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When I was growing up, I was told that one had to go out and earn a living in order to survive. But I was also told that if you did well at school, and strove to understand what was happening around you, this business of earning a living would not be that difficult, after all.

And so I studied hard, went out in the world, and for a long time it was true: with a reasonable effort, I could live reasonably well, and so could most of my contemporaries. We lived in relative peace and prosperity.

And then things began to change. One could plausibly associate these changes with the events of September 11, or the decisions of our President. but these may be only the symptoms of something deeper.

For my part, quite aside from the externalities of Islamic terrorists, or the war in Iraq, it became more difficult to earn a living. My skills haven't changed: if anything, they've gotten sharper with experience. But while I could once button up my work on most Friday afternoons, comfortable that I could give it no further thought until Monday morning, the six- and sometimes seven-day workweek has become the rule, rather than the exception.

In brief, it's become a harder world.

My purpose in creating this site is to set forth my insights into what has made it a harder world, and, perhaps, to gain some of your insights. We must go into the future with our eyes open, not cringing with fear nor pining for what may be irretrievably lost.

Good luck to all of you.