use garbage. Who the heck needs it??? What we need is another company — no, many companies — to come into our state and bring REAL JOBS!

The school taxes are skyrocketing. We are getting nothing for the money.

I’m done here. There is NO chance I will be given a 60 grand a year job and less of a chance I’ll make 60 grand and get to marry somebody earning the same money.

Breaking up is hard to do

I have decided to replace Atty.

He doesn’t know what he is doing.

I cannot even get a cohesive response and a definite result for a request for a letter?

Here is what I requested: 2 weeks ago tomorrow,  I asked atty to ask Bro’s atty to write Bro a letter. In it would be an order to comply with me from here until the sale of the house and to hand over a copy of each key to me.

A letter that would take 10 minutes to write, half a second to email and it would be cc’ed to me.

I never got the letter, only a lot of farting around from Atty.

None of this makes sense: a simple letter and I cannot even have that. What is the big problem? “Bro’s atty said to me he wants this case to be done” I was told — and I said, “So what is the big deal? Bro knows the house is for sale so why am I getting such difficulty having a letter sent to me?? Where is the letter I requested?” to this, he said nothing.

For all I know anything could have happened — I considered strongly the fact that Bro’s Atty simply never said “I want this case  to be done” — but for all I know, maybe my atty never even contacted the guy at all — and he is stalling for time. making it look like Bro’s atty won’t cooperate.

What sense is this making?

I have no evidence that he even asked other atty for that letter. In fact, I never even got a reply to my request; I made via email — I emailed the request to atty; I had to call him a couple days later to see what transpired!

Is this right? Is this the way to run a business?

What I do know happened:

I requested — 13 days ago — a letter from Bro’s atty — and I never got what I asked for.

This is bad news.

All I got was — and these were the responses I got from Atty  over a course of 2 weeks, starting with last Wednesday afternoon — “I’ll ask again… oh let’s wait until after the holidays…let’s give it a few more days; he says he is trying to reach Bro…let’s give it another day….let’s give him an ultimatum; lets wait until Tuesday…” Holy wow….inexcusable and nothing but a stall. I cannot continue to retain this guy. Absolutely NOT.

Trying to reach Bro?

Who’s kidding who? Everybody has a phone; everbody’s got email!

Uh, I said this to Atty too and I got…gee, you guessed it…”Oh, I know.” And he left it at that. NO such thing as “trying” to reach somebody. That’s bullshit.

I also said “Today is Wednesday — he is home right now; I hear him walking around upstairs.” Who’s effing around here: you, or the other atty???

2 days ago,  the last time I spoke to him after I got “…wait until Tuesday” — “want me to reopen the docket?” I told him I’d let him know — and hung up.

What’s the story? It’s just excuse after excuse and “I’ll try again” “i’ll ask again” “I’ll ask again”??? Bullshit.

The Dodgers will return to Brooklyn and they’ll find Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart AND the Lindbergh Baby before I get the letter I asked for. Guaranteed.

How I would have handled the request for that letter, if I was an attorney? Made 3 requests — and sent them all to my client as a CC — and upon the third try being a nugatory, contact my client and say “I cannot get a yes out of Joe Blow, the attorney. Here is what I suggest we do next…” and then give what is the next step. But…I never seemed to get that at all.

I had to keep chasing HIM to see what that status of my request for that letter was. Isn’t he supposed to be doing all of the work FOR ME?

What has happened here: this is a immiscible, amorphous mess.

And it it egregious that this atty has stalled and dropped the ball and given me so many answers to one question and then he comes up with another one.

First it was “oh this is our word against his; he has no proof he paid” — I was told this right before I handed over 5 pounds’ worth of my checking account statements, every single one from 2007 up until October of last year. And then it was “oh no, a judge will only give you half the damages. Famiiles throw around money”; this, on the day of the 4 way meeting in August.

You’d better believe I was livid when I heard this. The meeting was at the other office, a good 25 miles from here; I do not know how I even got home that day, that’s how upset I was.

I don’t even know if this mess can even be unraveled and jump started by another attorney. This has turned into a fuckup and mess that I never considered would happen.

I thought for sure this case would be over and done by May at the very least, even with the extra 35 days that Bro more or less requested. I figured it’s hand in the evidence, a judge hears the case and there is a decision. But one thing after another seemed to happen.

I handed in all that data — NOT easy to obtainand not cheap to pay for! — and then….

There was dead air…..

Nothing at all, until JULY. That’s when there was that first meeting scheduled and then that meeting never happened.

And I can’t get the keys — Atty claims it is because “bro is part owner” — that makes no sense at all; I am a part owner TOO! I cannot change the locks myself…holy gee whiz because I will get into trouble. It’s just not allowed, for heaven’s sakes!

I don’t give a proverbial tinker’s damn anymore “what is not allowed”??? What is not allowed BLOWS, in my opinion.

But it was just aces for a guest to call a locksmith and change the locks. How does any of this make sense? HOW does it make sense at all?

I am sorry now I never called the police that day straightaway. And let THEM figure out what to do with that mess. I was blindsided and it hit me like a ton of bricks. caught off guard? And how.

And I cannot even approach Bro at all verbally about getting the house sale underway — not only will he make yet another annoyance call to the cops, turns out — this is according to Atty — that he has to “AGREE” that the house be sold! WOW — Bro’s atty has told mine in writing “Bro is not happy the house is being sold”! Isn’t Bro more or less alluding to the fact that he knows what my decision is and cannot do anything about the sale; he has no other choice but to cooperate??

I said that exactly to Atty about a month ago and he said….


Just dead air.

THis whole — THING — thing, not a legal case for partition — has changed more than the proverbial chameleon — too many times. It’s now turned into a rotting pile of dung, NOT a legal timetable.

What happened to expediency in expediting a lawsuit?

What happened to a proactive,  ballbuster of an attorney  who knows what he is DOING???

What happened to my rights? What the hell happened here, period?

The annoyance calls to the cops is harassment and abuse, if you ask me. He is trying to manipulate me and hold me at bay and use that as his ammunition to control what is going on here. There has to be something that I can legally do about that. He just can’t keep popping off and calling the cops. Why isn’t his attorney telling him to cut it out, simply from a standpoint that these are annoyance calls?

It is harassment, too, with GF jumping on the bandwagon and acting just as childishly as he is. Monkey see monkey do. How sickening.

Screaming at me “If you touch my flowers, I will call somebody. And if I  move your things, you can call somebody. That was the agreement”? There was no “agreement.” Who is mental here??? (Long story and I am sick of the soap opera that’s existed since she got here a year ago)

And I would say plenty more that is x rated but this is not “my” board to say it on. That’s the agreement, eh? Ha HA.

This is the other mess I have: she’s some kind of nutter and I am reluctant to even be anywhere near her. I am not scared of here but she’s got some kind of problem; insisting there is an agreement? Wow.

6 weeks ago I told atty that I want the house sold. A month ago I told Bro and he called the cops.

And after a month  went by  by after that call — that would be yesterday —-, not one letter from Bro’s attoney to mine asking about the status of the case. And not one inquiry from my atty to his, asking “what with your client; hasn’t he gotten it together yet? My client and I are waiting a month; what’s going on”?

And Bro’s atty should be saying to Bro, “Whether or not you like it, the house is going to be sold. Do you want this going to a judge? he will order the sale of the house. Get your act together and comply or you can find somebody else to take your case.” Why isn’t he saying that to him? Oh sure: this is his client bla blah but wow — he can see where this is going: tell him to get his act together.

It’s like the bottom fell out of this entire thing! This cannot be normal. It cannot be. Not possible. The 2 of these monkeys just let it GO???

And if I do nothing, I guarantee you this thing will sit and stagnate. From a legal standpoint maybe the case will  “Expire.” Didn’t one of you say there is more or less a time limit after a lawsuit is filed?

And as one of you kind people pointed out, the annoyance calls will continue. And will up until the sale of this home.

Suppose something happens here and I need the cops? How eager do you think they will be to come out here, thanks to his bullshit?

This too was met with a lame “Oh that is crying wolf” by my atty! Gee, just GREAT. Get your shit together and start being PROACTIVE. (I daresay that if I never contacted Atty again he wouldn’t even try to contact me to see what happened to me!)

And until a judge or somebody tells Bro “cooperate or else” I’m shit out of luck.

Doesn’t either one of these guys CARE? this is now a month later and neither one of you want to find out what’s going on? You just let it sit???

And as for the keys” “Bro is part owner”? Why didn’t I get that information last October, when I met with this guy on a consultation basis??? Why am I being told this, a year after the fact?

Atty is being replaced. Right now, Bro and GF are acting like they won the frigging pentathlon; I don’t know if they think this case is over or  whatever the hell,  but they are acting like they will live here indefinitely — I’ll interview 3 more attorneys and see which one I can choose as the replacement..

When I think of what this has cost me so far — and not just in the way of money — I can just PUKE. And kick this house down brick by brick. This is money I could have better spent for other things, like keeping myself afloat.

I cannot have this “legal case” the way it is right now: sitting stalled like some ole clunker of a car. Nobody’s picked up the ball! Current atty is only gong to stall and make excuses and string me along — let him handle the rest of this case? I wouldn’t let him handle a pop gun.

I am spent and beaten and up shit’s creek. Not to mention worried.

My health is taking a toll because of this and don’t ask me how I feel about all of this. And don’t ask me how I feel emotionally. I feel like life has stopped for me. (I tried to find a counselor about a year ago and no dice. The recommendations I got last year from the county mental health led me to this freebie public office — I canot see how they are pemitting these people to counsel anybody. There are volunteers running it and they are not adequately educated to serve in that capacity.  Some pukey looking chick with greyish teeth was the “counselor” –“I cannot help you but I can let you vent”? forget it.

The counseling office I went to after my divorce no longer accepts clients from my county. That was out, too)

I can’t see this “legal case” as it is right now getting any better, proceeding with proper expediency or proceeding the way it should if I continue to use this guy’s services. I have gotten nowhere in nearly a year — in about a week and a half it is a year since I filed.

And Atty is telling me that I will not be getting a copy of either key, because “Bro is part owner.”

How in God’s Name does this make sense??? I don’t think that is “all there is to it” — why am I getting the idea that this isn’t true — why can’t I have a COPY OF THE KEYS? Why didn’t he tell this to me last October, when I told him GF changed the locks and I never once got a copy of either key? See where this is going? See why I am convinced this guy doesn’t know legal law from Murphy’s Law???

Let him reopen a docket?

I wouldn’t let him reopen a bag of potato chips.

For what it was worth, I could have DIY with what happened this past year. Waste of MONEY.

I asked him how much more of a fee was going to be entailed from here on in, including up until closing and he couldn’t even give me an estimate. He should know even THAT much, shouldn’t he? I think based on that I need to run like hell — or am I wrong about this?

THis oddly reminds me of this horrible dentist my mother took us to years ago. Guy told my mother that Bro needed a lot of dental work. My mother asked how much the total fee was going to be. “I don’t know; it depends on how far down I have to drill.” We all ran like hell after that.

THis atty is as big a rip off artist as that dentist, I think.

My health and well being can’t take this anymore. I have a metric ton of other problems and the pressure is just horrible. Life has to get moving again for me and I cannot let this mess paint me into a corner I may not ever be able to get out of.

Why such diffuculty with obtaining this letter….


Because Bro and his Atty CAN!

On Sunday night of last week, I wrote to my atty and told him that I wanted Bro’s atty to give Bro a letter.

In it he is to say that the house is being sold and Bro is to comply 100% with the transaction and everything “house sale” between now and the closing of the home — and that Bro is to hand over a copy of the keys — to his apartment and to that vestibule door — ASAP.

I want that letter so that in case Bro hollars wolf again and calls the cops, the letter will be on my person — and I wills how that letter to the police when they get here. This way they can’t go “let your attorneys handle it.”

This is going on Day 10 — counting when I requested it — and still no letter.

This is bullshit; the 2 of them are farting around and ekeing ot the time! what is this but yet another delay.

The thing is like that Mousetrap game we played as kids — only instead of the obstacles it’s “Bros’ atty is trying to reach Bro” and “he will try to find Bro” and “Atty is gone for the holidays. He won’t be back until Monday.”

Today I got “He is trying to reach Bro…”

Wot “try”???? There is EMAIL and A CELL PHONE!

This is excuses galore — “oh, I don’t see it that way; atty for Bro says he wants this to be over…”

“Really?” I replied. “So why isn’t he telling Bro to comply and shut up and that this is OVER?”

To this atty said nothing. I am stuck with Atty too — if I had the funds, I’d have replaced him months ago. I have gotten strung along — isn’t the idea of it to call this other atty and read him the riot act and tell his ass to get the eff on the stick???

I am sick of Bro and GF micromanaging this entire stay at this house, so to speak — there was another bullshitty little scene here yesterday; this from GF:

“I am going to plant flowers in planters out front; if you move them, I will call somebody. If I move any of your things, you can call somebody.”

She paused and added, ‘that is the agreement.”

“‘Agreement’?” I said. “What ‘agreement’? Are you making up stories again, GF?” To this she said nothing.

Who is going to put up with these little seventh grader shennannegans — from her especially???

I will say what I want and do what I want; she hasn’t got the alpha position and she is ONLY A GUEST HERE. So bleep her.

Here is the thing: this entire thing is being held up because of Bro — I specifically want that letter so I can approach him and if he hollars for the cops, I show them that letter.”

It is disturbing that he calls and calls — what if something happened out here ‘for real”? You think the cops are going to be willing to come out here???

Such a tough time getting a letter that should have been here last MONDAY AFTERNOON the latest….I am going to keep pushing for it.

$300 for a monthly premium for health insurance? QUite the bargain…

I am guessing this is a hospital-owned health insurance company. There is another local hospital that is doing the same.

The only catch: you have to use the hospitals’ physicians and use only their hospital. You cant go anywhere else.

Holy Name found their niche and they cashed in on it, so to speak. There is an enormous Korean population in that area and the Koreans are notorious for not being the kind of group that eagerly pays for health insurance. There are blocks and blocks of neighborhoods where nothing is spoken but Korean. There are nothing but Korean signs in widespread areas of the  commnity– this would be Leonia, Palisades Park, large parts of Teaneck and possibly Bogota and part of Fort Lee.

(there was also big controversy in Fort Lee where they wanted to commemorate the “comfort girls” — the Koreans wanted the memorial; the Japanese did not. The town has a large population of both)

This is a group who shows up at the hospital with a suitcase full of money, to pay for a medical procedure (it happened at that facility about 2 or 3 years ago) So as you can see, they don’t like health insurance; I believe they consider it to be bad luck.

They have Korean nurses, Korean medical staff members and I believe there is a full Korean menu available if they become inpatients.

This is great and all well and good — but when do we take care of our own???

I am also wondering about the data and who else might be getting that info…and that is a whole other thread. Informed consent? I wonder how far that will really get you.

Update on Fred

For those who post here probably know I have a friend I call “Fred” (not his real name) because someone here named him after Fred Astaire, both because he dances but also because he would stare. It did graduate to talking and getting together on a platonic level. I was invited to his mom’s big 80 year old bash and my mom had a few people over for my dad’s birthday and I invited him. We are friends but apparently nothing else. I’ve tried and nothing.  I’ve given up on him. I probably should have sooner to be honest but he kept dangling this carrot as in “maybe we’ll go out”.

So I am going to do online dating again but with a twist. No more looking for a relationship since it’ll never happen. Instead I am putting up photos and trying to get the most desperate men and use them for things. They deserve it and this is my way of getting revenge at all the men who have done me wrong.  It’s obvious men don’t look at me as relationship material so why bother? I have a young guy who thinks I’m hot so I’m going to have sex with him. I need sex and waiting for a relationship is stupid since God has decided I am not worthy. When I did online before all I got were pieces of trash. Mostly unwanted men and lots of dads. NOT interested in a dad, not interested in being a stepmother, YUCK.

I am so mad I got hurt again, THANKS GOD.

Another great couple of job quests…

I actually had 3 interviews lined up for last Wednesday.

Interview 1 was for a nationally owned company but with one of their local offices.

I maybe should have seen where it was at with them when I called their telephone number after I spotted their job ad. There was no voicemail and no website either.

I got ahold of them the day after they rant he ad and they told me to send my resume.

I heard from them last Tuesday; the interview was set up for next day, a Wednesday.

I spent maybe 15 minutes with him. Very friendly, very upbeat; he even asked me what salary I was looking for and asked for references — I sent those to him the next day.

He told me that the start date for the new employee would be in 2 weeks and when I asked if I could call him to see if I got the job, he said yes.

None of my references were contacted. This is already bad news — and I am pissed because wow, this information is CONFIDENTIAL! I do not think my references would like their names and numbers “indiscriminently” disclosed, would you?

The second interview took place right after I left there; a new and local company right here in town was holding an open house.

The jobs offered were creative ones, like copywriter, stylist and so forth. I have more than a creative bent and I have experience I gained at other jobs; I’m just the thing they need.

I opened the door and went in — this was about 11:15….

And there were 40 people on line, with ONE interviewer!

And each person got 5 minutes of fame!

Perhaps when I saw this, I should have turned around and went the heck home — by the time I was interviewed it was 20 of 3.

Some people were sent to see another HR rep; some were sent home. The majority of the resumes went into a big cardboard box with a blue sticky note affixed to their resume.

I’d say that every 4th person was sent on to see an HR rep on the inside.

When I left there, there were 50 people behind me.

Now it’s quarter of 3. I had to rush to get to my house to call the third person since I didn’t have his telephone number on me…

I went to open my email to get the guy’s number…. whoops; here’s an email from him, sent to me at 10 of 11 while I was at Interview #1….

I open that email: he cancelled! said the job was filled.

I called him anyway. For the hell of it.

“Didn’t you get my email…” I lied and said no. “We filled that job last night.” So why didn’t ya tell me last night, then??? You’d have saved me the time and trouble of rushing home from that job fair; the telephone interview was between 1 and 3 and the guy told me to call him.

I don’t think so; when he set up the telephone interview, he asked me how much of a salary I was looking at; I think he cancelled because they had no intentions of paying “that” kind of money.

I have heard nothing from Interview #1 or Interview #2. Today at about 4pm, I called the first company. I asked for the gent who spoke to me — I had only his first name. He did not introduce himself to me at the interview using both names.

Guy wants to know “Is that Jim Brown, Jim Green or Jim White or Jim Blue?” Wow…give your last name when you speak to a job interviewee!

I said “It was the Jim who is doing the interviewing for the job…” “What’s your name?” “Dude Where’s My job.” Pause, then, “That job was already filled.”

I said thanks and hung up.

Now here is where I take umbrage. Not only did you NOT call me to tell me I didn’t get the job — and I’ve gotten rejection landlines before so ya can’t say it was that — but wow, why are you asking me for references when you know full well you will not be calling those people?

And what was all this exuberant nicey nicey stuff: an act too???

When I retain my voice — I am sick with the flu and I have a bad case of laryngitis as a result — I fully plan on going out there and saying a few things.

And tomorrow, I am taking a ride down to the open house company and asking them what’s what with the jobs we applied for.

They do not have a local telephone listing; evidently this is a new thing to do; the toll free number — the only one listed for the company on their website — is for the office in San Francisco.

I still can’t believe how dopey that is: ONE person for wow, what is going to be how many people on line??? Each one of us got 5 minutes; the open house was scheduled from 8am until 8 pm. 12 times 5 times 12 is what??? That’s 720 PEOPLE at the minimum! There was no way you could have at least 3 people doing the interviewing?

And next to the job apps — they insisted you complete the app, along with your resume — gee, is that a credit check request form that I saw??? I did NOT complete that page. Nobody did — and this is sad, too: one of the jobs open was for warehouse people. YOu can bet that the littlest of warehouse workers is going to have debt, thanks to the fact that they are making at best perhaps $10 or $12 an hour, tops.

This is more of wasted time. And I am nervous because of everything that is happening here. How in hell’s bells did it come down to this, for all of us? HOW?

Too expensive to live in this state; if you make less than 60K, you’re finished.

I am wondering how it got to  be so expensive to live in our state.

If you are single with no dependents and you make well under 60K, how do you get by and survive?

Who do we pin this on? The teachers making far too much, incentives for projects that went bad? What’s the cause of it?

We were stupid enough to give Revel 300M to build a casino and hotel — we know how that turned out. And we were dumb enough to lend a Catholic healthcare network 275M to buy a hospital in Newark.

The deal for the hospital’s gone bad and now we are stuck picking up the tab. We will be stuck with the tab for Revel too.

There are other deals that went bad, like a meadowlands project and we have a shell of a building that is supposed to be a brand new mall.

We have a mess of a hospital system. A good 10 have closed in the last 10 years.  There may be more to come if the investors that are getting involved blank up the entire deal.

We had other deals that went bad; all of them involved incentives and loans — it is hospitals and more. We are on the hook for everything.

I say all of that was parceled over to the taxpayer.

And now we are expected to be a lifeboat for Honduran youth. What a mess.

We also have too many school districts. We need consolidation and in a hurry.

I have seen rents go off the charts — it was not that expensive 10 years ago to live here — the average rent is at least $1800 for a one bedroom apartment. How do you afford it if you do not make a decent salary?

I am wondering where I am going, both literally and figuratively — where will I be living? I don’t even know if this house will sell (but there is a home up the block that was razed and now evidently a bigger house is being accommodated: who is building the house, I don’t know and I am going to find out and blast the town counsel on Tuesday…that is another story.  I am pretty sure somebody  bought that house and if the owners who currently own that home are building new and have plans on living in the brand new house, it’s very doubtful.

Around here you build a gargantuan home with the hopes of charging at least 800K for the home. The house is in a one family zone and the houses themselves were build somewhere around the mid-50s.

This is a mess.

I never saw any of this coming down the pike, including how expensive it is to live in this state: We do not have ammenites and to spend the day down the shore in peak season is costly. Take your family of 4 and you will spend at least $200 on a day trip, factoring in tolls and gas and beach passes ($10!) and eating somewhere during the day.  And the per-night charge for a room in a tiny little hotel is at least $275 a night!

How did everything get so expensive?

We will be stuck with the tab for the out of work casino employees in more ways than one. ATlantic City is nowhere near a state college — there might be a community college there, or over in the next county — you are  given  $4,000 for training and that money has to be spent at a county community college or at a state run college.

That money will not take you far for retraining for anything. And you are not even guaranteed a job once you’re finished with your coursework; who is hiring??? — what a mess.

Where are you planning on sending over 10,000 to retrain??? These are service people with not much of a background and I am sure that there are many in the bunch that would up with a casino job…. because the “real” job they had is now history.

How can I even afford to live here? THis mess with Bro is one thing — the cost of living is skyrocketing and because of that alone, the day was coming when the house would have to be sold.

I never expected any of this to happen. In the wrong place at the wrong time — I can’t see how many of my neighbors are going to make it.  Maybe they have kids who are fiunancially aiding them — I can only guess.

(I say to take Revel and turn it into a VA hospital: they badly need one in that area.)

As for me, I am hoping for the best. I never saw any of this coming, economy wise and job wise. And your job means everything.